« Workers of the world, let’s unite against war and exploitation! » Statement by the Independent and Democratic Workers Party (POID)

The entry of Russian troops into Ukraine on 24 February marks a turning point in the months-long escalation between Russia and the NATO countries led by the US administration. 

It is now a full-blown war. It is aimed at denying the Ukrainian nation any sovereignty and imposing Great Russian domination anew. 

For the workers, young people and peoples of the world who love freedom and independence, the demand is clear: withdrawal of Russian troops! Putin: Hands off Ukraine! 

Putin’s aggression against Ukraine does not make the responsibility of Biden, Macron and other imperialist governments disappear those who for months now have been pushing for confrontation through their provocations, their policy of military encirclement of Russia and the concentration of NATO troops on its borders. 

This is why workers and young people in France cannot follow those who « on the left » call on them to trust – for some, in Macron, and for others, in the European Union – to ensure peace between peoples. 

The POID echoes and asserts the words of Jean Jaurès, which are more relevant than ever: « Capitalism carries war like a cloud carries a storm”. 

For workers and young people, the way out is not behind Putin, nor behind Biden, nor behind Macron, all of whom are warmongers. 

The way out is in the unity of the peoples and workers of the whole world against exploitation. 

Russian troops: out of Ukraine!
French troops: out of Africa!
US and NATO troops: out of Europe! 

Montreuil, February 24, 2022, 1 pm.