GREAT-BRITAIN Trades Councils Conference 2022, Emergency Motion 1 : « Release of the President of the Russian trade union Courier Kirill Ukraintsev »


The National Congress of the Trades Councils (TUC’s) was held on Saturday, June 11 in Leicester, England. On the agenda was the following emergency motion, tabled by the Greater Manchester Association of TUC’s grouping 10 TUC’s. 

After the motion was read out, the demand for the immediate release of the trade unionist Kirill Ukratsev, president of the Courier trade union, and the official recognition of the trade union by the Russian authorities was unanimously adopted by the delegates of the 150 TUC’s represented at congress. 


RUSSIA Kirill Ukraintsev appeal hearing


An activist involved in the campaign for the release of trade unionist Kirill Ukraintsev tells us about the appeal hearing he attended in a Moscow court on 23 May.

The lawyers of the head of the Kurier trade union (kurier means “deliveryman” – translator’s note) and left-wing activist Kirill Ukraintsev had appealed against the court's decision to remand him in custody. His lawyers had appealed against the pre-trial prison sentence, requesting that he be placed under house arrest pending trial. 

Currently in pre-trial detention until 25 June, Kirill risks being sentenced to five years' imprisonment under Article 212.1 of the Criminal Code, an ultrarepressive and arbitrary article that punishes alleged "repeated violations of the legislation on public gatherings". 


Freedom for American Women! Freedom for Afghan women! Freedom for women throughout the world! 


As soon as the press leaked the intention of reactionary Supreme Court justices to challenge the right to voluntary termination of pregnancy (abortion), thousands, then hundreds of thousands of women and men, sometimes together with trade unions, took to the streets across the United States. On 15 May, major demonstrations will take place to defend this democratic right. 

"Bans off our bodies!", "Abortion is healthcare!” On Monday evening, May 2, within moments of publication of the leaked draft of a United States Supreme Court decision that would overturn Roe v. Wade (the 1973 Supreme Court decision protecting the right to voluntary termination of pregnancy), people mobilized outside the Supreme Court and organized protests at federal courts throughout the country.