Who are we ?

 PARIS 2022 

🚩 The international Workers Committee against war and exploitation, for a workers international (IWC), was set up on the basis of a Manifesto adopted at the world conference held in Mumbai (India) in November 2016 with delegates from 28 countries.

🚩 In October 2022, a new world conference was held in Paris, preceded by an international conference of working women. Delegates from 43 countries signed an Appeal updating the Mumbai Manifesto to reflect the global situation (*). 

🚩 Its continuations Committee is composed of labour activists from all political/trade union backgrounds :
Camille Adoue (France)
Innocent Assogba (Benin)
Alan Benjamin (USA)
Colia Clark † (USA)
Adama Coulibaly (Burkina Faso)
Constantin Cretan (Romania)
Berthony Dupont (Haiti)
Daniel Gluckstein (France)
Rubina Jamil (Pakistan)
Christel Keiser (France)
Apo leung (China)
Nnamdi Lumumba(USA)
Randy Miranda (Philippines)
Mandlenkosi Phangwa (Azania)
Milind Ranade (India)
Klaus Schüller (Germany)
Jung Sikhwa (South Korea)
Mark Vassiev (Russia)
Nambiath Vasudevan (India)

(*) Afghanistan, Algeria, Azania/South Africa, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Benin, Brazil, Britain, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Canada, Chile, China, Congo, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Haïti, Hungary, India, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Senegal, South Korea, Spanish State, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey, United-States, Zimbabwe.

Read the report of the 2022 conference in Paris :
English here
Français ici
Español aquí

 MUMBAI 2016 

350 delegates from 28 countries (Afghanistan, Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Benin, Brazil, Chili, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, Haiti, Hungary, India, Italy, Korea, Mauritius, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Russia, South Africa-Azania, Sweden, Togo, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, Zimbabwe), trade unionists and political activists from all backgrounds and currents in the workers’ movement gathered in Mumbai on 18, 19 and 20 November 2016, at the World Conference Against War, Exploitation and Precarious Labour.

Upon the conclusion of their deliberations, they decided to adopt and distribute widely to workers the world over the following. They set up the International Committee against War, Exploitation, for the Workers’ International. They have since been joined by hundreds of signatories from all over the world.



Against War, Exploitation and Precarious Labour

We, 350 delegates from 28 countries (Afghanistan, Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Benin, Brazil, Chili, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, Haiti, Hungary, India, Italy, Korea, Mauritius, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Russia, South Africa-Azania, Sweden, Togo, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, Zimbabwe) are trade unionists and political activists from all backgrounds and currents in the workers’ movement. We gathered in Mumbai at the World Conference Against War, Exploitation and Precarious Labour (*). Upon the conclusion of our deliberations, we decided to adopt and distribute widely to workers the world over the following.

It is a fact: On every continent war continues to spread, exploitation continues to deepen, and precarious labour is becoming more and more generalised.

War: Our conference was held at a time when wars, interventions occupations, and military bases, as well as threats of new con icts, are multiplying. Numerous delegations were not able to take part in the conference because of war situations in their regions.

To those who claim that these wars are justi ed because they are waged in the name of the ght against dictatorships and/or against terrorism, we respond with the facts. And the facts establish that it is to ensure its survival, and its policies of plunder, that the imperialist system unleashes barbarism. It is this system which plunged the Middle East into a bloody chaos that has dislocated entire countries, forcing millions of women, men and children onto the road of exile in the most atrocious conditions.

Exploitation: In all countries and on all continents, workers’ rights, collective guarantees, social protection systems and the very existence of the right to organise are being rolled back by a decaying capitalist regime which, in order to survive, must create worsening conditions of exploitation.

Mass unemployment is becoming the norm. Labour laws are the target of attacks aimed at destroying any legal limitations on the conditions of exploitation.

Everywhere, in order to restrict the rights of the working masses – and to counter their resistance – the regimes in place are attacking democracy, national sovereignty, and the right of peoples to decide their own destinies.

Everywhere these regimes are creating “free trade zones” and regional institution aimed at dividing the working class, rolling back labour rights and lowering labour costs. In the name of growth and development, farmers and peasants are thrown off their lands through forcible acquisitions.

Everywhere the exploiters and their governments are intensifying the pressures to compel the workers’ organisations – rst and foremost the trade unions – to subordinate themselves to the bosses’ plans.

Precarious Labour: Yesterday this question was restricted to countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America; today it is becoming the dominant feature in all countries, including the industrialised countries.

For the exploiters, the goal is to make all jobs precarious. Precarious Labour is the weapon of mass destruction of collective rights and guarantees; it is a weapon against any independent organisations of the workers.

The younger generations are among the most targeted by this scourge, their future is being sacri ced by the needs of exploitation.

Twenty- ve years ago the dislocation of the USSR was seized upon by all the forces of imperialism as the signal for an unprecedented offensive aimed at calling into question all the collective rights and guarantees of workers throughout the entire world while organising the repression against labour activists.

The Appeal convening the World Conference in Mumbai af rms the following on this subject: “Those who have issued the call to this World Conference can, of course, have different analyses of the causes of this event. The ruling classes, as well as many leaders claiming to defend the workers, have delivered speeches asserting that the capitalist system and the private ownership of the means of production constitute an ‘unsurpassable horizon’.”

Experience has shown that for the last 25 years, whenever workers’ organisations have been led by their leaderships, in the name of this “unsurpassable horizon,” to accompany the undermining of workers’ rights, as opposed to ghting back against these attacks; indeed, every time these leaderships have sought to lessen the blows of this anti-labour offensive in the name of “lesser evilism,” the result has invariably been setbacks, often major ones, to the working class, its rights, and democracy as such.

And, in this context, it must be stressed that the setbacks to the independence of the workers’ movement invariably go hand in hand with setbacks to peace and to the sovereignty of nations.

We, the undersigned, who launch this Mumbai Manifesto, af rm that the preceding 25 years establish clearly that the class struggle remains the motor force of history. We af rm that the progress of human civilisation, of peace and democracy, depends rst and foremost on the ability of the exploited and the oppressed throughout the world to preserve the independence of their organisations. All over the world, we are no longer able to keep count of the number of general strikes, demonstrations of millions of people and all the other mobilisations in which the workers, the peasants, the youth, the students … have risen up as a class against governments, whatever their political stripes, that have taken responsibility to uphold the interests of a failed capitalist system and to implement policies dictated by the major international institutions that defend the capitalists’ interests (IMF, World Bank, European Union etc.).

Twenty ve years ago in Barcelona (Spain), a World Conference against war and exploitation was held on the eve of the war of aggression against Iraq led by the United States. In its concluding document the conference declared that, “the governments of all the political stripes that have put themselves at the service of imperialism will endeavour to suppress all our rights and all our social conquests under the pretext of war. … War means a redoubled step toward the subordination of workers’ organisations – primarily the trade unions – to the State, which threatens their independence.”

During that conference in 1991, the International Liaison Committee of Workers and Peoples for a Workers’ International was established. The ILC, in turn, took the initiative to organise several world conferences in Paris, San Francisco, Berlin, Madrid, and Algiers. Many of the delegates present in Mumbai attended the Barcelona conference or the other conferences that followed. The participation of other delegates present in Mumbai re ects the expansion of the movement on all continents af rming the necessary independence of the workers’ movement – a movement of resistance to the policies of accompaniment to the ruling class offensive.

The success of this Mumbai Conference calls for an initiative that brings together in a lasting way all the political and trade union forces that have embarked upon this road of resistance and that constitutes a framework open to all those who – whatever their origins or background in the workers’ movement – are seeking the road of class independence and of its unity at the international level.

That is why we call upon all the forces ready to take action to free themselves from the chains of exploitation and oppression; we call upon them to organise internationally and in each country to advance toward a world where harmonious co-operation among nations and workers will replace the world of barbarism, war, and exploitation.

That is why the signatories of this Manifesto have decided to set up the International Workers Committee Against War and Exploitation, for a Workers’ International.

As the banner of our conference proudly affirmed, taking up the words of the Internationale: Against barbarism, war and the dismantling of nations, “The International will be the human race.”

(*) Our conference was also supported and built by political and trade union activists in 20 other countries : Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Burundi, Canada, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Greece, Iceland, Japan, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Rwanda, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia.

AFGHANISTAN: Noor, Le Radical of Afghanistan (LRA); Sami, LRA Youth.

AUSTRIA: Ma hias Lauer, ACUS president, member of the na onal council of the SPÖ (pers. cap.), member of GPA union.

BANGLADESH: Ra qujjaman, President, Bangladesh Ja yo Sramik Federa on (BJSF); Shamimara, Secretary BJSF; Mujibar Rahman, Secretary (Dinajpur), BJSF.

BELGIUM: Lae a Coucke, student; Serge Monsieur, trade unionist (pers. cap.); Monique Lermusiaux, re red trade unionist; Claire Thomas, teacher trade unionist; Djazia Boudaoud, teacher trade unionist; Philippe Ferdinande, healthcare trade unionist; Maurice Mateke, student; Jacques Allard, re red; Roberto Giarrocco, public services trade unionist; Gaetan Coucke, teacher trade unionist.

BENIN: Innocent Assogba, Confédéra on syndicale des travailleurs du Bénin (CSTB); Paul Esse Iko, CSTB; Yovo Serge Dossou, Syndicat na onal des personnels de l’enseignement secondaire (SYNAPES); Jean-Pierre Koucou, Syndicat na onal des enseignants contractuels du Bénin (SYNECOB); Soule Salako, Syndicat na onal des travailleurs des services de la santé humaine du Bénin (SYNTRASESH).

BIELORUSSIA: Yuri Glushakov, Social movement “Razam”.

BRAZIL : Ney Ferreira, Workers Party ac vist and trade unionist; Daniel Nodari, CUT trade-unionist, Curi ba (Parana); Anisio Garcez Homem, Workers Party ac vist, Curi ba (Parana); Claudio Ribeiro, labour lawyer, founding member of the Workers Party (Parana); Johnson G. Homem, Workers Party ac vist (Florianopolis); Marina de Godoy, teacher, Municipal Execu ve of the Workers party – Curi ba (Paraná); Rodrigo Rossi, teacher (Paraná); Claudia Caramez, teacher, (Paraná); Alex Ferreira Garcia, teacher (Paraná)

BURUNDI: Richard Hatungimana (Workers and Democracy Party, PTD); Jérôme Sinzinkayo (PTD); Eugène Habonimana (PTD); Zacharie Niyukuri (PTD); Abel Nshimirimana (PTD); Jean Claude Ndikumwenayo, student; Dona en Girukwigomba, student; Albert Bwashi, trade- unionist; Philippe Ntahomvukiye, trade-unionist; Jus n-Désiré Ndikuriyo; trade-unionist.

CANADA: Brian Ross Ashley, Execu ve member, Toronto-St. Paul’s NDP Associa on; re red hospital worker, former execu ve council member, SEIU Local 204; Paul Nkunzimana, ac vist, re red university teacher; Jean-Gabin Ntebutse, teacher, University of Sherbrooke; Alexis Ndimubandi, Researcher, Montréal.

CHILE: Sixto Iturra, “Soberanía y Jus cia Social”; Eduardo Neira, Shipyard worker, “Soberanía y jus cia social”; Sérgio Ceballo, metalworker, “Soberanía y Jus cia Social”.

CHINA: Hoi Go, Guangzhou; Apo Leong, Hong- Kong;

CZECH REPUBLIC: Vladimíra Vítová & Petr Schnur, České mírové fórum (Czech Forum for

Peace) CMF; Ivan David Nová republika (New Republic).

FRANCE : Patrick Albert, trade unionist; Chris ne Aubery, UAS; Jacques Aurigny, trade unionist; Jean-Pierre Barrois; Jean Bartholin, Loire Department Councillor; Karim Benmedjeber, teacher trade unionist; Thierry Bonus, trade unionist, Paris; Patrick Boulo, trade unionist, health sector; Jean-Marie Bourgoin, trade unionist, re red railworker; Thierry Brion, trade unionist, postal worker; Bernard Brizon, free thinker, peace ac vist; Rémi Candelier, trade unionist; Jean-Pierre Cassard, teacher trade unionist; Brigit Cerveau, teacher trade unionist; Claude Charmont, trade unionist; Bernard Chevreau; Mickaël Chilou, trade unionist building industry; Guislain Chocun, trade unionist; Daniel Clerc, Councillor and railway worker trade unionist; Pascal Corbex, trade unionist (pers. cap.); Gilles Cordival, Councillor; Katel Corduant, trade unionist, public services; François de Massot ; Pascal Dhennequin, trade unionist; Olivier Doriane, POID (Democra c Independent Workers’ Party); Fadila Doukhi, shop steward prison sta ; Eric Dussin, trade unionist, telecommunica on; Dominique Ferré; Yves Gandol , trade unionist, steelworker; Samuel Garnier, PG (Le Party); Daniel Gluckstein, POID; Grégory Gosse, trade unionist, metalworker; Allain Graux, PG, trade unionist; Murat Gunay, trade unionist, chemical industry; Laurent Gu errez, PCF (French communist party); Marc Hebert, UAS; Luce e Hohmann, trade unionist; Eric Jarry, trade unionist, chemical industry; Mar ne Jarry, trade unionist; Fabrice Jolys, trade unionist, telecommunica on; Jean-Jacques Karman, French Communist Party Na onal Commi ee, Gauche communiste (Communist Le ); Christel Keiser, Town Councillor, POID; Marylise Khun, deputy Mayor; Stephane Knapp, POID; Erdogan Koscun, trade unionist CGT Mahler Behr; Patrick Lartaut, PCF; Véronique Lartaut, PCF ; Christelle Leclerc, trade union ac vist ; François Leclerc, trade unionist; Fabrice Le Roux, trade unionist health sector; Fabienne Lodola, teacher trade unionist; Tristan Lombart, student; Francisco Lopera, trade unionist, steelworker; Yvon Luby, Former Mayor of Allones; Maria-José Malheiros, trade unionist, Paris; Norbert Malicet, trade unionist, CGT steel worker; Philippe Manen , Chair Luxembourg based fron er workers defense commi ee; Lucie Marzaq, trade unionist educa on administra on, (pers cap.); Isabelle Michaud; Jean-Rolland Michel; Marie-Luce Mouly, Former co-ordinator PG (28); Alexia Muller, trade unionist; Baba Nabé, Town Councillor, PS (Socialist Party); Jean-Pierre Normand, trade unionist; Antonio Oliveira, trade unionist and Socialist Party Councillor; Armel Paneri, trade unionist; Boris Papelier, trade unionist building industry; Frederic Parisot, public services trade unionist; Hélène Peytavi, trade unionist; Marie Pichon, UAS ; Yves Poey, headmaster; Emmanuel Poisson, Nogent-le-Rotrou CGT Trades Council, Secretary; Raynald Prévost, trade unionist; Nicolas Puglia, trade unionist public services; Loïc Ribaud, Jeunesse révolu on (Revolu onary Youth); Gilles Robillard, CGT trade unionist; Jean-Jacques Rodriguez, trade unionist, glass industry (pers. cap.); Isabelle Rose, pers cap; Joëlle Rotré, trade unionist; Bernard Saas, POID; Stéphane Salembien, trade

unionist steelworker; Gérard Schivardi, Mayor of Mailhac; Arsène Schmi , Chair Moselle Fron er Workers defense Commi ee; Françoise Schum, Councillor; Sylvain Sigurani, trade unionist; François Standaert, teacher; Maurice Stobnicer; Michel Streb, (pers. cap.); Jacky Thaller, teacher trade unionist; Jacqueline Trinquet; Vincent Vassalo, teacher trade unionist; Thierry Vassy, trade unionist, hospital worker; Cathy Van Ballaer, poli cal and trade union ac vist; Guillaume Vercruysse; Bertrand Vincent, trade unionist; Bernard Vinsot, trade unionist.

GERMANY : Peter Salmüller; Claudia Schuller; Klaus Schuller, SPD, AFA, EVG; H.W. Schuster, Afa SPD Düsseldorf, Ver.di; Jürgen Hiepe, SPD AfA Düsseldorf, IG Metall; Sidonie Kellerer, GEW (pers.cap); Wilfried Klapdor, SPD-AfA Düsseldorf, ver.di; Chris an Krähling, company Council AMAZON, ver.di (pers.cap); Peter Kreutler, vice-president of AfA Düsseldorf, Ver. di delegate (pers.cap.); Mechthild Middeke, ver.di Union secretary (pers.cap.); Hans Jörg Miller, AfA Düsseldorf, ver.di; Norbert Müller, AfA Frankfurt/M., ver.di; Heiner Reiman, IG Metall union secretary (pers.cap.); Sven Rothe ver.di AMAZON (pers.cap.); Bodo Schoo, SPD- AfA Düsseldorf, IG Metall; Heimgard Schüller, IG BAU trade-unionist; Anna Schuster, ver. di- delegate Düsseldorf (pers.cap.); Karsten Schuster, ver.di Lüdenscheid; Birgit Schutz, AfA Düsseldorf, member of Company Council, NGG union; Ismail Eren, AfA Düsseldorf, TSD/Turkish social-democrats of Düsseldorf, member of the leadership; Dürdane Tutmaz Eren, TSD/Turkish social-democrats of Düsseldorf, president.

GREAT BRITAIN: (all pers. cap.) Nick Phillips, Southwark Trade Union Council; John Sweeney, UCATT; Mike Calvert, Deputy Secretary Islington Unison; Ian Hodson, Na onal President of the Bakers Union BFAWU; Adrian Kenne , Unison NEC; Naomi Fearon, NUT and Socialist Educa onal Associa on NEC Wythenshawe and Sale East CLP; Jane Doolan, Secretary Islington Unison; Paul Filby, UCATT Secretary Construc on Safety Campaign; Terry Luke, Islington Unison; M. Nat Queen, University of Birmingham University and College Union UCU; Henry Mo , Unite Southwark; Doreen McNally, Women of the Waterfront, Mike Arno , Secretary Dundee Trades Council, Charles Charalambous, freelance writer; Zarina Bha a, Pales ne Solidarity Campaign, Campaign for nuclear disarmament; Raymond Mennie, Dundee Trades Council and Unite Dundee Area Ac vists Commi ee; Barbara Lowe, Islington Unison; Cllr Gill Kenne , Independent Hull; Fiona Monkman, Chair Islington Unison; Cllr Mouna Hamitouche, Islington Labour Councillor; Alex Wood, Islington Unison; Mark Lysaght, Islington Unison; Michael Calderbank, Islington Unison; Rachael Harris, Momentum; Sean Fox, Branch Secretary Haringey Unison; Cllr Makbule Gunes, Haringey Labour Councillor; Peter Durrant, Kings Lynn; Alex Barre , NW Norfolk CLP.

GREECE: Vasso Frangou, writer; Eleni Pieropoulou; Popular Unity (LAE) member, Papagos/Holargos; Maryse Lelohé; LAE member, Papagos/Holargos; Eva Kallitsi, student; Christos Roubanis, lawyer, LAE member (Athens); Andreas Guhl LAE Argolida member; So ria Lioni (Nafplio); Dimitrios Balaskas, peasant

Mumbai’s Manifesto – First endorsers

(Nafplio); Giorgos Ikonomou, teacher, member of teachers’ union; Dimitra Mpirpanagou, unemployed (Nafplio); Eirini Morou (Athens).

HAITI :Berthony Dupont, editor, Haï Liberté.

HUNGARY : Matyas Benyik, ATTAC; Droppa Gyoran Guztav, SZAB (Szervezok A Baloldalert – the Le organizers); Somi Judit, Anyiszonyan Klàra, Rona Péter, Rona Judit.

ICELAND: The People’s Front of Iceland.

INDIA : Nambiath Vasudevan, Trade Union Solidarity Commi ee (Mumbai); M.A. Pa l, Sarva Shramik Sang president, NTUI Maharastra State (Mumbai); Franklyn D’Souza, Trade Union Solidarity Commi ee (Mumbai); Milind Ranade, KVSS, General secretary (Mumbai); Betkr Sunanda Chandrakat (Ahmednagar); Nilesh Kumar Parmar, General Secretary, Gujarat Working Class Union (Bharuch); Sanjeev Kumar Nayak, Odisha Domes c Workers Union (Bhubaneshwar); Ashok Kumar, Hotel Workers Union (Delhi); Vinod Kumar Waliya, Hotel workers Union (Delhi); Gopal Mishra (Delhi); Cyril Fernandes, Goenchon Kamdar Ekvot (Goa); Tushar R. Mestry, Goenchon Kamdar Ekvot (Goa); MeenaSur, Gharelu Mahila Kamgar Union (Kanpur); MonaSur, Kapda Millmazdoor Union (Kanpur); P. Krishnammal, NTUI- Kerala State, Cleaning Des na on Workers Union (Kerala); Abdul Latheef, KSEB Karar Thozhi Lali Federa on (KKTF. NTUI) (Kerala); P. N. Sanathanan (Kerala); K.S. Yesodhara Devi, NTUI- Kerala State, Cleaning Des na on Workers Union (Kerala); R. H. Acharekar, TUSC (Mumbai) ; Paankhi Agrawal, Ambedkar Periyar Phule Study Circle, IITB (Mumbai); K.S. Ahire, BEST Kamgar Union Kamgar Aghadi (Mumbai); Praful Anant Salvi, MGKU (Mumbai); Govind Balkrishna Sawant, Associa on of engineers (Mumbai); Nalini Chandrakant Rout, Maharahstra Rajya Anganwadi Sanghatana (Mumbai); A.G. Chitnis, OTIS (Mumbai) ; Muralidhra Dekhane (Mumbai); Prashant Deorukhkar, DHL Employees Union (Mumbai) ; Ramdas Dinkar Nikam (Mumbai); Ptarick Fernandes (Mumbai) ; Prashant Gaikwad, MGKU (Mumbai); Vernon Gonsalves (Mumbai); Deep Gopinath (Mumbai) ; Shankar Gunde, Reliance Workers, Mumbai electric employees Union (Mumbai); Denzil John, Hindustan Lever Employees Union (Mumbai); Mukhund Kadam, Sarva Shramik Sang (Mumbai); Raju Kadam, Mumbai Electric Employees Union (Mumbai); Abhay Khedekar, DHL Employees Union (Mumbai) ; Ravindra Krushna Khedekar, MGKU (Mumbai); Kranthi Kumar, APPSC, Mumbai (Mumbai); J.F. Lewis, MGKU (Mumbai); Khan Mehboob Bismillah, MGKU (Mumbai); M.S. Nair, Blue Star Workers Union (Mumbai); Raju Narangikar (Mumbai); M. J. Pandey, Brihan Mumbai Union of Journalist (Mumbai); Pa l Pandurang Dnyandeo, MGKU (Mumbai); Ashok Prahlad Baviskar, MGKU (Mumbai); Harish Raghunath Surve (Mumbai); Rajendra Ramchandra Nikam (Mumbai); D. Rashmi (Mumbai); Salim Saboowala (Mumbai); Deepak Sawant (Mumbai); Geeta Seshu (Mumbai); Safaraz Shaikh, Oberoi Hotel employees Union (Mumbai); Ashok Shankar Ghajbiye, Associa on of Engineering Workers (Mumbai); Nayana Shevasi Walum, Maharashtra Rajya Anganwadi Sanghatana (Mumbai); Saidulu

Singapanga, Reliance Workers (Mumbai); Vinay V. Tamhankar (Mumbai) ; Siddhrath Gourkhede, MGKU (Nagpur); Ratnakar Namdewrao Watkar, Secretary, Associa on of engineering Workers Mouda Unit of Hindalco Industries (Nagpur); Chandrabhansher Sing, MGKU (Nagpur); Nivesh Uchibeeyle, MGKU (Nagpur); Shantataraka N. Katkade (Nanded); Keshav Hanumant Ghafare, Thermax Kamgar (Pune); Neeraj Jain, Lokayat (Pune) ; Santosh Ranjane, NTUI Thermax Kamgar Sanghatana (Pune); Manju Meena Lakra, Bhara ya Gharelu Kamgar Snagh (Ranchi); Tushar Suresh Ghag, Kansai Nerolac Paints Employees Union (Ratnagiri); R. Ansari (Tamil Nadu); S. Gopal, CPDR Tamil Nadu (Tamil Nadu); M. Krishnamoorthy, Salt Workers Union, Unorganised Workers Federa on, Thoothukudi (Tamil Nadu); A. Nainapanni (Tamil Nadu); P. Richard, HEFOI (Tamil Nadu) ; M. Sugumaran, CPDR (Tamil Nadu); Varadarajendra, Karnataka Shramik Shak ; Juliet, (Tu corin, Tamil Nadu); S. Robinson, Democra c Fish and Fishery Workers Union (Tu corin, Tamil Nadu); Ashwini Ajabrao Mahalle ; M. Anjapuli; Shailesh Avarsekar, DHL Employees Union; Dadarao Baburao Patekar, KVSS; Sonawane Balasaheb Hiraman, MGKU; Sweta Balvant Narsale, Oberoi Hotel HEFOI; Ankush Bhahiwade, Maharashtra Municipal Labour Union; Anandi Bhosale; Gurunath R. Bhovad; Sarlatai Chabukswar, Anganwadi Sanghatana Sarv Sramik Sangh; Nilesh Datkhile; Suryamani Gaikwad, Anganwadi; Sandesh Gawade; Mahendra Hiwrale, Maharahstra Municipal Kamgar Union; J. Jayaghosh, KKTF- NTUI; Pravinkumar Jayaramulu Adimalla; Yadaiah Kannam; Kathirvel ; Nana Kedare; Aabess Khan, DHL Employees Union; Munish Kumar; Padma Kumar, Kerala Cable TV Workers Unity Centre (NTUI); R. Kumar; Alok Ladda, Thozhilalar Koodum ; Sunil Lahu Ghagare, KVSS; Raju Lokhade; Narendra Lomesh Chaudhari; N. Manoharan, HEFOI (HMS); Shivaji Mokal; Subhas Naik Jorge, Kamgar Rancho Ekvo , “Workers Unity” (Goa); Mahesh Param; Dilip Pawar; Vijay Pawar; John Peter, HEFOI (HMS); Kursakant Pimpalkar; Ramagounder; Narayan Raul, O s Elevator’s Employees’ Union; Krishnan Saini; Mr. Sanjay Shelke, Maharashtra Kamgar Aghadi, MGKU; Mangala Saraf; Imran Shaikh; Madhavi Shinde, Anaganwadi; Da a Sonawane; Srirangam; M. Subbu; Devdas Subraj Prabhu, OTIS; Shobha Tadargi, Union of Anganwadi Supervisors; Rani Teja Sangheetha; Francis Thomas Jimmy, Hindustan Lever Employees Union; Deepak Tirlotkar; Milind Tirodkra, HEFOI; Kale Umesh Raghunath ; Suraj U am Hajane; Surendra Vairal, Hindustan Lever Employees Union; Raja Veeramudhu; T. Venkat, TN Labour; Chandrika Venkata, Thozhilalar Koodum; Ambre Vishnu Sadashiv, Kansai Nerolac Paints Employees Union.

IRELAND: Six Coun es: John Kennedy, Belfast; Micheal O’Neil, Derry; Micheal Sullivan, Derry. Republic of Ireland: Thomas Pringle TD (member of Parliament) – Independent – Donegal; Ciaran Campbell Mandate (North and West); Katrina Groves, teacher trade unionist.

ITALY : Dario Granaglia, FIOM- CGIL trade- unionist (per.cap); Lorenzo Mortara, FIOM- CGIL trade-unionist (per.cap); Lorenzo Varaldo, coordinator Movimento poli co per’Abrogazione (MPA); Federica Marra, teacher, MPA; Stefania

Giovando, MPA; Suelì Croce, worker, MPA; Kris an Goglio, CGIL-teachers union, Execu ve member, Torino; Monica Grilli; CGIL-teachers union delegate; Be y Raineri CISL-teachers union delegate; Gianni Guglieri, worker, UIL-chemical industry trade unionist; Vanna Ventre, teacher, TL Editorial board, MPA; Luigi Brandellero, worker, TL Editorial board, MPA; Ugo Croce, TL Editorial board, MPA; Valeria Busicchia, teacher, MPA; Alberto Pian; teacher, MPA; Andrea Monasterolo, worker, CGIL-chemical industry trade unionist; Alessandra Cigna, CGIL teachers union delegate; Felice Fazzolari, teacher, MPA; Claudia Poggio, teacher, MPA; Angela Fenocchio, teacher, MPA; Agata Pantella, teacher, MPA; Daniele Grego, CISL trade unionist; Alberto Ara, employee, former candidate at local elec ons for “Abrogazzione”; Cinzia Sannazzaro, Call Center employee, trade unionist

IVORY COAST/COTE D’IVOIRE: Mamadou Oua ara, CNESC (Coordina on Na onale des Enseignants du Supérieur et Chercheurs de Côte d’Ivoire).

KOREA : Sikhwa Jung, trade unionist, metalworkers federa on KCTU; Ha Sage Soo.

MEXICO: Gloria Gracida, teacher unionist; Melquiades Velueta Velueta, union leader, healthcare workers, Palenque, State of Chiapas; Raul Callejas, healthcare worker, State commi ee for a New Workers Federa on; Andrés Cantoral, healthcare worker, Palenque; Daniel Mar nez, State organiza on of democra c parents, Chiapas State; Russel Aguilar, teacher unionist and CORCI México ac vist; Misael Palma, SNTE-CNTE, Sección 7 re red, Chiapas state; Ricardo Castelo Cas llo, Oil worker, Nanchital, Veracruz group for Trade-Union Renewal; Tirso Marin López, Mina tlan, Veracruz group for Trade-Union Renewal; José Armando Bemon Pérez, Nanchital, Veracruz group for Trade- Union Renewal; Juan Antonio Avalos, STUNAM worker; Ismael Ruiz, CORCI México ac vist; Liliana Plumeda, CORCI Mexico ac vist; Juan Carlos Vargas, university teacher, CORCI México ac vist; Jesús Casillas Arredondo, CORCI México ac vist; Marco Antonio Morales, “maquiladora” worker; Alejandra Rivera, OPT Tijuana member; Joaquín Torres, OPT Tijuana member; Luis Carlos Haro, student, OPT Tijuana member; Josué Valenzuela, student, Student commi ee to defend public educa on, Tijuana (EDUP TJ).

PAKISTAN: Rubina Jamil, general secretary All Pakistan Trade Union Federa on (APTUF), president All Pakistan Workers Confedera on; Khursheed Ahmeed, General secretary, All Pakistan Workers Confedera on; Mohammad Anwer, president APTUF, chief organizer, Railway Workers Union (Workshop); Mohammad Ilyas, Joint secretary, Workers union Nisar art press, joint sec. APTUF; Saeed Gujjar, execu ve member APTUF; Mohammad Arif, General sec., United Foam employees union; Mohammad Ashraf, secretary APTUF; Rao Nasim, Deputy general secretary, Railway workers union (open line); Amna Younas, Progressive youth; Rehmatullah Khan, Progressive youth; Mohammed Mehmood, Progressive youth.

PERU: Luis Olivencia Baldassari, former Bank sector trade union leader; Henry Torres

Mumbai’s Manifesto – First endorsers

Gallarday, ac vist of popular organiza on; Jesus Castro Paredes, re red teacher.

PHILIPPINES: Par do Manggagawa (PM, Labour party).

PORTUGAL: Jorge Torres, trade unionist CGTP; Adriano Zilhao; Fernando J. S. Soares, leader of SITE (Sindicato dos Trabalhadores das Indústrias Transformadoras, Energia e Ac vidades do Ambiente) union; Joaquim Delgado, SITE trade unionist; Fá ma Mar ns, former union leader of UGT and SITESE; José J. S. Henriques, former member of the Círculo de Leitores Workers commission, trade unionist; Rui Rodrigues, SNESup (university teachers) unionist.

ROMANIA: Constan n Cretan, Na onal Federa on of Labour (FNM); Ileana Cretan, Associa on for Workers’ emancipa on (AEM).

RUSSIA: Denis Berezutskiy, Workers’ Pla orm; Natalia Kotova, anthropologist; Olga Masson, Workers’ Pla orm; Mark Vassilev, historian and le ac vist.

RWANDA: Karango Niyonzima Alphonse, trade- unionist.

SOUTH AFRICA/AZANIA: Ashraf Jooma; Busisiwe Cathrine Seabe, “Fees Must Fall” & “End Outsourcing”; Fa mata Keitumetse Moutloatse, “Fees Must fall” & “End Outsourcing”; Thobile Ndimande, “Fees Must fall” & “End Outsourcing”; Mandla Phangwa; Bonginkosi Muchanga; Azikiwe Zweni; Lucky Radebe; Tumi Zwane; Mthetheleli Kasa; Mcebo Dlamini; Bongani Dlamini; Siyabonga Sithole.

SWEDEN: Enamul Haq; Nadezhda Bravo Cladera, Stockholm University;

SWITZERLAND: Micky Zimmermann, Socialist Party member, City council member in Versoix, Geneva canton.

TOGO: Lawson Messan. TUNISIA: Ali Hached, ac vist.

TURKEY: Cemal Bilgin, Tas.Is; Furkan Safak, Party of Workers’ Fraternity (IKP); Korkut Boratav, emeritus professor, Algiers Conference (2011) delega on; Ertuğrul Ahmet Tonak, professor – Algiers Conference (2011) delega on; Gençay Gürsoy, professor – Algiers Conference (2011) delega on; Fikret Başkaya, Founda on of the Forum of Turkey and Middle East, president – head of Free University; A lla Özsever, academician, journalist; Şadi Ozansü, Party of Workers Fraternity (İKP), chairman; Yaşar Avcı, Party of Workers Fraternity (İKP), member of execu ve commi ee; Fulya Ayata, Party of Workers Fraternity (İKP), member of execu ve commi ee; Birsen Yeşilkanat Kaya, Trade Union in Health Industry (Sağlık-iş), member; Kenan Okta, Eskişehir-Kırka Branch of Mine Workers’ Union of Turkey (Maden-iş), member.

UKRAINE : Yury Chakhine.

USA : Alan Benjamin, San Francisco Labor Council [for id. only]; Colia L. Clark, Judicial Violence Symposium; Guadeloupe-Hai Tour; Grandma for Mumia Abu Jamal; Free Russel Maroon Shoatz; Eco Socialist Movement; Lindsay Koli, Black Lives Ma er; Chris Silvera, Local 808, Interna onal Brotherhood of Teamster [for id. only]; Ed Rosario, President, NY LCLAA (AFL- CIO) [for id. only]; Carol Gay, New Jersey State Industrial Union Council [for id. only]; Allan Fisher, AFT 2121 [for id. only]; Donna Dewi , President Emeritus, South Carolina AFL-CIO [for id. only]; Rodger Sco , AFT 2121 [for id. only]; Ralph Schoenman, author, lecturer; Mya Shone, author, labor rights organizer; Millie Phillips, Editorial Board, The Organizer; Hal Su on, UAW-re ree; Larry Duncan, Labor Beat Cable-TV Series, Chicago [for id. only]; Nancy Wohlforth, Secretary-Treasurer Emerita, OPEIU [for id. only]; Gene Bruskin, Founding member, US Labor Against the War [for id. only]; Saladin Muhammad, Southern Workers Assembly [for id. only]; Na vo López, Hermandad Mexicana Nacional; Jack Rasmus, SEIU 1021, St. Mary’s College, Economic Dept.; Michael Carano, Re red Teamsters Union; Lynn Spivey (pers. cap.); Jerry Levinsky, SEIU 509 [for id. only]; Jim La erty, Execu ve Director Emeritus, Na onal Lawyers Guild, Los Angeles.

VENEZUELA: Rafael Linares, PSUV ac vist.

ZIMBABWE: Mafa Kwanisai Mafa; Comrade Chen Cimutengwende, ZANU-PF central commi ee member; Comrade Kizito Chivamba, local Member of Parliament; Comrade Wellington Magura, ZANU-PF Central Commitee member; Jacob Rice, ZFTU, General Secretary; Bernad Dhanda ZFTU; ZANU PF members and Zimbabwe na onal war veterans associa on members: Evan Zingwe; Eus na Mumbire; Beatrice Mufungi; Geraldine Ta renyika; Thyra Nudi; Munyaradzi Kwande; Raymond Maphosa; Memory Mpandawana; Arasiah Phiri; Mathew Nyakurerwa; Shingai Chifondondo; Munyaradzi Busvumani; Tapiwanashe Chikwinho; Wellington Magura; Simbarashe Mutukwa; Chenai Mpandawana; Tawanda Kwanisai; Terrence Musanga; Angeline Bhebhe; Raphnos Mushandu; Enock Nherera; Bwanairi Phiri; Students at Midlands State University: Kudzaishe Nyandoro; Fulton Chihlava; Zvatapiwa Chideya; Kudzai Mango; Clo lda Mango; Tanyaradzwa Chaitezvi; Josephine Mudzingwa; Yeukai Mabeka; Ruvimbo Mabeza; ZANU-PF youth: Sophie Moyo; Brian Fundila; Patrick Chademana; Edmore Mundenga; Plaxedes Muchenje; Lawrence Madzokere; Davson Khalitula; Yemurai Guvheya; Gweru youth: Claris Mtandi; Melody Muvu ; Tendai Kim; Nicolyne Chiware; Victor Maride; Shingai Masekesa; John Mawire; Brighton Javangwe; Ranga Gumbo; Joe Phiri; Joseph Gopane; Cde Kudakwashe Shambare, Zimbabwe Pan Africanist Youth Agenda; Brian Konzo, Chairperson, ZICOSU (Zimbabwe congress of students Union) – Gweru branch; Diana Nkomo, vice-Chairperson, ZICOSU-Gweru; Thembelihle Sibanda, spokesperson, ZICOSU- Gweru; Blessing Gwizo, secretary general, ZICOSU-Gweru; Romeo Chisango, Treasurer, ZICOSU-Gweru; Trymore Mariwo, poli cal commissar, ZICOSU-Gweru; Shaibu Salanje, security, ZICOSU-Gweru; Tawanda Maswoto, informa on,ZICOSU-Gweru;NorleenNyamambi, organizing secretary, ZICOSU-Gweru; Ropafadzo Fundira, commi ee member, ZICOSU-Gweru; Sihle Ndloyu, commi ee member, ZICOSU- Gweru; Cedrick Magadu, commi ee member, ZICOSU-Gweru; Jorum Mukono, commi ee member ZICOSU-Gweru.

Mumbai’s Manifesto – First endorsers

The Presiding Committee of the Mumbai Conference becomes the continuation committee of the Mumbai Conference : Mr. Innocent Assogba (Benin), Mr. Alan Benjamin (USA), Ms Colia Clark (USA), Mr. Constantin Cretan (Romania), Mr Berthony Dupont (Haiti), Mr. Ney Ferreira (Brazil), Mr. Daniel Gluckstein (France), Ms Rubina Jamil (Pakistan), Mr. Apo Leung (China) , Ms Gloria Gracida (Mexico), Mr. M.A. Patil (India), Mr. Mandlenkosi Phangwa (South Africa-Azania), Mr. Klaus Schüller (Germany), Mr. Jung Sikhwa (Korea), Mr. John Sweeney (Great Britain), Mr. Mark Vassilev (Russia), Mr. Nambiath Vasudevan (India).

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