Call by 407 labour activists from 52 countries

Who we are

350 delegates from 28 countries (Afghanistan, Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Benin, Brazil, Chili, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, Haiti, Hungary, India, Italy, Korea, Mauritius, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Russia, South Africa-Azania, Sweden, Togo, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, Zimbabwe), trade unionists and political activists from all backgrounds and currents in the workers’ movement gathered in Mumbai on 18, 19 and 20 November 2016, at the World Conference Against War, Exploitation and Precarious Labour. [More…]


The Presiding Committee of the Mumbai Conference becomes the continuation committee of the Mumbai Conference : Mr. Innocent Assogba (Benin), Mr. Alan Benjamin (USA), Ms Colia Clark (USA), Mr. Constantin Cretan (Romania), Mr Berthony Dupont (Haiti), Mr. Ney Ferreira (Brazil), Mr. Daniel Gluckstein (France), Ms Rubina Jamil (Pakistan), Mr. Apo Leung (China) , Ms Gloria Gracida (Mexico), Mr. M.A. Patil (India), Mr. Mandlenkosi Phangwa (South Africa-Azania), Mr. Klaus Schüller (Germany), Mr. Jung Sikhwa (Korea), Mr. John Sweeney (Great Britain), Mr. Mark Vassilev (Russia), Mr. Nambiath Vasudevan (India).

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