May Day 2022 Sri Lanka

"Workers of the world, workers'organisations, oppressed peoples, let us unite against war and exploitation"

Emergency international meeting against war Sunday, 3 April 2022

To the correspondents of the International Workers' Committee against War and Exploitation, for a Workers' International
To the activists and workers' organisations around the world who intend to fight against the war  
Dear comrades,
On 3 April an "Emergency International Meeting Against War" was held (in video). Delegations from 47 countries attended.
Attached you will find the appeal that was passed  with the list of endorsers .
All the participants agreed to : 
- launch a campaign of endorsement of  the appeal in their respective countries;
- prepare for the broadest possible circulation of the appeal on 1 May, the international day of workers' struggle. This should take into account the national conditions of the class struggle in each country;
translate it into as many languages as possible.
A new list of international endorsers will be published on 27 April.

Daniel Gluckstein, Nambiath Vasudevan
Coordinators International Workers Committee against War and Exploitation for a Worlers’ Internation
Paris and Mumbai 14 March 2022

Having read the Appeal that was passed on 3 April (to be downloaded here), I wish to add my name to the list of international endorsers. Please sign here. Après avoir lu l’appel adopté le 3 avril (téléchargez ici), je souhaite rejoindre la liste des premiers signataires. Signez l’appel ici. Después de haber leído el Llamamiento adoptado el 3 de abril (descargar aquí), deseo unirme a la lista de los primeros firmantes. Firme el Llamamiento haciendo clic aquí.

  • Rarely has such mobilisation in solidarity with the Palestinian people been seen. We are publishing a brief report. We invite all our correspondents to send us reports, accounts and photos on the demonstrations in their countries. First informations from Pakistan, Canada, United States, Australia, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Germany, France, Great-Britain... [...]

  • Daniel Gluckstein and Nambiath Vasudevan, IWC co-coordinators, call for solidarity with the Indian workers, peasants and youth, and for the demand to lift the ban on putting patents for the production of vaccines in the public domain.

    Presently India is facing a second wave of Covid-19. Pictures coming out from India are scary. 

    IWC correspondents in India informed us: “The number of people infected with Covid-19 is rising every day. Those who can get a hospital bed are considered lucky. Deaths are mounting owing to lack of hospital beds, medicines, oxygen – the health care system has collapsed, there are no doctors and para medical staff to cope up with the mounting cases."

    Read and endorse this declaration by clicking here. [...]

What are the consequences, for working people, of the COVID 19 pandemic in relation to the policies of the governments and the positions taken by the labour movement in each country ?

Pakistan, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Benin, Germany, Mexico, China, Italia, Morocco...

First results of the international working class survey are here aqui ici

Latest News

  • As soon as the press leaked the intention of reactionary Supreme Court justices to challenge the right to voluntary termination of pregnancy (abortion), thousands, then hundreds of thousands of women and men, sometimes together with trade unions, took to the streets across the United States. On 15 May, major demonstrations will take place to defend this democratic right. 

    "Bans off our bodies!", "Abortion is healthcare!” On Monday evening, May 2, within moments of publication of the leaked draft of a United States Supreme Court decision that would overturn Roe v. Wade (the 1973 Supreme Court decision protecting the right to voluntary termination of pregnancy), people mobilized outside the Supreme Court and organized protests at federal courts throughout the country. 

  • On May Day 2022, workers and their organisations gathered in many countries around the world – with many exceptions this year: in many countries, war, repression, and restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic – prevented workers from gathering. Conversely, in some countries where workers are on the offensive, such as Sri Lanka (photo), some of the May Day rallies called by labour organisations were extremely massive. 

    Where trade union and political initiatives did take place, the rejection of war was sometimes expressed among the demands. Present in these demonstrations and marches were the activists who took part in the International Emergency Meeting against War on 3 April. They circulated the meeting’s appeal, which had originally been signed by labour activists from 50 countries, and translated into some twenty languages, to make it known and to get it signed. 

  • Dear comrades, The participants in the International Emergency Meeting Against War from 48 countries have decided that on May 1st, the International Day of Workers’ Struggle, the same call will be spread throughout the world to proclaim with one voice the opposition of workers and youth to war. Hundreds of signatures have been added to the first 256 endorsers of the conference. With the support from Australia, Mauritius, Serbia and Zimbabwe, our appeal is now being circulated in 51 countries. [...]
  • In Ukraine, the Russian army is bombing Kharkov and Mariupol… but is not advancing as quickly as the Kremlin thought. At the entrance to Energodar (Zaporizhia region), [...]
  • Un puissant mouvement d’opposition à la guerre en Russie a surgi spontanément dès le 24 février, premier jour de la guerre. Le site russe OVD-Info, qui recense les actes de répression, indique que depuis le 24 février plus de 13 500 manifestants contre la guerre ont été arrêtés. Ce qui signifie que probablement quarante ou cinquante fois plus de citoyens ont manifesté… dans un pays où participer à une manifestation non autorisée peut conduire en prison. [...]


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