For a Workers’ International Against War Exploitation and Precarious Labour We, 601 militant activists from 57 countries, call for an Open World Conference in Paris, October 2022

In November 2016, delegates who had gathered in Mumbai at an Open World Conference formed the « International Workers’ Committee Against War, Exploitation and Precarious Labour, For a Workers’ International. » Over the past five years, unprecedented developments have shaken the world. 

For us, this confirms that a Workers’ International is more than ever a necessity. We, 601 militant activists from 57 countries, call for the preparation in all countries of the Open World Conference (Paris, October 2022). 

The peoples of the world have paid a heavy price for the Covid-19 pandemic 

Peoples on all continents and in all countries have suffered the appalling consequences of Covid-19. According to official government figures, 5 million victims have paid with their lives — many more according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), and 15 million according to The Economist (6 September). There was nothing inevitable about this. It has been the lack of hospitals, doctors, nurses, medicines, oxygen, intensive-care units and ventilators … all due to the policy of privatisation and dismantling of healthcare systems. The criminal negligence of the capitalist class and the governments that serve it has led to a human catastrophe. 

When the vaccine was finally developed, the governments of the imperialist countries reserved most of it for those countries that could pay for it, depriving of vaccines the bulk of the population in the countries of Africa, Latin America and Asia – which are subjected to the policies of imperialism. 

Forced migrations and population exoduses have increased. There have been domestic migrations, in countries like India, where in April 2020 the national lockdown paralysed all means of transport and workers from the countryside, the elderly, women and children were forced to move by the hundreds of thousands, walking barefoot across the country. There have been foreign migrations, where tens of thousands of men, women and children fleeing misery and war have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea, at the hands of slave traders in Libya, or at the border between Mexico and the United States, or in the Rohingya refugee camps. … 

Women have been the victims hardest hit by this catastrophe. They have lost jobs and livelihoods disproportionately. 

As we prepare for the Open World Conference, let us gather the facts to draw up an indictment against the multinational corporations and the governments in their service. 

Governments are using the pandemic to launch a massive offensive that threatens the livelihoods of hundreds of millions of workers 

The capitalist system has always known but one law: the law of profit. For those who own the means of production, the fate of the vast majority is of no importance. 

It must be recognised that never – except in times of world war – have the capitalists been able to engage, under the cover of Covid, in such a destructive offensive against the working class: 100 million jobs eliminated worldwide; an extension of precarious labour to which entire sections of the working class and youth are condemned, including in the major industrialised countries; generalisation of work from home that individualises workers. In many countries, labour legislation has been modified to the detriment of workers. Democratic freedoms have been trampled. In particular, the right to organise trade unions, the right to strike and to demonstrate have been attacked everywhere. Governments, under the pretext of a pandemic, have multiplied anti-democratic measures which they threaten to perpetuate indefinitely. 

Join us in the Open World Conference to define in common the means of action at the international level to defend and regain all our rights! 

Imperialism has multiplied military conflicts and is preparing war against China 

The Trump administration in the US proclaimed « America First »; Biden is putting this into practice. After devastating Afghanistan, with a debacle of an evacuation, US imperialism is reorganising its forces to prepare for new wars. Deadly conflicts are multiplying in Africa. Iran is under threat. The military encirclement of China, with the formation of the new US-Australia- Great Britain (AUKUS) military alliance, threatens peace. Biden wants the Chinese market to be completely open to the multinationals. The Chinese working people have every right to be able to organise freely to defend their demands and to defend China. 

All the military interventions of imperialism, carried out in the name of « democracy,” have resulted in bloody chaos, with the dislocation of whole nations. The peoples of the world want peace. 

The international struggle for peace and the fight to prevent war will be on the agenda of our World Conference. 

The working class is fighting back 

The workers, the peoples want to live. They are fighting back. There have been countless mass general strikes in which tens of millions of workers have stood up for their rights. From the demonstrations in Brazil demanding “Bolsonaro, Out Now!” to the mobilisation of the peasantry in India, from the wave of strikes in the US to the mobilisation of the Algerian people and the Chilean people, from the workers’ strikes in China to the incessant class struggles in Europe … all over the world workers are fighting back. 

The independence of the workers’ movement is the central question of this historical period. In the last two years, the workers’ movement has been confronted with colossal pressure from governments and capitalists to make workers’ organisations cave in and accept the governments’ dictates in the name of the fight against Covid; they have been pressured to give up defending the workers’ demands. All over the world, public enterprises and services have been handed over to private owners. A tiny minority has continued to get richer and richer, while the vast majority has been plunged into abject poverty. 

In this context, workers in many countries have been confronted with the fact that some leaders of workers’ organisations with their fingers in the pie of “integration/co- optation” are abandoning their mandate to organise the united struggle against the capitalists and the governments in their service. 

But at the beginning of this 21st century, in all countries, we are seeing the expression of a historical and universal law: to defend themselves, to fight back, workers are using the organisations that they have constituted – in particular their trade unions – and, by wielding them as an instrument of their class struggle, they are acting to preserve their independence. 

These questions of the independence of the workers’ movement and the class struggle will be at the centre of our World Conference. 

The root of all the ills from which humanity suffers is the capitalist system — a system of exploitation based on the private ownership of the means of production. The class struggle remains the driving force of history. 

It is not inevitable that barbarism will prevail: the political resources for a positive outcome are to be found in the workers’ movement. 

By acting against war, so that the workers are in their factories and workplaces and not in deadly conflicts, the workers’ movement is a factor of peace. 

By fighting for its right to exist, so that workers can freely organise themselves in trade unions and parties and constitute the necessary fighting bodies for united and effective struggle in the forms they themselves choose, the workers’ movement defends democracy. 

By fighting for equal rights and for the liberation of all humanity, the workers’ movement contributes to the liberation of women from the double oppression of which they are victims. 

By fighting against the stranglehold of the multinationals, against the debt that strangles the peoples, the workers’ movement takes the lead in the struggle for the right to a sovereign nation. 

By fighting to put an end to the law of profit and capitalist plunder, the workers’ movement is defending humanity and its environment, which are similarly under threat. No one can claim to provide an answer to climate disruption, natural disasters and threats to the environment without putting an end to this capitalist system, which is ready to sacrifice everything to guarantee the profits of a few, and whose practices lead to catastrophe. 

By fighting to defend the collective rights of the working class, to defend the systems of social protection systems, the workers’ movement is defending the right to a job, which produces all wealth. 

By fighting to put an end to the capitalist system, for socialism, the workers’ movement is the bearer of hope and the future for humanity. 

It is on the basis of these founding principles of the workers’ movement, whose burning relevance we affirm, that we, the undersigned working-class activists from different traditions, call for an Open World Conference for a Workers’ International, against war, exploitation and precarious labour, to be held in Paris in November 2022 on Sunday 30 October and Monday 31 October. It will be preceded on 29 October by the International Conference in Defence of the Rights of Working Women.


Darwaish, Sulaiman, journalist;   Abdul Tofan, Human Rights Activist;   Z. Noor, member of Central  Committee of Left radical of Afghanistan (LRA);   Nasir Loyand, in charge of  foreign relations, Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA);   Jandad Baseer, worker at  Afghan wireless Communication Company;   Mustafa Wasim, journalist;   Arman Ghafori, GP;   Faisal Afghan, journalists and media activist;   Z. F., journalist;   Omar Hamidi, Worker;   S. I., journalist. 


Chafik Amara, labour activist;   Hamza A., labour activist;   Omar A., labour activist, education;   Kamel A., trade unionist;   Hassina B., student;   Larbi B., student;   Rachid Belfadel, labour activist;   Abdelkader Bentaleb, labour activist;   Khalid D., labour activist, retired;   Samia D., student;   Sofiane E., labour activist;   Hacène F., labour activist, unemployed;   Amélia H., labour activist;   Farid H., labour activist, technician;   Fawzi H., labour activist;   Fodil H., trade unionist;   Hafid H., trade unionist;   Amar Lounas, labour activist;   Aziz R., teacher;   Wahiba S., student;   Nadia Sabry, labour activist;   Tarek S., trade unionist;   Ryad R., trade unionist, teacher;   Farid T., labour activist, teacher;   Ali Y., trade unionist.


AAWL Australia Asia Worker Links.

Azania/South Africa

Mzwandile Lomo, Numsa (National union of metal workers of South Africa) shopsteward;   Bethwel Sodikisa, Numsa shopsteward;   Benjamin Chisare (Alexander Community Forum);   Lucky Baninzi (National Unemployed People’s Forum, NUPF);   Thabo Mocuminyane (National Unemployed People’s Forum);   Fatimata Motloase (Black Women Caucus);   Elizabeth Manganyi (Western Cape Rent Strike Committee);   Lucky Twala (Sisonke Community Forum);   Mandlenkosi Phangwa, Azanian section of the Fourth International, ASFI (JHB);   Ashraf Jooma, ASFI (JHB);   Luboni Mbozomane, ASFI (KZN & Eastern Cape);   Qiniso Dlamini, ASFI (KZN);   Azakiwe Cingani Zweni, ASFI (Eastern Cape);   Ismael Parkies, ASFI (JHB);   Nemawothi Lufele, ASFI (Western Cape);   Bonga Muchanga, ASFI (JHB). 


Badrudduja Chowdhury, General secretary, Democratic Workers Party (DWP);   Islam Sk. Robiul, Oresident, Bangladesh Jatiyo Sramik Federation/ National Federation of Workers of Bangladesh (BJSF);   Rashid Mohamad Harunur, International Affairs Secretary, Bangladesh Jatiyo Sramik Federation/ National Federation of Workers of Bangladesh (BJSF);   Kabir Ahamed, Acting president BJSF, Democratic Workers Party, Chittagong secretary.


Yuri Glushakov, First Vice President, Belarus Green Party.


Barcellona Vincent, CGSP Belgium – public administration;   Bernardi Antonio, trade unionist, ex-metal worker activist, retired militant;   Coucke Gaëtan, trade unionist, education;   Deconinck Jean-Marc;   Derriche Ouardia, feminist, Internationalist;   Di Martinelli Muriel, Federal Secretary  CGSP;   Giarrocco Roberto, Unity Committee (Eenheidscomité);   Horman Olivier, CGSP trade unionist – public administration;   Mechtcheriakova Olga;   Monsieur Serge, President  CGSP-VLR Vivaqua;   Sellier Camille, hospital nurse;   Vanesse Anne, Marxist feminist, Palestinian Rights activist;   Verbiest Michel, Honorary Director, Liège County Training Department. 


Serge Dossou-Yovo, General Secretary National Union of Secondary Education Teachers (SYNAPES);   Paul Essé Iko, General Secretary, SYNER;   T. Adron Baba Body, National Secretary  the Mid-Wives Union of Benin (SYNSAFEB);   Rodrigue Djidohokpin, Ouémé County SYNAPES General Secretary;   Chanvoedou H. Corneille, SYNPHAB General secretary;   Danvi K. Michel, SYNTRA-RSS General secretary;   C. Deton Givon, SYNAMECH General secretary;   Gnonlonfoun M. Liliane, member of the SYNTRASESH Women’s Committee;   Gnonlonfin Dohoy Wilfried, General Secretary  Healthcare Contract Workers Union (SYNACOS);   Adolphe Houssou, spokesperson for the Healthcare Sector Trade Union Collective;   Monligui Desire, SYNAASA trade unionist;   Soulé Salako, General secretary f Union of Human Healthcare Workers (SYNTRASESH);   Innocent Assogba, member of the 2016 Mumbai Conference Follow-up Committee.


Milton Alves – journalist, Workers’ Party (PT) activist, Curitiba/PR;   David Zanette – Head of the Bank Employees Trade Union of Curitiba and its region;   Pedro Jacobs – Head of the Trade Union Nucleus 39 of CPERS/RS;   Anísio G. Homem – writer, PT activist, Curitiba/PR;   Eduardo Oliveira Miranda, State University of Feira de Santana (UEFS).

Burkina Faso

Nikiema Aimée, Painter;   Bado Baba, Burkina Manifesto;   Ouedraogo Moustapha, Burkina Manifesto;   Kientarboum Edvige, Comedian;   Ouedraogo Oliva, Burkina Manifesto;   Sawadogo Mami, Burkina Manifesto.


J-Marie Nzosaba, unemployed, former worker and trade unionist in the Port of Bujumbura;   Désiré Ndayatuke, Party of the Workers and Democracy (PTD) activist;   Renovat Havyarimana, Public Education Sector trade unionist;   Antoine Manuma FNASEEB Chair (National Federation Burundi Teaching and Education Unions of Burundi);   Nathanael Nzisabira, street vendor;   Alice Nininahazwe, customs agent;   J.-Marie Ndayiragije, trade unionist, Private Education Sector;   Aline Havyarimana, PTD activist.


B. Ross Ashley, New Democratic Party (NPD) member*, Toronto;   H. Khyber, Human Rights activists, Toronto;   Felix Bwitonzi, Ontario Teachers Union (EEO)*;   Pascale Inamuco, consultant in conflict resolution and equity, NPD member. (*personal capacity).


Ka Wai (Hong Kong pers. cap), Apo Leung (Hong Kong, pers. cap.) and activists in mainland China. 


Annette Salazar..

Czech Republic

Petr Schnur, Czech Forum for Peace.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Patrick Matanya Lungwe, computer scientist;   Alfred Amani Kilalo, awareness and public relations officer for the Committee for the PDITP (Independent Democratic Party of Workers and Peasants);   Lucien Faradja Mbinga, street seller;   Gustave Kizenga, Coordonnateur du Comité pour le PDITP;   Charles Kasali, spokesperson and secretary for the Committee for the PDITP.


Essam Shaban, writer, social anthropology researcher, Cairo University. 


Auffret Patrick, municipal employee trade unionist, City of Paris;   Bahli Mostafa, trade unionist, chemical industry, Force Ouvrière (FO);   Balhoul Maia, student;   Belaiche Houria, trade unionist Conféderation Générale du Travail (CGT), Montreuil;   Benatti Karim, teacher trade unionist;   Berrut Jacqueline, trade unionist;   Bonhomme Loïc, trade unionist Ferc-Sup CGT, University of Paris;   Bonnefon Sarah, trade unionist Ferc-Sup CGT, University of Paris;   Boquet Xavier, Ferc-Sup CGT, University of Paris;   Boukhellouf Salim, nurse anaesthetist, South Hospital Center, 77;   Brefort Stephane, school teacher, trade unionist;   Brioso Miguel, CGT trade unionist, secretary Stilpac CGT Nancy;   Cayol Yves, trade unionist;   Charles Roland, Haitian activist OPL (Organisation of the People in Struggle);   Corbex Pascal, Social services trade unionist FO;   Cordelier Odile, Secondary  English teacher;   Daire Jeremie, student;   Daniel Gerard, retired CGT – Social Services;   Delattre Herve, trade unionist, Paris;   Delclos Nicolas, rail worker;   Depaux Guillaume, psychiatric nurse;   Doriane Olivier, POID;   Edwige Romain, trade unionist, postal worker;   Fabing Daniel, CGT trade unionist;   Ferre Dominique, POID;   Frische Martine, Communist activist, teacher trade unionist;   Garcia Michel, trade unionist FO, metal industry;   Gauthierot Christine, retired from the civil service;   Giordano Freddy, retail employee CGT representative;   Glusckstein Daniel, POID national secretary;   Gougbedji Gustave, member  of the Beninese Communist Party (PCB) in France;   Hamon Guillaume, trade unionist, Côtes d’Armor;   Heulland Priscilia, FO representative  FO Social services, 28;   Hossain Myriam, municipal employee trade unionist, Les Lilas;   Hourmand Benoit, trade unionist;   Inda Roussi Tadjidini, teacher trade unionist;   Jarry Eric, trade unionist, chemical industry;   Keiser Christel, POID national secretary, in charge of the working Women’ s Commission;   Kerhli Pierre, teacher trade unionist;   Pr Kesselmann Donna, University of Paris-Creteil, university trade unionist;   Kuntz Laurent, CGT trade unionist;   Le Courtois Eric, trade unionist;   Lefebvre Jack, trade unionist;   Loupias Anne, trade unionist CGT Education;   Mazet Pascal, regional councillor;   Menet Charles, trade unionist, metal industry;   Michaud Isabelle, trade unionist;   Michel Jean-Roland, trade unionist FO;   Millot Reynald, trade unionist;   Moranne Brigitte, trade unionist;   Noszkowicz Patrick, general secretary of the Union Fédérale des Retraités du Transport CGT (“Federal Union of CGT Pensioners Transport sector”);   Nsangou Michel, Chair  Association Solidarity with Victims of the Wars Congo Brazzaville – ASVGCB;   Paskiewicz Annie, CGT trade unionist at Nouveaux Robinson, Montreuil;   Paty Jean-Francois, CGT postal worker, trade unionist;   Pochon Vincent, national secretary SUD chemical industry;   Porteilla Raphaël, lecturer in political science at the University of Burgundy, FERC-SUP CGT secretary;   Poupard Alain, CGT trade unionist;   Queysselier Olivia, trade unionist;   Rabah Brahim, trade union activist, City of Paris;   Razkallah Lazare, trade unionist CGT Tui France;   Ribail Chantal, teacher trade unionist;   Roudil Isabelle, trade unionist, FO Social Services;   Rzewuski Christophe, railworker, trade union activist;   Schmitt Arsene, President, Committee for the Defense of the Cross-Border Workers of Moselle;   Targe Anna, retired Communist trade unionist;   Thebault-Jarry Martine, teacher trade unionist;   Thiriet Regis, teacher trade unionist;   Trichard Norbert, teacher trade unionist;   Uhalde Paul, student;   Vega-Ritter Clothilde, Socialist activist;   Youga Tientcheu Beatrice, nursing auxiliary, CGT trade unionist.


Andreas Gangl (Bad Hersfeld), ver. di shop steward, strike committee member;   Justine Hauptmann (Berlin-Dahlem), SPD, ver. di trade unionist, former works council president;   Gudrun Hintermeier, president of the Sömmerda pensioners’ union council;   Peter Hintermeier, president of the DGB local union council in Sömmerda;   Gerd Kästel (Gera), trade unionist ver.di;   Sidonie Kellerer teacher trade unionist GEW;   Kamal Ketar, trade unionist IG Metall;   Peter Kreutler (Düsseldorf), ver.di shop steward;   Norbert Müller (Frankfurt,) ver.di trade unionist, SPD Frankfurt Workers’ Committee;   Claudius Naumann (Berlin), ISG member, ver.di trade unionist;   Holger Pfeiffer (Gelsenkirchen) ver.di shop steward;   Klaus Rittinger (Düsseldorf), ver.di shop steward spokesman;   Peter Saalmüller (Idstein), ver.di trade unionist, SPD;   Hans-Karl Schäfer, teacher, trade unionist GEW, SPD;   Heidi Schüller, building industry  trade unionist, IG BAU;   Klaus Schüller (Meiningen), member of the SPD National Workers’ Committee, railway trade unionist EVG;   J.S. (Leipzig), trade unionist ver. Di;   Anna Schuster (Düsseldorf), ver.di trade unionist;   Karsten Schuster (Lüdenscheid), trade unionist ver.di;   H.-W. Schuster (Düsseldorf), ver.di shop steward, member of the ISG.


Explo Nani-Kofi, Convenor Moving Africa Panafricanist Organization Ghana/ Member South Dayi District Assembly,Editor Another Africa Is Possible Newsletter & Kilombo Journal

Great Britain

Ian Hodson, National President, BFAWU( pers.cap );   Steve Hedley, Senior Assistant General Secretary, RMT (personal capacity);   Jane Doolan, UNISON NEC member (pers. cap.);   Kevin Jackson UNISON NEC member (pers. cap.);   Rebecca Brookman UNISON NEC member ( pers cap );   Soairse Fanning UNISON NEC member (pers. cap.);   Amarjite Singh CWU NEC ( pers cap);   Liverpool Unite Community NW567 branch;   Mike Calvert, Deputy Branch Secretary, Islington UNISON (pers. cap.);   Stefan Cholewka, Secretary, Greater Manchester Association of Trade Union Councils (GMATUC) (pers. cap.);   Jo Rust, Secretary, King’s Lynn & District Trades Council and Independent Borough Councillor in King’s Lynn (pers. cap.);   Mike Arnott, Secretary, Dundee Trades Council (pers. cap.);   Margaret K. Taylor, Treasurer, Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Trades Council (pers. cap.);   John Sweeney, Labour and trade union activist. (pers. cap.);   Terry Luke, retired member, Islington UNISON (pers. cap.);   Charles Charalambous, former President, Torbay & South Devon Trades Union Council, Editor Labour Internationalist;   Paul Filby, Liverpool, Blacklist Support Group (pers. cap.);   Doreen McNally, Liverpool Unite Community branch and former spokesperson,  Women of the Waterfront (pers. cap.);   Sheila Coleman, Liverpool (pers. cap.);   Antony Rimmer, Liverpool 47 Surcharged Councillor, Merseyside Pensioners Association, trade unionist (CWU and Unite) (pers. cap.);   Mark Hollinrake, PCS shop steward (pers. cap.);   Dr Michael Loughlin;   Nick Phillips,  Unite  member, London (pers. cap.);   John Tyrrell, President, Socialist Labour Party (pers. cap.);   Audrey White, Merseyside Pensioners Association (pers. cap.);   Jackie Yems, Unite member (pers. cap.);   Henry Mott, Unite member (pers. cap.);   Mark Carter, Secretary, RMT Dorset Rail Branch (pers. cap.);   Ann Green, British Pensioner Magazine (pers. cap.);   Glenroy Watson on behalf of Black Workers For Justice – Europe (BWFJ-e);   Global Afrikan Congressuk;   RMTs Black Solidarity Committee;   Nzingha Assata  Spiritual Officer Global Afrikan Congressuk;   Carmel Cadden, Unite Community – Haringey & Barnet Branch, London (pers cap );   Shiraz Durrani Tottenham CLP, London (pers cap );   Michelle Smith  Merseyside Anti-Fascist Network and Trade Unionist ( pers cap);   Fiona Monkman Chairperson Islington UNISON ( pers cap );   Karen Bellion  Liverpool Walton CLP, Member Disability Labour, Member of CLPD  LWL ( labour women leading ) North West Rep ( pers cap );   Noeleen Grattan Tottenham CLP London ( pers cap );   Dave Walsh President Liverpool Trades Union Council ( pers cap);   Courtney Weekes, occupation counsellor ( pers cap);   Alan Gibbons, Liverpool City Labour Councillor ( pers cap ).


Andreas Guhl (OCRFI member);   Sotiria Lioni;   Irini Morou (teacher);   Dimitris Vasileiou, member of the META (trade Union faction);   Pantelis Kokkinopoulos GP, former Nauplie town councillor);   Maryse Lelohe (Retiree); Dimitris Balaskas (small farmer);   Apostolos Kouikoglou  (small farmer).


Ángela Lidia Santos Mejía, Teacher 


Berthony Dupont, Editor Haiti Liberté Brooklyn, New York;   Haiti Liberté newspaper Brooklyn, New York 


Attila Vajnai, Chair Workers Party 2006, European Left;   Judit Somi, Labour activist


N. Vasudevan, Trade Unionist, Mumbai;   M.A. Patil, Trade Unionist, Mumbai;   Prof. Uday Mehta, Mumbai

Milind Ranade, Trade Unionist, Mumbai;   Anand Patwardhan, Film Director;   Ms Shweta Tambe, Human Right Activist, Mumbai;   Krishna Moorthy, Trade Unionist, Kerala;   D. Thankappan, Trade Unionist, Mumbai;   Franklyn D’souza, Spark, Mumbai;   Richard Pinto, Trade Unionist, Chennai;   Subhas Jorge Naik, Trade Unionist, Goa;   C.G. Chavan, Trade Unionist, Mumbai;   John Peter, Trade Unionist, Chennai;   Denzil John, Spark, Mumbai;   Ms. Sujata Modi, Trade Unionist, Chennai;   Richard Pinto, Trade Unionist, Mumbai;   Gausuddin Shaikh, Maharashtra Rajya General Kamgar Union;   Martins Sabina, social activist;   Geeta Mantraraj Sudeeti;   Ghosh Asiskusum, Joint Secretory, National Federation of Sales Representative Unions;   Ahmad Fahad, Senior Research Fellow TISS, Mumbai;   Rashmi Divekar, Spark. 


Dian Septi Trisnanti, Indonesia Unity Labour Federation (FSBPI).


Republic: Ciaran Campbell former Mandate Regional organizer (pers cap);   Christy Mcquillan republican socialist and former SIPTU divisional organiser (pers cap);   Republican Sinn Féin. Six Counties: M.Doyle, Irish Socialist (pers cap);   D. McCarthy, Irish Socialist (pers cap);   P. O’Doherty Irish Socialist (pers cap);   S.Lynch Irish Socialist (pers cap);   N. Quinn, Irish Socialist (pers cap);   Dunne. Irish Socialist (pers cap);   P. Duffy, Irish Socialist (pers cap). 


Luigi Brandellero, worker, Tribuna Libera editorial board;   Marina Boscaino, activist for democratic and social rights, Rome;   Valeria Busicchia, teacher, activist;   Rita Campione, NO to Regionalisation Lombardy Committee, Milan* (pers cap);   Alessandra Cigna, teacher, shop steward and trade union executive;   committee member;   Giovanni Cocchi, Bologna;   Ugo Croce,  Tribuna Libera editorial board;   Loretta Deluca, teacher, Rifondazione Comunista activist, Leinì (Turin);   Dario Granaglia, worker, shop steward and member of the executive board of the FIOM-CGIL trade union;   Daniele Grego, teacher, trade union activist, Turin;   Monica Grilli, teacher, shop steward and trade union executive committee member;   Tonia Guerra, Communist Refoundation activist, Bari, Italy;   Gianni Guglieri, worker, shop steward and trade union executive board member, Turin;   Andrea Monasterolo, worker, trade union activist;   Agata Pantella, teacher, Turin;   Alberto Pian, teacher, shop steward and trade union executive committee member, Turin;   Dianela Pez, member of the regional secretariat Friuli Venezia Giulia of Sinistra Italiana* (pers cap);   Claudia Poggio, teacher, Acqui Terme (Alessandria);   Farbizio Prestipino, teacher, Tribuna Libera editorial board;   Betty Raineri, teacher, shop steward and member of the trade union executive, Turin;   Teresa Silvestri, teacher, Turin;   Elena Troglia, teacher, Turin;   Emanuele Ungheri, Catania;   Lorenzo Varaldo, school headmaster, monthly coordinator Tribuna Libera;   Vanna Ventre, teacher, monthly editor of Tribuna Libera.

Ivory Coast

Ouattara Mamadou, Ex-national general secretary, CNEC (National Coordination of Teachers of Higher Education and Research);   Edia Oi Edia, general secretary of the Nangui Abrougoua University Section of the CNEC;   Mobio Akomian Frederic, general secretary of the Pelefore Gon Coulibaly Korhogo University Section of the CNEC .


Sikhwa, Jung, Chief of kyung ki branch of KCTU;   Sang Soo Ha, Chief of Kyung ki irregular workers center.


Philippe Manenti, Chair of the Committee for the Defense of Cross-border Workers in Luxembourg. 


Gaousou Dialo, visual artist;   Oumou Taroré, photographer.


Oujda: G.A;   Higher Education;   Mohamed Dahak;   Teacher activist and Human Rights activist;   Md. Mohammadin;   State engineer, general secretary of the National Union of Civil Servants of Higher Education (CDT);   Tetuan: Smail Jbari;   member of the administrative committee of the Moroccan Workers’ Youth, JOM/UMT;   Sakina Jarmim;   member of the trade union bureau commune, FNOFCL/UMT;   S. Kh;   member of the trade union bureau commune, FNOFCL/UMT, Women’s Commission – UMT;   Fadoua Idrissi;   Teachers unionist;   Sanaa Ahayek;   Human Rights activist;   Az. J;   mechanical worker;   Yassine Oulad Hmid;, unemployed;   Casablanca: Y. Lamine;   editor, Workers’ Tribune;   F. A;   engineer;   Hamza . Ab;   civil engineering technician;   Ka. Ba;   topographic technician;   Al Hoceima: Md . A;   retail trade unionist;   Hassan Idrissi;   general secretary of the National Retail Trade Union;   Ha . Bd;   retail industry trade unionist;   Tk . Az;   retail industry trade unionist;   Med .Ou;   retail industry trade unionist;   Med . B;   trainee lawyer;   Az. Mm;   trainee lawyer; Med . D;   trainee lawyer;   K . E;   trainee lawyer;   Mj . Ou;   Teachers unionist;   Med Hn;   labour activist;   Mo .Aj;   worker;   Ha. Bo;   unemployed, graduate;   Mr . Aj;   Teachers unionist.   


María de Lourdes Díaz Cruz « LULA », National Movement for Petroleum Transformation;   Israel Cervantes, Generando Movimiento Group of General Motors Workers, Silao;   Rolando Martínez Guzmán, general secretary of the Single National Union of Industry, Steelworkers, Welders and Related Maintenance,  workers, Construction Sector in general, of the Mexican Republic (SUNISSMACREM);   Sergio Guerrero, general secretary of the National Union of Internet Platform Workers (UNTA);   Fernando Serrano, general secretary of the Independent Union of Teachers and Administrative Workers of the Baccalaureate Colleges (SITAACOBACH) of Chiapas;   Juan Carlos Vargas, National Executive Committee of the New Central Workers’ Union (NCT);   Fernando Marques, UAW Local 2865 shop steward, Riverside;   Luis Carlos Haro, Coalition of Private Education Workers;   Melquiades Velueta Velueta, Healthcare Secretariat Worker, affiliated to the National Union of Healthcare Secretariat Workers (SNTSA);   Raúl Calleja Lacortti, IOC, Section 50 SNTSA;   Daniel Gómez Meza, Executive Struggle Committee of the SNTE-CNTE (National Union of Education Workers – National Coordination of Education Workers) section 40, Chiapas;   Muriel Ernesto Gómez Alvarado, CCL40 Chiapas, SNTE-CNTE;   Russel Aguilar, Retired, Section 7 SNTE-CNTE;   Liliana Plumeda, Political Organisation of the People and Workers (OPT);   Marco Antonio Morales Rojo, Former OPT, independent candidate for the government of Baja California, affiliated to UNTA;   Raymundo Blas, Construction worker, LCI-CORCI activist;   Gilberto Montes Vásquez, OPT Chiapas;   Andrea Valladolid, International Youth Alliance for Socialism (IYAS);   Irma Moran, United Resistances of Baja California;   Daniel Martínez Velasco, New Citizen and Popular Constituent;   Fredy Rodríguez Méndez, Representative of the motorbike Blue Taxi group of Real del Bosque, New Workers’ Federation;   Juan Antonio Avalos, affiliated to the Workers’ Trade Union of the National Autonomous University of Mexico STUNAM;   Christopher Eduardo Urbalejo Martínez, activist of the Revolutionary Left Movement (MIR);   Siria Garibay Marrón, Women’s Earth Collective A.C.;   Fernando Aguilar Palacios, Secretary of Labour of the Independent Union of Teachers and Administrators of the Baccalaureate Colleges (SITAACOBACH) of Chiapas;   Claudia Berenice Serrano Maldonado, SITAACOBACH;   Maira Hernández de la Cruz, Secretary for Internal Affairs, SITAACOBACH;   Joaquín Torres, Committee of Neighbours in Defence of Public Services of Villa del Álamo, Tijuana;   María Consuelo Sánchez Lora, Committee of Neighbours in Defence of Public Services in Villa del Álamo, Tijuana;   José Luis Barrios Reyes, CCL40 Chiapas of the SNTE-CNTE;   Marco Antonio Laparra García, CCL40 Chiapas of the SNTE-CNTE;   Rosemberg Perez Garcia, CCL40 Chiapas of the SNTE-CNTE;   José Alberto Díaz Reyes, CCL40 Chiapas of the SNTE-CNTE;   Luís Hernández Martínez, CCL40 Chiapas of the SNTE-CNTE;   Catalina Miranda Navarro, affiliated to Section 37 of the SNTE;   Ana Lilia Escalante Orantes, Healthcare Sector;   Jorge Manuel Arcia Najera, Retired teacher, CNTE;   David Lagunés Calderón, Trade Unionist, Section 50 of the SNTSA;   Yesenia Robles Escobar, Trade Unionist, section 98 of the SNTSA;   Roger Cerda Medina, Retired Democratic Bloc, section 7 of the CNTE Chiapas;   Lidia Suárez, National Pedagogical University;   Miroslava Calleja, Journalist;   Juan Carlos García López, Teacher, Section 37 of the SNTE;   Jeanett Alegria Mendez, Chiapas worker;   Eleazar López, Student at the UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico);   Carlos Niebla, Affiliated to UNTA;   Daniel Alarcón Mares, Teacher;   Andrés Cantoral Guzmán, Trade Unionist Section 50 of SNTSA;   Alejandra Rivera, OPT Baja California. 


Bâ Alima, student;   Balarabe Rahila, storytelling artist. 


Heelay Heelay, Social Activist.


Rubina Jamil General sec All Pakistan trade Union Federation (APTUF);   Anwer Gujjar, President, Railway workers union (open line);   Mian Khalid, President, Railway Workers Union (workshops);   Muhammad Ilyas, Joint sec. APTUF;   Samina Fayyaz, Joint sec, Sports board employees union;   Amna Allah Ditta, President, Women workers voice, Gulzar Welfare Society;   Sultan Khan, General secretary, Hamdard employees union;   Taj Haider, President, Punjab Teachers Association;   Siddique Chaudhary, President, Workers Welfare Fund Employees Union;   Shabbir shah, Senior vice president APTUF;   Khurshid Ahmed, General sec, Pakistan WAPDA hydro central workers Union;   Akbar Khan, General Sec, National Bank Employees union;   Fayyaz Chaudhary, President, National Bank Workers Union;   Nisar Chaudhary, General Sec, Escort meter employees union;   Nisar Khattak, Chairman, Gulzar Welfare Society, Nisar Khan, President, Gulzar Welfare Society, Javed Khan, President, Pakistan goods transport federation;   Khalifa Ashraf, President, Lisa Garment union;   Salah I’d din Ayubi, General Sec, Punjab works department;   M.Salim, President, Longman workers union;   Maqsood Ahmed, General sec;   Lahore chemical employees union;   Farzana Zafar, Home based union;   Aliya Ahmed, Joint sec, Punjab Teachers Association;   Khatija Sultan, Domestic workers union;   Saima Mansoor, Domestic workers union;   Dr. Ashraf Nizami, President, Pakistan Medical Association;   Salma Younas, Lady health workers employees union;   Fouzia Rashid, Lady Health Workers Employees Union;   Dr. Taimure Rehman, General Secretary, Pakistan Mazdoor Kisan Party. 


Ayman Al Arari, MA International humanitarian law;   Naji Al Khatib, « Secular Palestine ».


Henry Isaac Fuentes Macedo, general secretary of the Single Trade Union of Agro-industrial Workers of Peru S.A.C.;   Emilio Barreto Vizcarra, former schoolteacher leader, militant of the Internationalist Socialist Current;   Henry Torres Gallarday, Internationalist Socialist Group, newspaper El Organizador;   Henry Luis Flores Gonzáles, Group for the Independent Workers’ Movement;   Juan Manuel Torres Gallarday, former steel worker, section shop steward;   Roberto Alvarado Rubiños, Director of Páginas Libres;   Luz Marisol Vigo Berna, Group for the Independent Workers’ Movement;   César Augusto Huamán Escudero, Internationalist Socialist Group;   Germán Zapata Gonzáles, trade unionist and activist;   César Salinas Mejía, former trade union leader, miner;   Marcel Salinas Ballón, economist, activist. 


Randy C. Miranda, National Organizing Department Head, Member of the Executive Committee Partido Manggagawa (Labor Party – Philippines). 


Beata Firo-Bencolurska, activist.


Bento Correia, political and social activist, activist of the movement « Solidários: Trabalhadores Atacados Não Podem Ficar Isolados!” (« Solidarity: Workers Attacked Cannot Stand Alone! »);   Rogério Ferreira, Mesa Nacional of the BE (National Directorate of the Left Bloc);   José Casimiro, labour official, activist movement « Solidários: Trabalhadores Atacados Não Podem Ficar Isolados!”;   José Santana Henriques, trade union activist, CGTP, activist movement « Solidários: Trabalhadores Atacados Não Podem Ficar Isolados!« ;   Adriano Zilhão, activist from the movement « Solidários: Trabalhadores Atacados Não Podem Ficar Isolados!« ;   Célio Rodrigues, pharmaceutical industry worker in Switzerland, ex-president of the Novartis workers’ commission, then GSK, ex-president of the Coast section of the Unia trade union;   Frederico Rodrigues, call centre worker, Lisbon, 21 years old.

Puerto Rico 

Ángel Figueroa Jaramillo, President of the Union of Workers of the Electricity and Irrigation Industry (UTIER) (pers cap).


Constantin Cretan, President, National Labour Federation;   Lulu Iulian Pauna, executive president of the trade union “Lignite”, Oltenia;   Marioara Vasile, president, Women’s Organisation of the National Labour Federation;   Mihai Tiberiu Grigoriu, executive president of the Workers’ League of Romania.


Andreï Zavodskoï, “Solidarity Platform” trade union;   Igor Pliouchtch;   Valentin Urusov, Centre for the Defence of Trade Union Rights Centre;   Tatiana Chulga, Regional coordinator of the healthcare workers’ union « Action » for the Irkutsk region;   Viatcheslav Tretyakov, First Secretary of the Tomsk Regional Committee of the Leninist Communist Youth Union of the Russian Federation (LKSM-RF);   Andreï Kalinkine, OCRFI supporter;   Evgheny Chabaline, MPRA trade unionist;   Vassili Vostrikov, OCRFI supporter;   Arkadi Tachlanov, Regional Heads (Irkutsk) of the SOTSPROF trade union;   Mark Vassilev, Historian;   Ostapenko Elena, teacher, Serdechkine Sergueï. 


Théogène Manirahari, delivery service;   Louange Nihimbazwe, government civil servant (social services);   Alphonse Karango Niyonzima, trade unionist;   Pierre Rutinduka, government civil servant.


Assy Ba, student;   Boubacar Sow, student;   Assane Mbengue, student;   Awa Cissé, student;   Amadou Sow, student;   Cheikh Badji, student;   Mor Talla Faye, student;   Madiop Gaye, student;   Oldy Thioun, student;   Marcel Ndiaye, teacher, Senegalese Group of Revolutionary Studies (GSER);   Édouard Sarr, student, member of the Socialist Party;   Moussa Diouf, teacher. 


Jacim Milunovic, labour activist.

Spanish State

Reme Martin, retired, activist of Pensionistak Martxan, MPB and MPEH (Movement of Retired People of Euskal Herria), LAB Euskal Herria Trade Union;   Jose Ignacio Martinez, Retired, Worker, Euskal Herria

Maria Dolores Isla Ortiz, MPB (Vizcaya Retired People’s Movement);   Ander Busto Diez, Euskal Herria.


Professor Nadezhda Bravo Caldera, Uppsala University (pers. cap.);   Hossa Inam, Stockholm metro customer care;   Amiri Freshta, student;   Faraj Bayrakdar, Syrian-Swedish Poet and journalist. 


Hewit Amour, industrial trade unionist (VD);   Gabriella Barriera, trade unionist, public service (GE);   Benmenni Bounour, industrial trade unionist (VD);   Thomas Bruchez, socialist activist (per. cap.) (GE); Jean-Philippe Faure, labour activist (FR);   Dogan Fennibay, industrial trade unionist (ZH);   Marzia Fiastri, teacher unionist (GE);   Jacqueline Heuer, teacher unionist (GE);   Ali Korkmaz, industrial trade unionist (VD);   Bülent Özkan, industrial trade unionist;   Graziano Pestoni, public services trade unionist (TI);   Françoise Revaz, Professor Emeritus University of Fribourg;   André Schlüssel, biologist (GE);   Marc Simeth, teacher unionist (GE);   Eric Voruz, retired trade unionist (VD);   Döndü Yldirim, agri-food industry trade unionist (VD);   Michel Zimmermann, labour activist (GE). 


Lawson Messan, retired doctor-engineer, National Secretary PADET/Emancipation;   Djaoura Tiguena, teacher, PADET/Emancipation activist;   Tchedre Tchapo Gbandi, teacher, PADET/Emancipation activist.


Lotfi Guesmi, labour activist. 


Cemal Bilgin, President, IKEP, Workers’ Own Party;   Kenan Okta, Workplace representative, Turkish Miners Workers Union (Turk-Is confederation);   Ihsan Tecik, Istanbul president, IKEP, Workers’ Own Party, trade union member, energy sector;   Zeki Kılıcaslan, Prof. Dr. (physician);   Mustafa Durdag, retired worker and trade union member, glass industry;   Mehmet Şadi Ozansu. 

United States

(all in a personal capacity unless noted otherwise) : Nancy Wohlforth, Secretary-Treasurer Emerita, Office and Professional Employees Union (OPEIU), Washington, DC;   Ajamu Baraka, National Organizer, Black Alliance for Peace, New York, NY;   Clarence Thomas, Past Secretary Treasurer , International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 10 retired, Oakland, CA;   Kali Akuno, Organizer, Cooperation Jackson, Jackson, MS;   Donna Dewitt, President Emeritus, South Carolina AFL-CIO, Orangeburg, SC;   Colia Lafayette Clark, Veteran Civil Rights Organizer, Harlem, NY;   Chris Silvera, Secretary-Treasurer, Teamsters Local 808, Long Island City, NY;   ORGANISATION: International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, Philadelphia, PA;   Suzanne W. Ross, International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, New York, NY;   Katharine Harer, Co-Vice President and Organizer, AFT 1493, San Mateo Community College Fed of Teachers, San Mateo, CA;   Gabriel Prawl, Past President, International Longshore and Warehouse Union local 52, Seattle, WA;   Gene Bruskin, National Writers Union, Maryland;   Khalid Raheem, Chairman, New Afrikan Independence Party, Pittsburgh, PA;   ORGANISATION: New Afrikan Workers Union (NAWU), Pittsburgh, PA;   Desiree Rojas, President, Sacramento (CA) chapter of the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, AFL-CIO, Change to Win;   ORGANISATION: Sacramento (CA) chapter of the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, AFL-CIO, Change to Win;   ORGANISATION: Ujima People’s Progress Party, Baltimore, MD;   Nnamdi Lumumba, Co-convener, Ujima Peoples Progress Party, Baltimore, MD;   Monadel Herzallah, Member, United Educators of San Francisco, Fairfield, CA;   Julian Kunnie, Member, Black Alliance for Peace; and First Nations Enforcement Agency, Tucson, AZ;   Ivonne Heinze Balcazar, Member, California Faculty Association, Carson, CA;   Sandy Eaton, Retiree, Massachusetts Nurses Association, Quincy, MA;   Sean McMahon , Co-Director, Pangea Legal Services, Berkeley, CA;   ORGANISATION: New Abolitionist Movement, Brooklyn, NY;   Mya Shone, National Organizing Committee, Socialist Organizer, Vallejo, CA;   Ralph Schoenman, National Organizing Committee, Socialist Organizer, Vallejo, CA;   Betty Davis, New Abolitionist Movement, Brooklyn, NY;   Eduardo Rosario, President, NYC Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA), New York City, NY;   Lita Blanc, Past president, United Educators of San Francisco (UESF), San Francisco, CA;   Connie White, Labor and Community for Independent Party (LCIP)-Los Angeles, Long Beach, CA;   Karina Rodriguez, Political activist, Sacramento, CA,   Dan Kaplan, Executive Secretary, retired, AFT Local 1493 , Berkeley, CA;   Millie Phillips, Member, Steering Committee, Labor Fightback Network, Oakland, CA;   Katherine Black, AFSCME retiree;   CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women), Philadelphia, PA;   Alan Benjamin, Steering Committee, International Workers Committee (IWC), San Francisco, CA;   Coral Wheeler, Rank-and-file member, California Faculty Association (Cal Poly Pomona campus), Los Angeles, CA;   E.J. Esperanza, Immigrant rights activist, San Jose, CA;   Cliff Conner, Historian, author of Tragedy of American Science, New York, NY;   Michael Steven Smith, Law and Disorder Radio, cohost, New York, NY;   David Walters, IBEW 1245 Retired, Pacifica, CA;   David Keil, Member, Massachusetts Teachers Association, Natick, MA;   Michael Carano, Teamsters Local 348, retired, Tallmadge, OH;   Jim Lafferty, Executive Director Emeritus, National Lawyers Guild, Los Angeles, CA ;   Fisher, Past President, Retired, AFT Local 2121, San Francisco, CA ;   Rodger Scott, Ph.D., Past President AFT Local 2121, Current Delegate to the San Francisco Labor Council, San Francisco, CA;   Michael Harer, Political activist, retired, Pacifica, CA;   Anne Aames, Political activist, Kingston, NY;   Tamara Dumay, Political activist, Wingdale, NY;   Carole Hyams, Political activist, Pleasant Hill, CA;   Susan Holland, Political activist, Ulster Park, NY;   Kim Guptill, Political activist, San Jose, CA;   Don Bryant, Labor and Community for an Independent Party and Labor Fightback Network, Cleveland, OH.


Mafa Kwanisai Mafa, Chairman of Cimurenga Vanguard, OCRFI Zimbabwe section;   Arasiah Phiri. Secretary for Women Affairs in the Chimurenga Vanguard;   Tipei Lorata Dube, Secretary for Information and Publicity in Zimbabwe Movement of Pan African Socialists;   Dr Shadreck Matindike, Zimbabwe Palestine Solidarity Council;   Kudakwashe Shambare, Vice Chairman, Zimbabwe Movement of Pan African Socialists;   Fortune Madondo, Zimbabwe Cuba Friendship Association;   Tungamirai Mukondo, Zimbabwe Congress of Students Union;   Ronal Mutizwa, Zimbabwe Congress of Students Union;   Rodney Maseko, Zimbabwe Congress of Students Union;   Dr Norbet Hosho, Zimbabwe Anti Sanctions Trust;   Chitsungo, Broad Alliance Against Sanctions;   Antony Kalubi, Zimbabwe Federation of Trade Unions;   Victor Dzidzai Maride, ZANU PF DCC Secretary for Information and Publicity;   Namatirai Chipere, ZANUPF DCC Secretary for legal Affairs;   Henry Ngara, Shoulder to Shoulder with Palestine;   Takudzwa Huni, Zimbabwe Congress of Students Union ; Caleb Kuranga, Zimbabwe Movement of Pan African Socialists;   Godknows Chera, Zimbabwe Friends of Venezuela;   Runesu Gumbo, Zimbabwe Movement of Pan African Socialists;   Sally Ngoni, Broad Alliance Against Sanctions;   Tinashe Ngirandi, Young Global Leaders Network;   Nqobizitha Newlands, Federation of African States (FAS). 

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