FRANCE In the run-up to the October 22nd rally against war!


In France the POID is preparing an international rally against war on 22 October. To organise for this rally throughout the country, its newspaper La Tribune des Travailleurs publishes weekly articles of analysis and information on the international level.
In the run-up to the October 22nd rally against war! By ordering the mobilization of 300,000 reservists to be sent to Ukraine, Putin has taken the war to a new level. The offensive of the Ukrainian army, over-armed by NATO, has driven the regime of corrupt oligarchs that rules Russia into this headlong rush. For, by decreeing mobilization, Putin is bringing the war into every Russian home, provoking anguish, but also rejection of it and the first sparks of revolt. [...]

RUSSIA « Down with the mobilization! » 


On September 21, Putin decreed the "partial mobilization" of 300,000 reservists, to be sent to Ukraine. Referring to nuclear weapons, he added, "We will use all means at our disposal." 

The offensive of the Ukrainian army, heavily armed by NATO, has provoked what the Biden administration was expecting: a new escalation towards a generalized conflict. The announcement of the mobilization and its immediate implementation caused an earthquake throughout Russia. As early as September 21, calls to rally were circulating. Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of young people, women and workers gathered to shout "No to war!" The OVD-info website counted at least 1,386 arrests. Report from our correspondents in Russia. 


IRAN Protests become more radical
Correspondence from an activist of the Marxist Organization (Iran)


Iran has once again descended into chaos and unrest. This outburst is not unusual in the situation of recent years, and once again the streets of major cities have turned into battlefields where those who are fed up with the theocratic regime, who want to fight against the tyranny of the mullahs who have taken over the country for the past four decades. The latest in a long line of violence against women.


PARIS OCTOBER 29-30  Meet the U.S. Delegation
Why We Are Going to the Paris Conferences


  • ▷ DESIREE ROJAS, President, Labor Council for Latin America Advancement, Sacramento Chapter, AFL-CIO
  • ▷ DIAMONTÈ BROWN, President, Baltimore Teachers Union, Maryland 
  • ▷ MYA SHONE, Member, National Organizing Committee of Socialist Organizer 
  • ▷ NNAMDI LUMUMBA, State Organizer, Ujima People’s Progress Party (UPP) State Organizer, Baltimore, MD
  • ▷ CONNIE WHITE, Member, Continuations Committee, Labor & Community for an Independent Party (LCIP), Long Beach, CA
  • ▷ LISA KNOX, Immigrant Justice Attorney and Activist, Oakland, CA
  • ▷ ALAN BENJAMIN, Editorial Board, The Organizer; Member, Coordinating Committee, International Workers Committee (IWC)
  • ▷ NATALIA BACCHUS, Executive Assistant to the President, Baltimore Teachers Union, MD
  • ▷ IVONNE HEINZE BALCAZAR, Member, California Faculty Association (CFA), CSU-Dominguez Hills, CA
  • ▷ NILOUFAR KHONSARI, Immigrant Justice Activist, Author, and Movement Lawyer
  • ▷ FERNANDO DAVID MARQUEZ, Student Organizer, UC Riverside; Member, UAW 2865, Riverside, CA. 

To the endorsers of the international appeal in support of the people of Sri Lanka


"(...) we are addressing this appeal to you: Can you in your respective countries organise delegations to the International Monetary Fund (and its represenations) to demand the immediate withdrawal of this plan, to demand the cancellation of the debt of Sri Lanka so that these sums, which are being used to pay the debt to international institutions, can be confiscated and reoriented to provide food, electricity, transport, health care, and medicines. This is so that the people can live.  (...)" [...]

International appeal of support for the people of Sri Lanka!


The following appeal was launched by activists, workers, students, intellectuals, artists, internationalists who are forced to live in France and in different countries of the world because of the economic, social and political conditions in Sri Lanka. It has since received support from labour activists, rural workers and intellectual activists in Sri Lanka and from workers and activists around the world. [More...]

 Here you can publicly endorse the International appeal of support for the people of Sri Lanka! 


NATO: Towards the Generalized Militarization of Europe


What should we learn from the NATO summit that took place in Madrid (Spain) from June 28 to 30? According to the official communiqués of this U.S.-led military alliance, founded in 1949, the Madrid summit marked a "strategic turning point." What is that? 

NATO is now calling Russia "the most significant and direct threat to the security of the allies.” The military alliance adds, "We cannot rule out the possibility of an attack on the sovereignty or territorial integrity of the allies." Not only does NATO not rule out the possibility of a direct confrontation, but in fact it is looking for one. For example, during the summit, bombings took place on the Russian city of Belgorod, 40 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, as a result of massive arms deliveries to Ukraine from NATO countries. Shortly before the summit, the Lithuanian government (a member of NATO and the European Union) declared a blockade of the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad (a Russian territory between Lithuania and Poland and a Russian naval base in the Baltic Sea). 


MORROCO The Tragedy of Melilla


A real human tragedy took place on June 24 in the north of Morocco after the attempt by about 2,000 migrants from sub-Saharan countries to enter Mlilya (in Spanish Melilla), an enclave occupied by Spain. This attempt was repressed in a bloody and deadly manner, costing the lives of at least 23 young migrants and injuring dozens. Their only « crime » was to enter Europe through this occupied city.
This tragic event coincided with another similar event: The death of at least 46 migrants trapped in a truck in San Antonio, Texas, after a day of extremely high temperatures. This occurred about 145 miles from the border with Mexico. The young people who died were hoping to reach the United States. Moroccan activists preparing the World Conference against War and Exploitation, for the Workers’ International Have sent us this contribution. [...]