Invitation for a European Workers’ and Youth Meeting in defence of pension systems, jobs and public services


Strasbourg (France), on 11 May 2019 – internationalist rally against privatisation, deregulation and insecure work took place under the slogan “ This Europe is not our Europe“. Dear Comrades,  Almost one year ago, an internationalist rally against privatisation, deregulation and insecure work took place in Strasbourg (France), on 11 May 2019 under the slogan “ This Europe is not our Europe “ . The rally ended with a call to prepare in each country an indictment of the policy of privatisation promoted by the EU to circulate information and news on the resistance by the workers and youth in each country, and on this basis, to convene another European meeting of workers, labour activists and youth in 2020. In the last year, we have noted that anti-working-class policies have increased and expanded in each of our countries. At the same time, we have seen mobilisations that express the mass resistance of the working class to those policies. In this respect, all the [...]

INDIA “Are We Citizens In Our Own Country? Come Out and Fight to Stop the CAA, NPR and NRC!”


An appeal, reproduced below, received from Comrade N. Vasudevan Comrades, People across India have been protesting against the government since 5 August 2019. The protests initially, against the lockdown in Kashmir after the abrogation of article 370, were localised, but from December 2019 protests have become widespread and vocife­rous against the amendment to the Citizen­ship Act and the notification of NPR and NRC as well as police brutality against the brave students of JMU, AMU and then JNU, who were protesting against a very huge fee hike in their university. The latest reason for the protests by people from almost all over the country is the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) that was passed in the Parliament in December 2019. The Government has been stating loudly that nobody shoul be worried about the CAA as well as the National Population Register (NPR) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC). We need to understand what these three things are and how they will affect us. [...]

ALGERIA Communiqué of the IWC Coordinators 


(11 February 2020) — We have been informed that on the evening of 10 February, the Court of Appeals of the Military Court of Blida (Algeria) decided to release Louisa Hanoune, the general secretary of the Algerian Workers Party, who had been imprisoned since 9 May 2019 after spending nine months in prison. Among many others in Algeria and throughout the world, the International Workers Committee Against War and Exploitation, For a Workers’ International (IWC) took a clear position since May 2019 to demand the immediate release from prison of the general secretary of the Workers Party. In June 2019, the IWC circulated broadly an initiative of 51 labour activists of the United States “for the immediate release of Louisa Hanoune and all political prisoners in Algeria”. The International Workers Committee Against War and Exploitation, For a Workers’ International, launched in Mumbai (India) in November 2016, reclaims the best traditions and principles of international [...]

CHINA “They Have Been Slow to Manage the Crisis, but Quick to Silence the People”


In Wuhan, 4000 workers built a hospital in eight days. “They have been slow to manage the crisis, but quick to silence the people” is how a Chinese internet user recapped the attitude of the Wuhan town officials in the face of the situation created by the coronavirus epidemic, which continues to spread and increase in the number of human lives lost. The first case was diagnosed on 12 December, but it wasn’t until the 31st of December that the local authorities confirmed it. Meanwhile, the Wuhan police had arrested and punished 8 persons for “publication of false information on the Internet”. Those eight people were doctors, one of whom died shortly later, after having treated patients who were infected by the virus. The police and Internet providers are still today cracking down on citizens who mention the measures taken against the epidemic. Journalists have been questioned and threaten by the authorities. These hundreds of Communist Party apparatchiks who [...]

INDIA Protest against CAA in India — From Nambiath Vasudevan, coordinator of the International Workers Committee against war and exploitation, for a workers International (IWC)


Shaheen Bagh (Delhi) : « We the people of India reject CAA, NPR, NRC »  Modi government is hell bent in going ahead with the amended Indian Citizenship Act. Government is opposed to hold any dialogue with protesters. That means BJP wants to amend the constitutional guarantee that citizenship in India will not be decided based on religion. In the circumstances arising in India Modi law can be reversed only by two ways. Either by the Supreme Court of India or by the power of people. Opposition to CAA has become more wider. Till recently protest was mainly from students and civil society against CAA. Now opposition parties have intensified their demands asking Modi to scrap the law. More than 150 petitions are pending before the Supreme Court of India against CAA. Supreme Court heard the matter on January 22nd when it asked the Government to come with its say in four weeks. Today (January 26) is the Republic Day in India. Brazilian President was the Chief guest. Inviting [...]

UNITED STATES The following interview with Ajamu Baraka, national organizer of Black Alliance for Peace, was conducted on January 26, by Alan Benjamin, editorial board member of The Organizer newspaper.


Question: Could you tell us about the Global Day of Action yesterday [January 25] and why Black Alliance for Peace not only participated but played a leadership role in building this antiwar protest?
Ajamu Baraka: It was a positive development to see that people came out across the United States in the tens of thousands to express their opposition to the war on Iran by the Republican Party, led by Donald Trump, and by the Democrats, who, though they expressed concerns about some of Trump's recent actions against Iran, have been stalwart supporters of U.S. imperialism's permanent war agenda all along.
Across the country, people came out to say "NO U.S. War on Iran!" — including NO to the U.S. sanctions against Iran that are killing Iranian women and children daily — and to demand that [...]

UNITED STATES «The American People Refuse To Go To War!» Interview with Nancy Wohlforth, Co-Convener of US Labor Against the War (USLAW)


Donald Trump took the world to the brink of a major, frontal armed war with Iran. While the crisis situation appears to have died down, it could flare up again at any moment. What is your assessment of what has transpired over the past few weeks? Trump began the war escalation against Iran when he pulled out of the Iran nuclear weapons deal. It soon became clear that he wanted to rattle sabers. The U.S. bombing of the activist camps in Northern Iraq on December 29 was a provocation that unleashed a terrible crisis which, as you pointed out, took us to the brink of a full-fledged war with Iran. The situation was terrifying, particularly as we have a madman in the White House who has control over the use of nuclear weapons. I also should point out that the entire crisis over Iran these past three weeks was aimed at diverting attention away from Trump’s impeachment trial. Having said this, Trump — at least for now — had to pull back. The American people don’t [...]

CHILE Stop the repression of secondary school students and the main leaders of the ACES (Coordinating Assembly of Secondary school Students) by the Chilean government!


Víctor Chanfreau Faced with the repression of its main spokespersons, mainly through the application of the Domestic Security Act – which in specific cases is a law against terrorism – against Víctor Chanfreau, we declare the following : 1. We condemn the systematic repression of social protest by the Chilean government, and we are addressing all of the world’s democratic organisations to declare a state of alert that the safety of Víctor and his fellow students is at risk. 2. The Chilean government intends to vent its fullest repression against this young leader, whose grandfather was murdered by the Pinochet dictatorship, and is categorising the ACES as a seditious organisation. We adopt as our own the demand by all of Chile’s democratic organisations for an end to the criminalization of the social protests, which now total 82 days of mobilisation for the legitimate demands of the majority of the population. Contact: [...]

AUSTRALIA Fires In Australia                 


Fires in Australia that began in July have increased to the present day. Climatic conditions have produ­ced temperatures of 48° celsius, or 118 degrees Farenheit, without res­pite. In these conditions the firefigh­ters have been overwhelmed by the amount and levels of destruction attained. An emergency control agency has been set up, and international assis­tance from U.S. and Canadian squa­drons has been needed. Twenty-three people have died, more than 1,500 houses have been destroyed, and 100,000 head of cattle, 8,000 koalas, and 500 million wild animals have been destroyed in New South Wales alone. Cultural losses to indigenous populations have not been estimated yet. The area burned in the state of Victoria alone is more than twice the size of Haiti. It is about the size of Holland in New South Wales. Hazar­dous smoke has affected major cities, to the point of overhwhelming the capital city of Canberra with the worst air quality in the world. Qantas airline flights were [...]