AZANIA/SOUTH AFRICA 9 Years later No Justice for the massacred Marikana mineworkers and their widows and orphans


It is almost 10 years since the tragic day where the Apartheid inherited South African Police executed an instruction from the current president of the ANC and Azania/South Africa (Cyril Matamela Ramaphosa) who made it clear that the demand of the workers were criminal and required what he called “concomitant action” from the police. As a result more than 34 workers were massacred in a hail of bullets leaving orphans and widows behind [...]

CHINA The US offensive against China – why?


What does Biden want? On 21 September at the United Nations, Biden declared, hand on heart, that he did not want a "new Cold War", that the US is "not in conflict" with China but only "in vigorous competition". But a week before this speech, Biden had announced the formation of a new US-British-Australian military alliance against China, AUKUS. The Australian government then took this occasion to cancel its order for French submarines in favour of American nuclear-powered submarines, which would enable a rapid military attack by Australia against the Chinese coast. [...]

IWC Mumbai Conference Follow-up Committee has met


Mumbai Conference Follow-up Committee has met. As our correspondents know, in 2019, activists from 52 countries called for another World Conference against War and Exploitation, for the Workers’ International. We are publishing below large extracts from the contributions made by activists from India, the United States, Azania/South Africa and France. [...]

CHINA Communiqué from the China Inquiry Commission


The China Inquiry Commission today learned of the decision of the Executive Committee of the HKCTU, Hong Kong’s independent trade union confederation, to prepare for the dissolution of the union, which will be put to a membership vote on 3 October. After throwing HKCTU President Carol Ng and General Secretary Lee Cheuk-Yan into jail earlier this year, the government has now decided to physically threaten the still active confederation leaders after a shameful smear campaign, forcing them to resign. This follows the termination of the HKPTU teachers’ union last month, a 95,000- member union affiliated to the HKCTU, and presages further attacks on the trade union movement, for example on the HAEA, the hospital staff union, now accused of breaking the law. This trade union confederation which is independent of the govern- ment and formerly counted a hundred or so unions and 145,000 union members, is thus being forced by a government led and monopolised by the Chinese [...]

ALGERIA-MOROCCO Views from both sides of the border


The escalation of declarations between the Kingdom of Morocco (encouraged by the State of Israel) and the Algerian regime led the latter, on 24 August, to break diplomatic relations between the two countries. But the workers and peoples of the Maghreb have nothing good to expect from a confrontation between the two countries. This is what is expressed in the documents sent to us by our correspondents in Algeria and Morocco (which we are publishing excerpts from). « Khawa, khawa! » (Brothers!)… In a Moroccan football stadium, in July 2019 MOROCCO « Only fraternity and peace can help build the unity of the peoples of the Maghreb » Again, the two brother peoples, the Algerian and the Moroccan people, are now filled with concern and worry. On 24 August, the Algerian government decided to break off diplomatic relations with Morocco, which was accused of carrying out hostile actions against Algeria, particularly in the recent fires that broke out in the North of Algeria, in [...]

PALESTINE Three months after the ceasefire, nothing has changed in Gaza


  Photo by Mehrad Vosoughi on Pexels.com A correspondent living in the Gaza Strip reports (extracts)  « Three months after the end of the last Israeli military attack (10 to 21 May 2021) on the Gaza Strip*, which has been under an Israeli blockade for more than fourteen years, nothing has changed, despite the mobilisation of people in solidarity with the Palestinian cause, and despite international promises of reconstruction. Nothing has changed: we – 2 million Palestinians in Gaza – are still locked in by an inhuman blockade that continues to claim many victims, while the pandemic continues to rage.  “Despite the ruins, the grief, the anxiety and the pain, life is slowly returning: we will never accept the subjugation of our people by an Israeli colonial regime. Our memory is marked by the fire of the bombing, the ruins, the blood and tears, but the day will come when Palestine will be liberated.  “Today, of the 9,000 inhabitants who [...]

UNITED STATES Open Forum Labor and Antiwar Activists Speak Out on Afghanistan War and Its Outcome


In October 2001, in the name of the so-called « war on terror, » the United States and an international coalition bombed Afghanistan, drove out the Taliban, and installed a puppet regime that survived only thanks to U.S./NATO occupation troops. At the height of the war, 120,000 U.S. troops were deployed in Afghanistan, with heavy reliance on mercenaries from Blackwater and other private contractor firms.  What was the result? The longest-ever foreign military intervention by the United States left more than 241,000 Afghan civilians dead, 2,442 U.S. troops dead (and 20,666 wounded), and more than 2 million internal and external Afghan refugees. The total cost of the war to the United States is estimated at $2.3 trillion. (source: Brown University, Watson Institute’s Cost of War Project)  Today, the very same Taliban who were driven from power in 2001 have been returned to power by the U.S. government following an agreement signed on February 29, 2020 in Qatar by the [...]

AFGHANISTAN A letter from our correspondents in Kabul Second round of domination of the Taliban in Afghanistan


Criminal Taliban returned to political power in Afghanistan with the support of the capitalist states.  During last few years, especially the agreement between the United States and the Taliban, which was nothing but engineering and shaping the « Islamic Emirate », itself showed the engagement of the world bourgeoisie from the project of democratization-imperialism in Afghanistan. With the rapid and unbelievable collapse of the ousted government led by Ashraf Ghani in just a few days, in which the United States and its allies undoubtedly played a major role, with the undisputed return of the Taliban to political power, the scenario of the establishment of the « Islamic Emirate » was realized in Afghanistan. In capitalist relations, the replacement of beads in proportion to its needs and interests and the replacement of one with the elimination of the other, which, despite differences in the form of a single theme, has not been and is not unprecedented.  At present, [...]

FRANCE Macron declares war on workers and the youth He must go, his 12 July plan and his government with him    — Statement by the Steering Committee of the POID 


The measures announced by Macron on 12 July constitute a genuine declaration of class war:  The counter-reform of the pension system, aiming at the destruction of the various specific systems and extending the average age of retirement by two years;  Application on 1 October of the counter-reform of unemployment insurance, depriving hundreds of thousands of unemployed of a large part of their benefits;  A ban on the exercise of their profession and loss of wages for all hospital and healthcare workers, whether or not they have been vaccinated by 15 September, regardless of their place of work;  A ban on access to most public areas, and on long-distance travel by plane and train for anyone who does not have a valid “health pass »…  These announcements have provoked anger and indignation among workers and the youth. Particularly revolting is the attack on health care workers: yesterday hailed as heroes, they are now designated as responsible for the [...]