In Belgium, on 26 February in Brussels,


a demonstration « for peace » was called by the General Federation of Workers of Belgium (FGTB), the Party of Labour of Belgium (PTB) and others. In the leaflet they distributed, the activists of the Unity-Eenheidcommittee Committee called attention to [the fact that]: « The traditions of the workers’ movement, of socialism, of democracy are the opposite of giving support to NATO’s policies. In the government, there are parties that claim to belong to the workers’ movement. These parties, PS and Vooruit (the Dutch-speaking socialist party – editor’s note), implement war policies, they increase defence budgets, which is contrary to socialist values and social needs (…). Socialist ministers must stop collaborating with NATO and they must quit this [...]

In Italy,


responding to the February 17 call of the International Workers’ Committee launched in Turin, workers and activists met (some by videoconference from Sicily, Aosta and Lombardy) and decided to participate, with their own slogans, in the « For Peace » rallies convened in Italy on February [...]

In Britain,


around 3,000 workers and youth demonstrated on 25 February in London at the call of the « Stop the War coalition », behind a banner proclaiming « Peace talks now, stop the war in Ukraine, no to Russian invasion, no to NATO, no to nuclear war ». Workers and youth, trade unionists and members of the Labour Party demonstrated, despite Labour Party leader Keir Starmer’s extremely violent campaign against all those who oppose his policies of sacred union with the Conservative government. A few hours before the marchers started demonstrating, the official « left » of the Labour Party, filing behind MP John McDonnell, condemned the « Stop the War » coalition and sharply swung towards sacred union with the government and with NATO. « We demand government (…) for the gifting to Ukraine of all the surplus UK military equipment due to be replaced, especially the 79 Challenger tanks, 170 Scimitar reconnaissance vehicles, all Warrior infantry fighting vehicles, [...]

In France,


the POID participated in rallies in many cities, developing its positions « Our own government, the war-mongering Macron government, is making workers foot the bill through his counter-reform of pensions, through his reform of unemployment benefits and through the freeze on wages and the strangling of public services, through this record-breaking €413 billion provisional defence budget law and all the provision of weapons demanded by NATO. « But as we gather together against this dirty war, and against all the imperialist wars in Africa and the Middle East and against the threat of war against China… a powerful movement of the working class for the withdrawal of the pension reform is gathering speed. « This is what we stand for: the best way to fight war, to fight our own warmongering government is to help the working class and youth inflict on this government the defeat it deserves. Which means, to force it to withdraw its reform by bringing the country to a standstill [...]

In the Spanish State,


« socialist » Prime Minister Sanchez has promised the delivery of six to ten Leopard tanks to Ukraine. Podemos, as well as Communist Party ministers, remain members of the government. Rallies were held in many cities, as for instance, on 23 February in Bilbao, called by the « No to War » coalition, which condemns « Russia’s aggression and NATO’s expansionist policy, as well as the militarism of all European governments. We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian working people and with women and men in Russia and Europe who reject war. We refuse to send weapons to Ukraine, because that only aggravates the conflict and drives Europe into [...]

24-25 February 2023
Throughout the world, we need to multiply our initiatives to say: No to war! No to any “Sacred Union” with war-mongering governments!


War is spreading; it is taking root. Every passing day sees the call made by workers, young people, activists of the labour and democratic movement from 47 countries at the World Conference Against War and Exploitation (29 and 30 October 2022, Paris) become more urgent.

"In 2022, wars are ravaging all continents, causing massacres, devastation, famine, and epidemics. Tens of millions of people are being driven out of their countries. We are witnessing a formidable retreat of human civilisation, threatened with pure and simple obliteration.

“The peoples and workers of the world are against war. They know that it means ever more oppression and exploitation.” 

On 24 February 2023 it will be one year since the war began to wreak havoc in Europe


Follow-up Committee of the International Workers’ Committee Amplifying the International Campaign against War


The Follow-Up Committee of the International Workers' Committee against War and Exploitation (IWC) met on 12 January. Participants included activists from Benin, Burkina Faso, China, Germany, France, Haiti, India, Mexico, Pakistan, the Philippines, Romania, Russia, South Africa/Azania and the United States.  In his introduction, Daniel Gluckstein made the following point: the World Conference against War and Exploitation (Paris29 and 30 October 2022) "called for the withdrawal of Russian troops, the withdrawal of US and NATO troops and an end to imperialist and neocolonial interventions. Workers have no interests in common with multinationals and war-mongering governments. But – especially in the major capitalist countries – they are facing the refusal of the leaders of the main workers' organisations and ‘left’ parties to oppose the war. What we called for was to build the unity of workers and peoples around the world, to impose peace”. He reiterated the success of the International Days against War on 9, 10 and 11 December 2022 and concluded "We have therefore implemented the decisions of the World Conference". [...]

FRANCE Millions on Strike, Millions in the Streets


On January 19, the people expressed themselves with one voice: Withdraw the Macron-Borne Plan Against Our Pensions! Millions were on strike, in the public and private sectors. They demonstrated by the millions in hundreds of cities across the country. The working people and the youth have mobilized. The debate is clear: This reform is illegitimate and must be withdrawn. Democracy demands that the majority be heard. What happens now? While the workers were demonstrating by the millions, Macron dared to issue a statement affirming that his reform is “fair” and that he will maintain it. We must make him back down. This January 19 is already a historic date because of the scope of the strikes and demonstrations – and also because of the unity expressed in all the demonstration contingents in support of one demand: Now, immediately, withdraw the plan! This evening, the leaders of the trade union confederations are calling for “actions on January 23” and “a new day of strikes and interprofessional demonstrations on January 31” to demand the withdrawal of the Macron-Borne pension plan. Over the next few days, factory-floor assemblies, delegate assemblies, and union general assemblies, will be held. There is no doubt that the workers will be determined to organize and strengthen their unity around this common objective: the withdrawal of the Macron-Borne plan. Macron is isolated. We cannot force him to back down while continuing to discuss with him.


International Days against War (December 9, 10 and 11)


On 9, 10 and 11 December, in more than twenty countries in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe, rallies, demonstrations, information pickets, public meetings and press conferences took place in response to the call by the World Conference Against War and Exploitation, for a Workers' International, held in the Paris region on 29 and 30 October.  At this conference, delegates from thirty-two countries had called for these dates to be international days of mobilisation against war and exploitation, under the slogans: "Immediate and unconditional ceasefire! Withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine, withdrawal of NATO troops from Europe! Foreign troops out of the countries they occupy! Not one penny, not one weapon for this unjust war! Billions for wages, schools, hospitals, not for war! No support for war warmongering governments!”  These are the slogans, translated into all languages, that resounded throughout the world, including in countries where activists, braving war and repression, were determined to take part in these rallies. [...]

FRANCE 22 October International rally against the war
Neither Putin nor Biden, nor Macron!


On Saturday 22 October in Paris, the Independent and Democratic Workers’ Party organised a large international rally against the war. Its newspaper, La Tribune des Travailleurs, reports.

It was not yet 2.30 pm, at the entrance to the Espace Charenton in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, when hundreds of workers, activists and young people were already hurrying to enter the hall. Many had come in groups, by train and by bus from the provinces or the Paris suburbs. In all, 1,800 people took their seats in the hall where the international rally against the war, convened a few months ago by the Independent and Democratic Workers' Party, was taking place. Many of them were young people, some of whom were attending their first such meeting.