International Days against War (December 9, 10 and 11)


On 9, 10 and 11 December, in more than twenty countries in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe, rallies, demonstrations, information pickets, public meetings and press conferences took place in response to the call by the World Conference Against War and Exploitation, for a Workers' International, held in the Paris region on 29 and 30 October.  At this conference, delegates from thirty-two countries had called for these dates to be international days of mobilisation against war and exploitation, under the slogans: "Immediate and unconditional ceasefire! Withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine, withdrawal of NATO troops from Europe! Foreign troops out of the countries they occupy! Not one penny, not one weapon for this unjust war! Billions for wages, schools, hospitals, not for war! No support for war warmongering governments!”  These are the slogans, translated into all languages, that resounded throughout the world, including in countries where activists, braving war and repression, were determined to take part in these rallies. [...]

FRANCE 22 October International rally against the war
Neither Putin nor Biden, nor Macron!


On Saturday 22 October in Paris, the Independent and Democratic Workers’ Party organised a large international rally against the war. Its newspaper, La Tribune des Travailleurs, reports.

It was not yet 2.30 pm, at the entrance to the Espace Charenton in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, when hundreds of workers, activists and young people were already hurrying to enter the hall. Many had come in groups, by train and by bus from the provinces or the Paris suburbs. In all, 1,800 people took their seats in the hall where the international rally against the war, convened a few months ago by the Independent and Democratic Workers' Party, was taking place. Many of them were young people, some of whom were attending their first such meeting. 


HUNGARY Historic Mobilisation of Teachers, Youth and Parents


Half a year after the local elections, a huge movement mobilising 30,000 to 40,000 teachers, together with students and parents, is underway. At the same time, a major strike of garbage collectors is taking place. 

Teachers have been demanding pay rises for years. Their salaries are far below the average salary of other professionals. Teachers are also demanding the right to strike (which has been severely restricted), improved working conditions and thus better-quality public education. 

Among hundreds of initiatives, one teacher's open letter to the parents of his pupils reads: "We are not fighting for ourselves, but for your children. If it was only a question of money, we would not have gone into teaching, we would have worked as cashiers in a supermarket. We are on strike because we see that your children are not getting a proper education. This system is not good for them.” 


Behind the War… the Gas War


Eight days before the invasion of Ukraine on February 16, 2022, La Tribune des Travailleurs published a contribution by American anti-war activist Jack Rasmus, entitled: "Ten reasons why the United States would want Russia to invade Ukraine." Among these reasons, Rasmus mentioned the gas war: "Russian gas is significantly cheaper than natural gas purchased from the United States. For years, the United States has been pressuring Germany to stop the Nord Stream 2 project and buy liquefied natural gas from the United States at higher prices. (...) U.S. oil companies want to sell their gas in order to eliminate the supply glut in the United States. This would bring not only profits by selling more to Germany, but also create supply shortages in the U.S., allowing U.S. companies to raise their prices in the U.S. domestic market." 

Seven months later, where are we?


SRI LANKA  Delegation to the IMF : « We were received, we are hereby reporting back as per our mandate »


On September 21, 2022, a meeting took place between IMF representatives in Washington and a delegation of unionists and activists from the United States and France. This meeting followed the response of the IMF office in Paris: "It is Washington that decides". 
The U.S. delegation included Baldemar Velasquez, President, Farm Labor Organizing Committee, Executive Board member, AFL-CIO (for id only); Donna Dewitt, Past President, South Carolina AFL-CIO (for id only); Gene Bruskin, Veteran labor organizer, National Writers Union; Alan Benjamin, OPEIU 29 delegate to San Francisco Labor Council, AFL-CIO (for id only); Editor, The Organizer Newspaper. 
The French delegation (which had gone to the IMF office in Paris five days earlier) was composed of André Yon, trade unionist, member of the POID national bureau; Jean-Pierre Barrois, retired teacher; Dominique Maillot, labor controller, trade unionist; Paul Uhalde, FJR student; Phillipe Bottet, postal worker trade unionist; Jean-Claude Guiguet, teacher trade unionist; and four Sri Lankan activists residing in Paris. 
The IMF was represented by Mr. Masahiro Nozaki, head of the IMF mission in Sri Lanka.  [...]

FRANCE In the run-up to the October 22nd rally against war!


In France the POID is preparing an international rally against war on 22 October. To organise for this rally throughout the country, its newspaper La Tribune des Travailleurs publishes weekly articles of analysis and information on the international level.
In the run-up to the October 22nd rally against war! By ordering the mobilization of 300,000 reservists to be sent to Ukraine, Putin has taken the war to a new level. The offensive of the Ukrainian army, over-armed by NATO, has driven the regime of corrupt oligarchs that rules Russia into this headlong rush. For, by decreeing mobilization, Putin is bringing the war into every Russian home, provoking anguish, but also rejection of it and the first sparks of revolt. [...]

RUSSIA « Down with the mobilization! » 


On September 21, Putin decreed the "partial mobilization" of 300,000 reservists, to be sent to Ukraine. Referring to nuclear weapons, he added, "We will use all means at our disposal." 

The offensive of the Ukrainian army, heavily armed by NATO, has provoked what the Biden administration was expecting: a new escalation towards a generalized conflict. The announcement of the mobilization and its immediate implementation caused an earthquake throughout Russia. As early as September 21, calls to rally were circulating. Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of young people, women and workers gathered to shout "No to war!" The OVD-info website counted at least 1,386 arrests. Report from our correspondents in Russia. 


IRAN Protests become more radical
Correspondence from an activist of the Marxist Organization (Iran)


Iran has once again descended into chaos and unrest. This outburst is not unusual in the situation of recent years, and once again the streets of major cities have turned into battlefields where those who are fed up with the theocratic regime, who want to fight against the tyranny of the mullahs who have taken over the country for the past four decades. The latest in a long line of violence against women.


PARIS OCTOBER 29-30  Meet the U.S. Delegation
Why We Are Going to the Paris Conferences


  • ▷ DESIREE ROJAS, President, Labor Council for Latin America Advancement, Sacramento Chapter, AFL-CIO
  • ▷ DIAMONTÈ BROWN, President, Baltimore Teachers Union, Maryland 
  • ▷ MYA SHONE, Member, National Organizing Committee of Socialist Organizer 
  • ▷ NNAMDI LUMUMBA, State Organizer, Ujima People’s Progress Party (UPP) State Organizer, Baltimore, MD
  • ▷ CONNIE WHITE, Member, Continuations Committee, Labor & Community for an Independent Party (LCIP), Long Beach, CA
  • ▷ LISA KNOX, Immigrant Justice Attorney and Activist, Oakland, CA
  • ▷ ALAN BENJAMIN, Editorial Board, The Organizer; Member, Coordinating Committee, International Workers Committee (IWC)
  • ▷ NATALIA BACCHUS, Executive Assistant to the President, Baltimore Teachers Union, MD
  • ▷ IVONNE HEINZE BALCAZAR, Member, California Faculty Association (CFA), CSU-Dominguez Hills, CA
  • ▷ NILOUFAR KHONSARI, Immigrant Justice Activist, Author, and Movement Lawyer
  • ▷ FERNANDO DAVID MARQUEZ, Student Organizer, UC Riverside; Member, UAW 2865, Riverside, CA. 

To the endorsers of the international appeal in support of the people of Sri Lanka


"(...) we are addressing this appeal to you: Can you in your respective countries organise delegations to the International Monetary Fund (and its represenations) to demand the immediate withdrawal of this plan, to demand the cancellation of the debt of Sri Lanka so that these sums, which are being used to pay the debt to international institutions, can be confiscated and reoriented to provide food, electricity, transport, health care, and medicines. This is so that the people can live.  (...)" [...]