HAITI « A Victory Over Trump’s Racist Policies »


“TPS: Victory Over Trump!” was the headline of the weekly Haïti Liberté on 17 April 2019. Indeed, it is not every day that Trump — the supreme head of U.S. imperialism — is forced to back down. Yet that is what just happened in the United States. On 11 April, a federal court judge ruled in favour of Family Action Network Movement (FANM) and Haïti Liberté, following a lawsuit by Haïti Liberté, FANM and nine Haitian citizens against the Trump administration.  The lawsuit targeted the Department of Homeland Security for putting an end to Temporary Protected Status, or TPS, which had been granted to 60,000 Haitian refugees by the U.S. administration in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake that destroyed the island. This status had temporarily allowed those workers and their families to live and work in the United States.  Trump announced in November 2017, in his anti-worker and anti-immigrant rage, that he was putting an end to TPS for the 60,000 Haitians who benefitted from this status; he had then announced measures of the same kind against immigrants from Central America. The newspapers Haïti Liberté (Haiti), The Organizer (United States) and La Tribune des Travailleurs (France) have reported regularly [...]

There is no place for falsification in the labour movement


In our two previous newsletters, we published the list of 480 labour movement activists of every background from 39 countries who declared they supported the letter of clarification published by Daniel Gluckstein, editor of La Tribune des Travailleurs, against the slanderous campaign targeting the POID launched by Benoît Lahouze who claims to be acting on behalf of a “European Correspondence Committee” * In his letter of clarification, Daniel Gluckstein explained that, “Every one’s views on politics are open to free discussion, which is a necessity in the working-class movement. But, slander, lies, conscious fostering of confusion have no place and should be rejected. The international labour movement can live and achieve its tasks only if it recognises the legitimacy of free discussion, workers’ democracy, and the right of all activists, currents and organisations within its framework to freely defend their point of view.” Messages of support from France and from all over the world have kept pouring in. * Initiated by Alexis Corbière, Unbowed France, Member of the French Parliament, trade unionist Patrick Hébert and Jérôme Legavre, editorial board member of Informations ouvrières newspaper. Here are the endorsements we received last week (all in a personal [...]

BOLIVIA Bolivia goes to the polls in October to elect its President


Evo Morales won the presidential elections of 2005, 2009 and 2014. Yet with the Trump administration’s interventionist agenda in Latin America, there is growing concern that Bolivia is now in its sights too.  President Morales has acted to recover Bolivia’s wealth, including its oil and gas industries, from foreign corporations, gaining over $30 billion in 10 years to invest in development, compared to the $2.5bn in the previous decade of neoliberal policies. Leading the way in Latin America, the economy grew by 4.4 percent in 2018, according to the UN.  Extreme poverty has been cut from nearly 40 to 17 percent, millions have benefitted from improved public health, nutrition, education provision, and a large public housing programme. No other government in Bolivia’s history has done more to restore the dignity to the majority indigenous population, including the recovery of land illegally appropriated by large landowners. And Bolivia is now a leading voice for international justice and action to tackle climate change.  Yet in Morales’ time in office, the US has been accused of seeking to destabilise the country through organisations such as USAID and National Endowment for Democracy.  We are therefore concerned that the US may engage in further efforts [...]

ALGERIA Algerian Workers Speak Out: “The UGTA Belongs to the Workers, Not the Careerists!”


An exclusive report published in Minbar El Oummel (Workers Tribune) n° 11, April 22, on the 17 April gathering in front of the UGTA trade union headquarters Thousands of workers answered positively to the national call for mobilisation launched by the “free” trade unionists, “to liberate the UGTA”, “to clean up the union” and “to permit the rank and file to take back the union by throwing out the illegitimate and corrupt leadership, embodied by its General Secretary”. There were thousands assembled in front of the doors to the trade union headquarters, which was being protected by three rows of anti-riot police.  Workers and trade unionists had traveled from Bejaïa, Tizi-Ouzou, Tlemcen, Constantine, Oran, Ain Temouchent, Biskra and Saïda. From 9: 30 in the morning, the slogans of the popular movement were chanted by the workers, particularly “Out with all of them”, as well as slogans borrowed from Morocco and Tunisia.  The banners sported the names of public and private companies where the workers were employed, of “liberated” trade union sections. The UGTA Kherrata section was notably present; Kherrata was the site of the first huge demonstration signaling the people’s rejection of [former Algerian President] Abelaziz Bouteflika’s fifth term. The [...]

FRANCE Internationalist Rally in Strasbourg, May 11 2019 Down with the antidemocratic institutions of the European Union! A call from the National Steering Committee of the POID (Independent and Democratic Workers Party)


To Working people, young people and activists of all political horizons in the labour movement  We are calling on you to gather in Strasbourg next May 11, at a grand internationalist rally (1). The so-called European Parliament meets in Strasbourg, a parliament that is in reality but a decoration to disguise the anti- democratic, anti-labour, anti-social measures of the European Union institutions.  On the 11th of May in Strasbourg we will say “This Europe is not our Europe!” – It is the Europe that privatises, the Europe that deregulates, the Europe that orders austerity plans on all the peoples of the continent.  Yes, that is a fact that the workers and the young people in France confirm daily: all of the government’s counter- reforms: Blanquer (education); Buzyn (hospitals); retirement pensions; SNCF (French railways) and all the cuts in the public budgets that lead to privatisations and the destruction of public services, all of this results from the European treaties, from the famous “free and undistorted competition”, from the equilibrium imposed by the euro, the Maastricht Criteria and all the measures that are dismantling the labour gains in each of our countries.  The sole function of the so-called European Parliament is [...]

MOROCCO Long live the Algerian revolution! Up with the fight for the Maghreb federation of sovereign and free nations, free from oppression and exploitation! A declaration of the editorial board of the Tribune des Travailleurs (Workers Tribune – Morocco)


The people and workers of Morocco have followed your revolutionary mobilisation with particular attention and enthusiasm. You have mobilised to build a democratic Algeria and a Constituent Assembly that will institute the sovereignty of our brother people of Algeria.  The fates of our sister peoples have been bound together for centuries upon centuries for historical and geographical reasons.  Yesterday, fighting colonialism was the force binding our two sister peoples together; the peoples of Algeria and of Morocco and also the people of Tunisia in their heroic combat to wrench national independence and the sovereignty of the Greater Maghreb, especially under the auspices of the North African Star, the organisation that regrouped migrant workers from the three countries to lead a courageous fight for national independence.  True, and in different ways, our Maghreb countries have failed to reach genuine independence. The independence did not result in genuine, sovereign national institutions, such as a Constituent Assembly that would have clearly broken with imperialist major powers. The plundering of our nations (oil resources, mineral wealth, agricultural and maritime resources among others) has been a ruling feature of the relationships linking our three countries with foreign capitalist powers; so the dictates of those powers [...]

ALGERIA Declaration of the Organising Committee of the Internationalist Socialists (COSI) After Bouteflika’s Resignation: « Down with the Regime! Let the People Speak! Sovereign Constituent Assembly! Let’s Get Organized! »


Abdelaziz Bouteflika is no longer president of the Republic as of Tuesday, April 2, 2019. This is the first victory of the entire people since they erupted onto the streets of the country’s cities and municipalities on February 22 to oppose « a fifth term » of the incumbent president.  It’s a first victory only because all the demands of the masses expressed over the past six weeks have not been met with the final exit of the outgoing president: The people have demanded, and continue to demand, « Down with the System Let the People Speak! »  But it is still victory for the people that was wrested with the mass marches, demonstrations, rallies, strikes, and the struggle for the independence of trade union organizations, especially the historic trade union confederation of workers: the UGTA. The people, especially the workers, have shown « that everything is possible! » This initial victory will undoubtedly strengthen the people’s resolve to continue their mobilizations in support of their own aspirations, including their right to decide for themselves.  Abdelaziz Bouteflika left the presidency of the Republic, forced out by this mass movement — but he did so while opening the way to an « exit » from the crisis that preserves [...]