COVID 19: International Workers’ Survey

On October 2nd 2020, the International Workers Committee against War and Exploitation, for the Workers International proposed to conduct an international working class fact finding survey concerning the consequences, for working people, of the COVID 19 pandemic in relation to the policies of the governments and the positions taken by the labour movement in each country.
An 8-point questionnaire was drawn up and published on ==> this page <==.
This survey will contribute to the preparation of the 2nd International Conference against War and Exploitation, for the Workers International, which will be held in 2021.We are publishing here the first results of this survey.

AUSTRALIA Australia Asia Worker Links « Hundreds of thousands of jobs were lost »


1) What have the consequences of the health crisis for the population been – especially for the working class? What has the COVID impact been on employment, how many jobs have been lost?

Australia, being an island, was able to shut its borders totally before the virus was able to take hold internally.

As of late October, there were almost 28,000 Covid-19 infections recorded in Australia, with just over 900 deaths.

The state of Victoria has been the worst affected with just over 20,000 infections and around 820 deaths.

Most of the deaths have been of people over 60 years of age.

The major outbreaks have affected the aged care sector, plagued by cost cutting and insecure work, and those working in the hospitality sector and health care.

The former due to the insecure nature of their employment, the latter due to their constant exposure of the virus from patients.


CANADA: “Unanimous vote in Parliament: 107 billion dollars for the banks and bosses”


What are the effects of the pandemic?
The death-toll of the Covid-19 has reached 9,636. By mid-June, health workers infected by the virus represented 25% of the cases that had been declared since the beginning of the pandemic.
Hospital workers complain of the lack of personal protective equipment, especially face-masks and other such protective equipment. In Canada, a federal State, the health sector depends on provincial governments, whose only action is to impose such measures as wearing masks and respecting social distancing.
No provincial government has instituted a systematic screening programme, has devised ways to accommodate contaminated people, to massively recruit doctors and medical staff [...]

PAKISTAN: All-Pakistan Trade Union Federation (APTUF) – Capitalists and pro capitalist government harshly attacking on Working class


The ruling party PTI was took in a power with close allies Pakistan Army and some extremists groups too. With the help of Pakistan Army they will able to win election, got bogus votes put all opposition in Jail whether they belong’s to PML-N or PPP. NAB actively started work, arrested politicians and PUT it in NAB custody, trial started not end till politician didn’t accept that no prove and reason to put in the custody of NAB.
Pakistan is on the cusp of a political storm after most major opposition parties demanded the country’s powerful generals surrender their stranglehold over politics and withdraw support for Prime Minister Imran Khan’s administration, which the opposition has vowed to oust through street agitation.
The newly form Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) announced it would kick off a nationwide protest campaign on October 11, now they postponed the date on October 18th. The announcement came a day after the showdown between the government and the opposition reached a fever pitch following the arrest of opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif in a money-laundering case that he says is politically motivated.
Asif Ali Zardari, a former president and leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), was indicted in a separate money-laundering case the same day. The Awami National Party in KPK is still silent, because during eletion and before election the genuine voice of the party person were killed in terrorist attack.
Asif Ali The ruling elite along with huge support from Army chief is fulfilling imperialist and capitalist agenda, they are not bother about the suffering of the common people. Inflation is growing day by day, sucides and crime rates are increasing. People and the working class are unable to buy basic house hold commodities. [...]