To the participants of the 3 April International Emergency Meeting Against War, to the correspondents of the International Workers’ Committee 
Our appeal will be handed out at May Day demonstrations all over the world


Dear comrades, 

The participants in the International Emergency Meeting Against War from 48 countries have decided that on May 1st, the International Day of Workers’ Struggle, the same call will be spread throughout the world to proclaim with one voice the opposition of workers and youth to war. 

Hundreds of signatures have been added to the first 256 endorsers of the conference. With the support from Australia, Mauritius, Serbia and Zimbabwe, our appeal is now being circulated in 51 countries. 

The appeal has been translated into English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Hungarian, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Bahasa Indonesia. 

It is currently being translated into Russian, Hindi, Bangla, Urdu, Sinhala, Dari, Lingala, Tagalog/Pilipino and Swahili. 

Its dissemination on May 1st will of course take into account the national conditions of the class struggle. 

We have already been informed of the following initiatives for May Day: 

• Afghanistan: given the political conditions, the appeal will be translated into Dari (Farsi) and distributed to supporters. 

• South Africa/Azania: dissemination of the appeal in the SAFTU demonstration in Johannesburg on 1 May. 

• Germany: the appeal will be disseminated in 6 towns.

• Belarus: due to political conditions, the appeal in Russian will be circulated to supporters. 

• Bangladesh: the appeal will be disseminated in 15 towns. 

• Brazil: dissemination of the appeal on 1 May in Curitiba and Porto-Alegre. 

• Burundi: appeal to be circulated during May Day demonstrations. 

• Canada: no demonstrations on May Day, therefore there will be the collecting of signatures. 

• China: due to political conditions, the translated appeal will be distributed to supporters via social networks. 

• France: the appeal will be circulated in over 60 cities.

• In Britain it will be handed out in the demonstrations in London, Manchester and Liverpool

• United States: picketing of union demonstrations in San Francisco, San Jose and Sacramento (where a comrade will speak).

• Hungary: use of the appeal on May 1st in a neighbourhood party in Ozd. 

• Italy: Tribuna Libera will disseminate the appeal and collect signatures at its stand on May 1st in Turin. 

• Morocco: a speech with the appeal in Arabic in the May Day trade union demonstrations.

• Mexico: dissemination and signing of the appeal in the May Day demonstrations in the states of Chiapas, Ciudad de México, Sonora and Baja California. 

• Portugal: appeal to be circulated and signed in the demonstrations on 25 April (anniversary of the 1974 Revolution) and May Day. 

• Democratic Republic of Congo: Due to political conditions, the appeal will be translated into Lingala and Swahili and distributed to supporters. 

• Russia: Due to political conditions, the appeal in Russian will be circulated to supporters. 

• Rwanda: Due to political conditions, signatures will be collected from supporters. 

• Turkey: the appeal has been translated and published in the party press (IKEP) and sent to about 1,000 trade union branches, and will be circulated on May Day. 

This list is certainly incomplete. We invite you to complete it. We will report on all initiatives. 

Through this common and collective struggle, we are sure to contribute to re-establishing the traditions of the Workers’ International of struggle against war and sacred union/ national unity. 

Daniel Gluckstein, Nambiath Vasudevan