The solution must come from the Haitian people, not the US

By Berthony Dupont, editor of Haiti Liberté (29 March)

US imperialism has never disarmed or despaired in its attempts to impose, if not renew, its neo-colonial domination over Haiti. The entire history of our relations has been marked by harrowing situations, created to counter our independence and emancipation. From coups d’état to bloody coups de force, through twisted and violent moves to liquidate the Haitian people’s right to self-determination and to repress their national liberation struggle, American imperialism has done and tried everything. It is a fact that Western imperialist domination, which succeeded colonisation and slavery, has only accelerated and aggravated our misfortunes. Dominant capitalism has shaped the Haitian economy according to its own hegemonic aspirations and needs. The Haitian political class, the authentic heir to this mentality, is only a renewable instrument at the service of the guardian powers. Let us recall that when the United States invaded Haiti in 1915, to the applause of the bourgeoisie, poverty and misery were falling on the masses in the cities and the countryside, who were already living in inhuman conditions. From their criminal laboratory, they brought out this new formula: the Global Fragility Act or « The United States Strategy for Conflict Prevention and the Promotion of Stability of the Ten-Year Strategic Plan for Haiti ». It is another more sophisticated means of imperialist interference in the struggles of the Haitian people, in the service of US multinationals.

We need to organise ourselves in order to fight this new and even more Machiavellian war plan of US imperialism, if we want to perpetuate and defend our independence.

It is urgent to fight this project of lies, which is nothing more than a new classic form of military occupation. Only the Haitian people can build or rebuild their nation, not the imperialist barbarians and their institutions at the exclusive service of capitalist exploitation. It is the capitalist system that must go, with all its institutions and all its corollaries of neo-colonial domination.

The courage today is to break once and for all with the submission to the demands of the capitalist class. It is in the service of this cause, that of fighting destructive imperialism, that we of Haiti Liberté are revolutionarily committed.