March 8 in Afghanistan

On International Women’s Rights Day, protests against Taliban policies multiplied. Publicly or secretly, women demanded the release of detained protesters and the reopening of schools, universities and workplaces from which they had been driven out by the Taliban regime (reinstated in August 2021 by the US administration).

The Spontaneous Movement of Afghan Women organised clandestine meetings. Those who participated denounced the hypocrisy of the « international community » which has deserted Afghan women.

Women and girls in Malestan district (Ghazni province) held a public book reading in protest against the closure of all schools. More than 650 people attended, 90 % of whom were women and girls.

In Kabul, women took to the streets against the Taliban’s male chauvinistic policies, chanting « Bread, work, freedom » and « Women, education, freedom. » They condemned the weekly $40 million aid granted to the Taliban regime by the « international community« .

In Balkh province, male students in languages and literature boycotted classes to protest the exclusion of their female classmates. They delivered an open letter to the president of the university.

In Kabul, dozens of female students gathered on March 6, the day of the start of the academic year, in front of the university closed doors. They called on students and professors to join their protest and boycott the university. The Taliban scattered the girls, beating them and threatening them with weapons.

By our correspondents

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