FRANCE To block Macron’s coup: general strike! A POID (Democratic and Independent Workers’ Party) leaflet

On this March 16, Macron resorted to a coup and forced through his project of destructive pension reform. On March 16, the Fifth Republic displayed every facet of its anti-democratic make-up.

Thus, a law that no one passed could be imposed and could destroy the pension rights of millions of workers.

Thus, in defiance of the position of the people – in utter majority – the institutions of the Fifth Republic would make it possible to impose this destruction of workers’ rights.

Thus, the Fifth Republic makes it possible to unleash repression against strikers and demonstrators who are just standing up for their rights.

Some in the « leftist » parties criticize this vote for failing to conform with the Constitution. On the contrary, it is in conformity with this antiworking class and anti-democratic Constitution that authorises all blows against workers and youth.

On Thursday evening, thousands of workers and youth gathered on the Place de la Concorde in Paris. The militants of the Democratic Independent Workers’ Party were among them, just as they were present in the rallies and demonstrations in the cities and towns across the country. They chanted: “Down with Macron and 49.3! (1)” and “General strike!”, making the POID’s position known.

In the workplaces, in assemblies, in union meetings, at every level, workers have been discussing the situation. On Friday, decisions were taken to extend the strike. Actions and demonstrations were organised. The entity regrouping all the union federations has called yet again for another day of strikes and demonstrations on March 23rd. Through discussion, workers will establish how the huge force of millions and millions can be fused and harnessed to counter the government’s coup.

Nothing is settled. Game not over.

Everything focusses on the call for a general strike.

Everything focusses on the responsibility of the trade union federations leaders to call now for a general strike to force Macron and his minority government back.

Paris, March 16th

(1) A constitutional disposition that makes it possible for the Prime Minister to have a law passed without any parliamentary vote. A motion of no confidence is then introduced which has then to be supported by a majority of MP’s.