No « sacred union » with governments in the service of NATO!

February 24, 2023 has marked the anniversary of the onset of the one-year long war in Ukraine. On this occasion, the International Workers’ Committee against War and Exploitation, for a Workers’ International, has once again sent out a call to raise the banner of workers’ international unity against warmongering governments.

The call has been heard at the very hearts of the major imperialist powers.

In the United States, workers and youth, activists, as well as guests from Mexico and Canada, gathered on February 25 on the campus of UC Davis (California) to lay the foundation of an anti-war movement, responding to the call by the Sacramento branch of Labor Committee for Latin-American Advancement/AFLCIO, by the coalition Labor and Community for an Independent Party (LCIP) and by the Trotskyist organisation Socialist Organizer. On behalf of the latter, Alan Benjamin denounced: « This is not a war for democracy and the self-determination of peoples, especially the Ukrainian people, but a war to control markets ». Hence the need, he insisted, to fight « against the support by all those – including the AFL-CIO leadership – who back Biden’s war. » Several speakers linked the Biden administration’s war « abroad » and the domestic war he leads « within »: a ban on the right to strike for 120,000 railway workers in December, attacks on trade unions, among others. That is why many speakers insisted on the importance for the unions to break with the Democratic Party. Nnamdi Lumumba, on behalf of the Ujima Progress People’s Party, recalled what was said by Martin Luther King Jr.: « Peace is not the absence of war, but the existence of justice for everyone. »