Sauvons les treize ouvriers syndicalistes indiens de Maruti-Suzuki et tous leurs camarades ! Des milliers de protestations dans le monde


Il n’y pas une minute à perdre. Amplifions la protestation et l’unité pour sauver les treize ! SAUVONS LA VIE DES 13 DE MARUTI ! LIBERTÉ POUR TOUS LES TRAVAILLEURS EMPRISONNÉS ! ABANDON DE TOUTES LES CHARGES ! Solidarity campaign with Maruti workers We have been informed: That the District Court will deliver its decision on sentences tomorrow march 18th at 4 pm Indian time. The prosecution and the Maruti Suzuki management demand the death penalty for the 13 workers convicted of murder. Eleven them are the office bearers of the Trade-union. Today about 100 thousand workers mostly in auto industry near Maruti factory boycotted factory lunch in protest. There is not a minute to lose. Let’s amplified the protest and unity to save the thirteen! On behalf of the International Workers’ Committee (IWC), Daniel Gluckstein Nambiath Vasudevan (See below the list of support [...]