VENEZUELA — A statement of US activists : Stop Trump’s « Humanitarian » Intervention! U.S. Hands Off Venezuela! Respect the Sovereignty and Right to Self-Determination of the Venezuelan People


The Trump administration, with the complicity of governments and political leaders of all stripes, is stepping up its intervention in Venezuela, trampling upon this nation’s sovereignty and self-determination in the guise of so-called « humanitarian aid. » Who can accept such hypocrisy! The U.S. government — under George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and now Donald Trump — promoted a failed coup attempt against Hugo Chávez (2002), imposed sanctions that deny Venezuela access to hard currency with which to purchase basic foods and medicines, prevented medicines from reaching Venezuela[1], demanded strict foreign debt repayment (under threat of even stiffer sanctions), and funded economic destabilization and sabotage of the economy by the private sector … all with the aim of starving a proud nation into submission to impose « regime change. » UN Rapporteur Alfred de Zayas, in a March 3, 2018 report to the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights, exposed this hypocrisy. [...]

CATALONIA Release all the political prisoners immediately !


For the last four months, repression has been unleashed in Catalonia. Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sanchez, officials of democratic associations, were thrown in jail more than three months ago; Oriol Junqueras, who was nevertheless elected as a member of the autonomous Parliament on 21 December, is still being detained. The deposed President and three other ministerial advisers of his government are still in exile in Brussels, under threat of being thrown in jail if they set foot on Spanish soil; hundreds of mayors, teachers, other workers and activists have been summoned to court and charged with rebellion and sedition, in other words charged with organising a violent uprising against the Spanish State. Catalan autonomy has been suspended under Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution, and it is Rajoy who is governing, from Madrid with his ministers. What is their “crime”? The Spanish monarchy and its government are punishing them for organising the vote through which the Catalan [...]

Hands off Venezuela! No to foreign interference!


The International Workers Committee has made the call for peace from Brazilian organizations known throughout the world. In Paris, France, on Wednesday 9 August, a picket was organized in front of the Venezuelan Embassy, at the initiative of the POID (the Independent and Democratic Workers Party). In the United States, a campaign of signatures of support has been undertaken. Messages have poured in, from the USPT (the Progressive Trade Union of Workers) of Niger, from Ecuador, from Mexico (with a special supplement of the news bulletin Transicion) and, as you will read on this page, from the LRA (the Radical Left) of Afghanistan. Afghanistan : A Message to the Brazilian Committee For Peace In Venezuela Dear friends, Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA) strongly support your call and campaign for defense of peace and people rights for determining their fate in Venezuela. We strongly condemn the shamelessly intervention and plotting of US and other mercenaries regimes in Venezuela. Thanks [...]

Manifesto for peace in Venezuela


Dear friends,  In Venezuela, elections to a constituent assembly has taken place, marked by a significant mobilisation of workers and peasants.  It is not the right of Trump or of any other imperialist leaders or institutions to interfere with the right of the Venezuelan people to sovereignly settle their own matters. Therefore, we support and circulate the Manifesto for Peace in Venezuela endorsed by the main working class and popular organisations of Brazil, which states that « Well-meaning men and women throughout the world should celebrate this historical gesture of self-determination of Venezuela, repudiating the interventionist threats and joining a great chain of solidarity. » We suggest to all organisations and activists that are linked to the IWC to express — under the form they find the most suitable — their solidarity with the venezuelan people, and their opposition to any imperialist interference. Nambiath Vasudevan Daniel Gluckstein Manifesto for peace in [...]

GUADELOUPE Appeal launched by the UGTG


Pointe-à-Pître, 20 March 2017 To: All Working Class and Democratic Organisations Dear Comrades, Last October, Eli Domota, General Secretary of the UGTG, was summoned to the Pointe-à-Pître (Guadeloupe) gendarmerie (National Police headquarters) where he was notified that charges of “participating in a group assault” had been filed against him by a managing officer of BMW, a firm owned by the president of the Guadeloupe MEDEF (Employers’ Association). The trial is to take place on May 31 2017 in Pointe-à-Pître. Once again, our union is being attacked in order to try to silence us. Despite the fierce repression orchestrated in reprisal of the valiant 2009 44-day general strike, they have failed to cower us. Once again, this move shows a clear determination to criminalise trade union action and demonize the UGTG. These attacks have been launched right at the same time when the UGTG: • Has denounced the firing by BMW of practically all the members of our union [...]

Maruti-Suzuki : NTUI’s Statement (New Trade Union Initiative)


13 Maruti-Suzuki Workers Convicted of Murder for Forming a Trade Union The New Trade Union Initiative condemns the judgment of the Additional District and Sessions Court, Gurgaon, in the 18 July 2012 incident at Maruti-Suzuki Limited’s Manesar plant, in which a manager unfortunately lost his life, convicting 13 workers with murder. 18 other have been variously convicted for trespass, unlawful assembly, mischief and rioting and possession of deadly weapons. 117 workers who were kept under arrest for at least 31 months and more have been acquitted of all charges. The sentences of the 31 convicted workers will be announced by the court on 17 March. The ruling of the District court after a four-and-a-half year trial is based on flimsy and weak evidence. In the course of the hearings the prosecution failed to establish even circumstantial evidence to show that any of those convicted in any way caused the violence that took place, leave alone the death. The ruling also goes against the [...]