PAKISTAN Repression on workers is increasing in Imran Khan government


Supporters of Trade Union Federation (APTUF) shout slogans in favor of their demands during protest demonstration in Lahore on Thursday, November 24, 2011. Every day repression on workers are increasing specially APTUF Affiliated unions. Workers at Escort Meter Works Pakistan affiliated with APTUF held a protest in front of the owners house. The illegal lockout factory since one year, 300 workers lost their jobs. After 4 hours agitation management call a meeting with office bearers and General secretary of APTUF Rubins Jamil. This meeting was held in the presence of labour department. TV channels were also there to highlight a suppression by the management and capitalists on workers. After a long discussion it was decided that on Friday we meet management and the owner of the factory. These 300 workers got last salary on june 2018. Workers are facing great hunger and their children are not going to school. APTUF TOOK THIS ISSUE AS CAMPAIGN TO STOP AGGRESSION ON WORKERS AFFILIATED WITH [...]

Successful internationalist rally held in Strasbourg (France) STRASBOURG APPEAL May 11, 2019


We, 600 workers, labour activists and youth from Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland and Turkey, meeting in Strasbourg on 11 May 2019 within sight of the European “Parliament” (1) , hereby declare:  This Europe is not our Europe!  As we said at the European Workers Conference (Paris, 12-13 May 2018), this Europe is the Europe of big capital and war. it is the Europe of privatisation, of insecure work, of the witch-hunting of immigrants and of repression! It is a tool for serving the interests of the powerful, of the big multinationals, of the US administration and its military arm, NATO!  Throughout the continent, from north to south and from east to west, all the workers have experienced the same thing: whatever the political colour of the governments – whether they call themselves “left-wing”, right-wing, far-right, “populist” or “grand coalition” – they have been implementing the [...]

May Day 2019: One and Only One Working Class!


Since the 1889 Congress of the Workers International, the 1st of May has been the international day of the workers’ struggle, in honour of the Chicago martyrs, that is, the U.S. workers who had been executed for having fought for an eight-hour workday. One hundred and thirty years later, throughout the world, workers still mobilise on this day against that same capitalist system of warmongering and exploitation. They mobilise for their demands, with their organisations and under one and the same red flag. We would like to warmly thank the International Workers Committee correspondents in twenty-five countries who have contributed to this report. To read the full international report click [...]

BRAZIL “Lula Is a Political Prisoner”


The Newsletter of the Paris Comité Lula Livre (Free Lula Committee)* has published an interview with André Machado, president of the PT (Workers Party) committee in the city of Curitiba, State of Paraná, where Lula has been imprisoned for over a year now.  What happened in Curitiba on 7 April , one year after Lula was sent to jail?  On the 7th of April, 10,000 demonstrators from different regions of Brazil took part in a political rally at the site of the permanent “Vigilia Lula Livre” camp, in front of the federal police headquarters where Lula is imprisoned. The leaders of the PT, of the PSOL (Socialism and Liberty Party), of the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB) and of the PCO (the Party of the Workers Cause) — in other words, the parties claiming to be of the working class — were there. Leaders of popular and trade union organisations also participated. It was a show of unity and solidarity. Similar gatherings took place in many cities throughout the [...]

HAITI « A Victory Over Trump’s Racist Policies »


“TPS: Victory Over Trump!” was the headline of the weekly Haïti Liberté on 17 April 2019. Indeed, it is not every day that Trump — the supreme head of U.S. imperialism — is forced to back down. Yet that is what just happened in the United States. On 11 April, a federal court judge ruled in favour of Family Action Network Movement (FANM) and Haïti Liberté, following a lawsuit by Haïti Liberté, FANM and nine Haitian citizens against the Trump administration.  The lawsuit targeted the Department of Homeland Security for putting an end to Temporary Protected Status, or TPS, which had been granted to 60,000 Haitian refugees by the U.S. administration in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake that destroyed the island. This status had temporarily allowed those workers and their families to live and work in the United States.  Trump announced in November 2017, in his anti-worker and anti-immigrant rage, that he was putting an end to TPS for the 60,000 Haitians who [...]

There is no place for falsification in the labour movement


In our two previous newsletters, we published the list of 480 labour movement activists of every background from 39 countries who declared they supported the letter of clarification published by Daniel Gluckstein, editor of La Tribune des Travailleurs, against the slanderous campaign targeting the POID launched by Benoît Lahouze who claims to be acting on behalf of a “European Correspondence Committee” * In his letter of clarification, Daniel Gluckstein explained that, “Every one’s views on politics are open to free discussion, which is a necessity in the working-class movement. But, slander, lies, conscious fostering of confusion have no place and should be rejected. The international labour movement can live and achieve its tasks only if it recognises the legitimacy of free discussion, workers’ democracy, and the right of all activists, currents and organisations within its framework to freely defend their point of view.” Messages of support from France and from all [...]

BOLIVIA Bolivia goes to the polls in October to elect its President


Evo Morales won the presidential elections of 2005, 2009 and 2014. Yet with the Trump administration’s interventionist agenda in Latin America, there is growing concern that Bolivia is now in its sights too.  President Morales has acted to recover Bolivia’s wealth, including its oil and gas industries, from foreign corporations, gaining over $30 billion in 10 years to invest in development, compared to the $2.5bn in the previous decade of neoliberal policies. Leading the way in Latin America, the economy grew by 4.4 percent in 2018, according to the UN.  Extreme poverty has been cut from nearly 40 to 17 percent, millions have benefitted from improved public health, nutrition, education provision, and a large public housing programme. No other government in Bolivia’s history has done more to restore the dignity to the majority indigenous population, including the recovery of land illegally appropriated by large landowners. And Bolivia is now a leading voice for [...]

ALGERIA Algerian Workers Speak Out: “The UGTA Belongs to the Workers, Not the Careerists!”


An exclusive report published in Minbar El Oummel (Workers Tribune) n° 11, April 22, on the 17 April gathering in front of the UGTA trade union headquarters Thousands of workers answered positively to the national call for mobilisation launched by the “free” trade unionists, “to liberate the UGTA”, “to clean up the union” and “to permit the rank and file to take back the union by throwing out the illegitimate and corrupt leadership, embodied by its General Secretary”. There were thousands assembled in front of the doors to the trade union headquarters, which was being protected by three rows of anti-riot police.  Workers and trade unionists had traveled from Bejaïa, Tizi-Ouzou, Tlemcen, Constantine, Oran, Ain Temouchent, Biskra and Saïda. From 9: 30 in the morning, the slogans of the popular movement were chanted by the workers, particularly “Out with all of them”, as well as slogans borrowed from Morocco and Tunisia.  The banners sported the names of [...]