Manifesto for peace in Venezuela

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Dear friends, 

In Venezuela, elections to a constituent assembly has taken place, marked by a significant mobilisation of workers and peasants. 

It is not the right of Trump or of any other imperialist leaders or institutions to interfere with the right of the Venezuelan people to sovereignly settle their own matters.

Therefore, we support and circulate the Manifesto for Peace in Venezuela endorsed by the main working class and popular organisations of Brazil, which states that « Well-meaning men and women throughout the world should celebrate this historical gesture of self-determination of Venezuela, repudiating the interventionist threats and joining a great chain of solidarity. »

We suggest to all organisations and activists that are linked to the IWC to express — under the form they find the most suitable — their solidarity with the venezuelan people, and their opposition to any imperialist interference.

Nambiath Vasudevan
Daniel Gluckstein

Manifesto for peace in Venezuela


The Venezuelan people, free and sovereign, took back the original powers into their hands, electing massively representatives to the National Constituent Assembly.

More than 8 million came to the polls, despite the boycott and the sabotage of undemocratic groups, in a process witnessed by international legal and political personalities who attested to fairness and transparency.

All cities, social classes and sectors are present, with their delegates, in the highest institution of Venezuelan democracy.

The Constituent Assembly is the way to peace and normalcy, to return to the path of development and prosperity, to overcome the institutional crisis and build a program that will reunite our neighboring homeland.

Peacefully and democratically, millions of citizens said no to terrorist gangs, petty elites, coup plotters, and the interference of other governments.

Well-meaning men and women throughout the world should celebrate this historical gesture of self-determination of Venezuela, repudiating the interventionist threats and joining a great chain of solidarity.

Also in Brazil voices will be heard rejecting the violence and sabotage against the legitimate government of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

What moral ground does the usurper Michel Temer have to speak about democracy, when he has violated our country’s own Constitution, by adopting positions that offend Venezuelan independence?

Brazil cannot be part of the infamy of allying itself with governments that conspire against a free nation and associate with factions dedicated to taking power by assault, summoning chaos and coercion.

We call upon all Brazilians to defend democracy and self-determination for our Venezuelan brothers, in support of their right to live in peace and to chart their own destiny.

We repudiate the maneuvers of blockade and aggression that are being plotted in the shadows of the Organization of American States (OAS), under the baton of the White House and with the complicity of the coup government of our country.

We denounce the repulsive behavior of the media that manipulate information and trample upon the truth to serve a plan of destabilization and isolation.

We declare our solidarity with the brave people of Bolivar. His struggle for peace is ours too. BRAZILIAN COMMITTEE FOR PEACE IN VENEZUELA São Paulo, August 1, 2017.


We will receive individual memberships and organizations only by email (paznavenezuelabr@gmail.com) until August 08, 2017.


1. Brazilian articulation of ALBA social movements
2. Popular Brigades
3. Brazil Campaign for Fairness for All and for Lula
4. Central of Popular Movements – CMP
5. Brazilian Workers’ Center – CTB
6. United Workers Central – CUT
7. Brazilian Center for Solidarity with Peoples and Fight for Peace – Cebrapaz 8. Barão de Itararé Alternative Media Studies Center
9. Ruy Mauro Marini Research and Study Center
10. Popular Power Collective
11. World Peace Council – CMP
12. Popular Consultation
13. National Coordination of Black Entities – CONEN
14. Democracy in the Air
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18. Intersindical – Working Class Center
19. Popular Lift of Youth
20. World March of Women – WMW
21. Movement of the Affected by Dams – MAB
22. Small Farmers Movement – MPA
23. Movement of Landless Rural Workers – MST
24. Movement for Popular Sovereignty in Mining – MAM
25. Communist Party of Brazil – PCdoB
26. Workers’ Party – PT
27. Network of Physicians and Popular Doctors
28. Union of Architects
29. Santos Banking Union
30. Brazilian Union of Women – UBM
31. Brazilian Union of Secondary Students – UBES
32. Union of Socialist Youth – UJS
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