Hands off Venezuela! No to foreign interference!

The International Workers Committee has made the call for peace from Brazilian organizations known throughout the world.

Manif France Venezuela

In Paris, France, on Wednesday 9 August, a picket was organized in front of the Venezuelan Embassy, at the initiative of the POID (the Independent and Democratic Workers Party). In the United States, a campaign of signatures of support has been undertaken. Messages have poured in, from the USPT (the Progressive Trade Union of Workers) of Niger, from Ecuador, from Mexico (with a special supplement of the news bulletin Transicion) and, as you will read on this page, from the LRA (the Radical Left) of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan : A Message to the Brazilian Committee For Peace In Venezuela

Dear friends,

Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA) strongly support your call and campaign for defense of peace and people rights for determining their fate in Venezuela. We strongly condemn the shamelessly intervention and plotting of US and other mercenaries regimes in Venezuela.

Thanks to the workers and the oppressed in Venezuela and other Latin America such as Brazil who stood against the attacks and intervention of the US imperialism and its allies in Venezuela. The mistakes of Maduro for giving concessions to the capitalists must have learned to count on workers and the oppressed power and resist the illegal greedy demands of the US backed opposition in Venezuela.

Where there is war and conflicts there are the hands of US imperialism and its allies. The war in Afghanistan, Syria, Yamen, Iraq and other parts of the world are the clear examples. We also expect our brothers and sisters in Latin America to support the anti occupation resistance in Afghanistan and maintain their solidarity with the people and revolutionary movement in Afghanistan.

The governments those under the dictate of US imperialism cancelled the membership of Venezuela in Mercosur must remember that they have tightening the chains of slavery on their own necks and tomorrow will be their turn to be toppled by US imperialism.

– Long live the workers struggle in Venezuela and Brazil for the rights and gains of workers!

– Long live workers solidarity around the world against war and intervention of US and Nato!

Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)

August 6, 2017.