FRANCE Millions on Strike, Millions in the Streets

In Paris, January 19, Place de la République

On January 19, the people expressed themselves with one voice: Withdraw the Macron-Borne Plan Against Our Pensions!

Millions were on strike, in the public and private sectors. They demonstrated by the millions in hundreds of cities across the country.

The working people and the youth have mobilized. The debate is clear: This reform is illegitimate and must be withdrawn. Democracy demands that the majority be heard.

What happens now?

While the workers were demonstrating by the millions, Macron dared to issue a statement affirming that his reform is “fair” and that he will maintain it.

We must make him back down.

This January 19 is already a historic date because of the scope of the strikes and demonstrations – and also because of the unity expressed in all the demonstration contingents in support of one demand: Now, immediately, withdraw the plan!

This evening, the leaders of the trade union confederations are calling for “actions on January 23” and “a new day of strikes and interprofessional demonstrations on January 31” to demand the withdrawal of the Macron-Borne pension plan.

Over the next few days, factory-floor assemblies, delegate assemblies, and union general assemblies, will be held.

There is no doubt that the workers will be determined to organize and strengthen their unity around this common objective: the withdrawal of the Macron-Borne plan.

Macron is isolated. We cannot force him to back down while continuing to discuss with him.
The trade unions must make it clear that they are withdrawing from any consultation or negotiation with the government, whatever the subject, as long as the Macron-Borne proposed “reform” is not withdrawn.

Likewise, it is up to the elected Members of the National Assembly who support the strike, in particular the 145 Assembly members of the NUPES, to solemnly proclaim that they will no longer set foot in the National Assembly and will not participate in any debate, any session, any commission on any subject as long as the government persists in its will to impose by an antidemocratic coup de force the law rejected by the immense majority of the population.

The time has come when, by mobilizing in unity, the workers and youth can force this isolated government to back down.

Workers, youth, activists: You are invited to participate in the meetings organized by the Democratic Independent Workers’ Party (POID) all across the country to discuss these proposals.


[1] The NUPES is the electoral coalition led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon.