FRANCE POID addresses thousands of workers and young people to raise the necessary funds to hold the Open World Conference

The World Conference against War and Exploitation, for a Workers’ International will be held in less than two months on October 29 and 30 in Paris. To help finance the material aspects involved in the holding of the conference, the committees of the POID in France are organizing the raising of funds from thousands of workers. 

Workers, activists, young people: 

We are calling on you to finance, euro by euro, the struggle against war and for peace between peoples. 

On August 26, the capitalist newspaper Les Echos headlined: « Risk of a third world war doubles in six months« . 

With each passing day, Biden, Putin, Macron, NATO and the European Union are pouring oil on the fire. 

Thousands of billions of dollars and euros are being spent on war budgets throughout the world –budgets which are constantly increasing. 

In France, Macron has announced 3 billion more for the military budget; the Chief of Staff of the Navy has declared that France is preparing to participate in the U.S. war against China 

… and at the same time, prices are soaring, salaries are not keeping up, the start of the school year is taking place in catastrophic conditions, hospital beds continue to close, the environment is being destroyed by the law of profit… And everywhere, jobs are at threat by a possible recession. 

The working people, the young people, do not want war. What is needed is BILLIONS FOR HOSPITALS, FOR SCHOOLS, FOR WAGES, NOT FOR NATO AND WAR! 

On October 22, an INTERNATIONAL RALLY AGAINST WAR will be held in Paris with speakers from all over the world. 

It is a rally to say: NO PUTIN, NO BIDEN, NO MACRON! 

A rally to demand: Russian troops, out of Ukraine! Dismantle NATO! French troops, out of Africa! 

A rally to fight against the Macron government which is waging war abroad with NATO, and war at home with its counter-reforms of retirement pensions and unemployment insurance. 

A rally to fight for the confiscation of the billions for the war, and a fight for the confiscation of the billions of profits pocketed by the capitalists! 

On October 29 and 30, a WORLD CONFERENCE AGAINST WAR AND EXPLOITATION, FOR A WORKERS’ INTERNATIONAL, will be held in Paris, with representatives from Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. 

This conference will open with an International Conference of Working Women, committed to the common struggle against war, against the high cost of living, for equal rights and democratic rights, including the right to abortion! 

We appeal to young people, to workers: 

This rally and this conference are totally independent of all war-mongering governments: to finance them, we can count only on ourselves. 

These initiatives are expensive: the meeting costs almost 20,000 euros. The airfare for a worker from India to come to Paris is the equivalent of more than a year’s salary. 

We will knock at the doors of companies, in our neighborhoods and council estates (housing projects); euro by euro, we shall raise the necessary funds for the indispensable fight to stop the war, the essential struggle for peace. 

Finance the fight against war! 

Finance the fight for the Workers’ International! 

On Saturday 22 October in Paris, INTERNATIONAL RALLY AGAINST THE WAR. We will welcome the activists of the workers’ and democratic movement who will take the floor 

• from the United States, members of the workers’ movement against Biden’s war; 
• from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, for the end of the fighting and against the oligarchs; 
• from China, against the threat of war and for workers’ and democratic rights;
• from Afghanistan, participant in the women’s struggle against the Taliban regime;
• from Africa, for the withdrawal of French troops and against the plundering by the multinationals;
• from Sri Lanka, where last 9 July the people ousted the President sold out to the IMF ;
• from Britain, fighting for the general strike against wage cuts ;
• from Germany, recalling the 1945 oath: « Never again war!
• from Palestine, denouncing the « double standards » of the great powers;
• activists, workers and young people, engaged in the fight against the Macron government.