ITALY Tribuna Libera condemns the fascist attack on the CGIL trade union confederation

The editorial staff of Tribuna Libera* firmly condemns the attack on the CGIL headquarters in Rome by known members of fascist organisations. 

This is a very serious development, which must be met with a firm and massive response from the workers’ movement and democracy, without ambiguity, beyond any trade union affiliation or non-affiliation, and beyond the opinions that each person may have about any trade union position or another. 

We express our full solidarity with the CGIL and we are ready and willing to contribute to the construction of this mobilisation. 

History shows that the only response to defend democracy is that of the unity and independence of the workers’ movement and its organisations. 

This mobilisation, which today must focus first and foremost on the rejection of all forms of violence, fascism, and the undermining of the trade union, can be truly incisive if it also aims to combat any possibility of exploitation of the situation (by fascists and provocateurs) with the main weapon of the workers: the independent struggle for social justice, to defend wages and the right to work for all, against all forms of discrimination and division.

10 October 2021 

* Monthly workers’ newspaper, published by activists linked to the International Workers’ Committee against War and Exploitation, for the Workers’ International (IWC).