AFGHANISTAN A letter from our correspondents in Kabul Second round of domination of the Taliban in Afghanistan

Criminal Taliban returned to political power in Afghanistan with the support of the capitalist states. 

During last few years, especially the agreement between the United States and the Taliban, which was nothing but engineering and shaping the « Islamic Emirate », itself showed the engagement of the world bourgeoisie from the project of democratization-imperialism in Afghanistan. With the rapid and unbelievable collapse of the ousted government led by Ashraf Ghani in just a few days, in which the United States and its allies undoubtedly played a major role, with the undisputed return of the Taliban to political power, the scenario of the establishment of the « Islamic Emirate » was realized in Afghanistan. In capitalist relations, the replacement of beads in proportion to its needs and interests and the replacement of one with the elimination of the other, which, despite differences in the form of a single theme, has not been and is not unprecedented. 

At present, in order to organize the desired « Islamic Emirate » of the global capitalism as soon as possible, a continuous effort is being made to unite the forces and figures that are all the product of a single project. The announcement of a « general amnesty » by Taliban leaders and the presence of some Islamic-ethnic leaders in Pakistan and negotiations with its rulers is an attempt to make it possible to unite Mujahideen leaders, technocrats and pro-government elements on the axis of the Taliban. 

The immediate consequences of Taliban domination and the hegemony of theocracy in Afghanistan, along with the loss of half-baked democratic freedoms, are nothing but the complete disenfranchisement of women in all social spheres; 

the fact that American imperialism used to justify its military aggression twenty years ago. The current horrific and inhumane situation in Afghanistan once again and in the most naked way possibles hows the ugly nature of bourgeois democracy, institutions, human rights organizations and « civilization » or indeed the barbarism of this system that has supressed the human life and dignity subject to its greedy interests. 

The tragic events of the last few days and the brutal domination of the Taliban, with the help of the great capitalist powers and their regional supporters, proved it that dispel the crude illusion of civil society activists and some leftwing intellectuals who thought that relying on bourgeois forces and institutions could save the people from the dark minded Taliban. The experience of the Afghan people and the tragedy and barbarism that has been imposed on them, express this bitter truth that global capitalism and imperialist powers, in addition to waging bloody wars, exploiting and imposing inequality and poverty on them, how much they are irresponsible towards the welfare and freedom of workers and poor people. 

Although the Taliban’s black domination which imposes many setbacks on society in all areas is terrible for the egalitarian, liberal and anti-capitalist movement of the working class and all the freedom-loving people, as we can see, the people do not accept them, the brave rebellion and protest of the people, especially the women and youth who put their lives on the risk line, shows that the Taliban and their supporters simply cannot impose their authoritarian regime and Stone Age beliefs. 

The rule of this fascist force and its global supporters will sooner or later face social protest, radical movements, including the working class movement, women and youth, and all wage-earners in society. If today the issue of « security » actually cast a shadow on the top priorities of the people, but the Taliban will no doubt sooner or later face the movement and the welfare demands of the people, including the demand for bread, work and democratic rights; The movement of bread, work and freedom will be the foundation of that flood that will destroy all bourgeois forces and their supporters in society. 

It is considered that the Taliban and other Islamic currents are not only the product of ignorance, religious beliefs and backwardness of the people, but also part of the bourgeois forces in the capitalist relations that govern the world and its product. It is based on such an analysis and perception that always calls on all revolutionary and egalitarian forces and gives the basis of their judgment not the appearance and maneuver of these forces but the function and role they have in the context of the whole structure and system and the interests that Seek to place; The overthrow of the Taliban dark rule that is to be imposed on the people in the form of the Islamic Emirate can be made possible by organizing and socializing the working class and all wage earners in association with other progressive and egalitarian movements. 

It is believed that as the limits of freedoms become narrower and repression spreads, the resistance against the Taliban will grow stronger and more cohesive. We have no doubt about the final victory of the workers and the lower classes over the Taliban criminals and their international supporters.  

August 23
d, 2021