FRANCE POID Banned from Demonstrating A Threat to all the Labour Movement!

Paris, June 5.

Convened six weeks ago, the Paris demonstration of the Independent & Democratic Workers’ Party was banned on the very day it was to be held, 5 June, by decision of Prefect Lallement acting on behalf of the government, a decision confirmed by the administrative court.

This is the right to demonstrate that is at threat.

In his document, the Prefect points out that he authorised other demonstrations on the same day in Paris, including « an anti-fascist demonstration » and « demonstrations […] linked to the ‘yellow vest’ movement ».

Why this difference in treatment? Regarding the POID demonstration, the prefect mentions « a strong risk that individuals […] could infiltrate this demonstration in order to create a climate of insurrection ». Is the POID involved in this risk? No. Is there a single example of a previous demonstration by our party that gave rise to such incidents? No.

So why this special treatment? By quoting (and distorting) the political slogans of our demonstration, Prefect Lallement admits: because of its content!

This coup de force is aimed at the entire labour movement: to justify the ban, the prefect evoked the May Day attack on the CGT, which had been the victim of similar « infiltrations » and incidents. Thus, any workers’ organisation likely to be attacked may be preventively banned from demonstrating!

In reality, for Lallement, Darmanin (1) and Macron, no demonstrators were to march peacefully in the streets of Paris shouting: « Out with Macron and his policies! Out with the Fifth Republic!

Sovereign constituent assembly! Ban on lay-offs! Confiscation of the 560 billion offered to the capitalists to speculate and lay off! » .

It is true that a stand-still rally was allowed to take place at the Place de la Nation: these slogans were shouted, speeches were made and messages of support were received from a large number of organisations, leaders and militants of the labour and democratic movement.

Nevertheless, the demonstration was banned.

This ban is not only a blow against democracy, but also an admission of weakness on the part of a government whose policies have provoked a huge rejection, expressed in particular by the multiplication of strikes and mobilisations.

The POID reserves the right to take legal action against this infamous decision.

It warns the workers’ and democratic organisations that this unprecedented attack threatens them all, and reaffirms its will to act in unity in defence of democracy and labour rights.

It is in this spirit and with its own slogans, in complete independence, that the members of the POID will participate in the demonstrations on 12 June.

The POID invites the workers, young people and activists who wish to do so to take part in the meetings it is organising in order to fight together for unity against reaction in all its forms, to oust Macron and to fight for the demands.

The Independent & Democratic Workers’ Party, Tuesday 8 June, 2.30 pm

(1) French Minister of the interior (police)