Mumia’s covid-19 Infection Confirmed Transfer Mumia to a Hospital for Proper Medical care!

Dear friends and comrades, 
Dear friends of the International Workers’ Committee against war and exploitation, for a Workers International (IWC),

We invite you to pay attention to this urgent message from the United States of America, regarding the threats on the life of Mumia Abu Jamal, Black activist jailed in the death row since 1982. Please circulate broadly this message inviting all democratic and workers organisations to address US authorities to free Mumia Abu Jamal immediately. Thank you for your attention.
Daniel Gluckstein
Nambiath Vasudevan,
Coordinators of the IWC

Mumia’s covid-19 Infection Has Been Confirmed by Prison Doctors After Initial Denial

• Free Mumia Immediately!
• Free All Political Prisoners!

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

We need your urgent support.

Mumia Abu-Jamal must be hospitalized. He has tested positive for covid-19 and isbeingwarehoused in a completely inadequate prison infirmary. Given his age, 67, his liver disease, and his blood-pressure challenges, Mumia’s life is seriously in danger. His condition is even more alarming, as he has been diagnosed recently as suffering from congestive heart failure. He needs to be released from prison and sent to a hospital for proper medical attention.

But that is not all. Mumia needs to be released from prison altogether, based on his documented innocence and his medical condition, which in itself should be sufficient to warrant his release.

There is growing clamor at home and abroad demanding Mumia’s release. On February 27, activists at an emergency action at Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner’s office called for Mumia’s immediate release and treatment at an appropriate hospital. On March 3, Mumia was able to speak by phone to his supporters as they rallied once again outside Krasner’s office. Mumia expressed his gratitude for the worldwide support for him and for all other elders with life-threatening conditions who remain in prison.

We urge you to contact Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, Secretary of Pennsylvania Prisons John Wetzel, and Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner with these three demands:

• Transfer Mumia to a hospital for proper medical care!
• Free Mumia immediately!
• Free all elders, vulnerable inmates, and political prisoners!

Here is the contact information:
PA DA Larry Krasner: 267-456-1000 (justice@phila.gov)
PA DOC Secretary John Wetzel: 717-728-2573 (jowetzel@state.pa.us) PA Governor Tom Wolf: 717-787-2500 (Brunelle.michael@gmail.com)

By clicking below you will obtain an email template ready to be sent to the right recipients (feel free to write a longer message incorporating these demands, that would be even better) :

Prepare the email by clicking here.

Also, please write Mumia a personal note:

Smart Communications/PADOC Mumia Abu-Jamal AM 8335 SCI Mahanoy
PO Box 33028

St Petersburg, FL 33733
We need to take action now!

« We could not save Malcolm X but we can save Mumia! » Assata Shakur (A Message to Mumia and to Us!)

In solidarity,

The Editorial Board of The Organizer Newspaper


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