CHILE Stop the repression of secondary school students and the main leaders of the ACES (Coordinating Assembly of Secondary school Students) by the Chilean government!

Víctor Chanfreau

Faced with the repression of its main spokespersons, mainly through the application of the Domestic Security Act – which in specific cases is a law against terrorism – against Víctor Chanfreau, we declare the following :

1. We condemn the systematic repression of social protest by the Chilean government, and we are addressing all of the world’s democratic organisations to declare a state of alert that the safety of Víctor and his fellow students is at risk.

2. The Chilean government intends to vent its fullest repression against this young leader, whose grandfather was murdered by the Pinochet dictatorship, and is categorising the ACES as a seditious organisation. We adopt as our own the demand by all of Chile’s democratic organisations for an end to the criminalization of the social protests, which now total 82 days of mobilisation for the legitimate demands of the majority of the population.

Contact: youthforsocialism@outlook.com