ITALY Communiqué of Tribuna Libera

The editors of the monthly Tribuna Libera have learned that Louisa Hanoune, general secretary of the Algerian Workers Party (PT) has been sentenced to 15 years in prison, following a trial that also involved the brother of the former president of the Republic, Saïd Bouteflika, and Generals Toufik and Tartag. The four were charged with “conspiracy against the State”. 

Louisa Hanoune has been in jail since last 9 May. 

The editorial staff of Tribuna Libera firmly condemns this judgement by a 

military court, and demands the immediate release of Louisa Hanoune and all other political prisoners in Algeria. 

Whatever our opinions – and the opinions of others – concerning the politics of the PT, we situate ourselves on the historical ground of the labour movement: solidarity and unity in the face of any attacks against democratic freedoms or freedom of opinion and organisation. 

This is all the more important when the persons who are concerned reflect the history and the interests of the workers. 

The repression that the regime has been exercising for months now, and particularly since the beginning of the mass movement that started in February – which has hit activists, lawyers, trade unionists and young people, on the most diverse of pretexts – must stop! 

For our part, we are going to promote an immediate campaign among activists, trade unions and trade union delegates, as well as democratic personalities, which will be addressed to the Algerian Embassy in Italy, for the release of Louisa Hanoune and all political prisoners in Algeria.