ALGERIA The Independent and Democratic Workers Party of France (POID) is forwarding a message received from Algeria

Dr. Kameleddine Fekhar.

The POID (Independent and Democratic Workers Party of France) is hereby forwarding this message received from Algeria:

“On this 28th of May, at midday, we were saddened and angry to learn of the death in jail of Dr. Kameleddine Fekhar. An activist in defence of the democratic rights of the Mozabite population of the Algerian province of Ghardaïa and a member of the FFS (Socialist Forces Front), he had been arrested with his comrades on March31st and then convicted and jailed for the so-called ‘crime’ of having publicly denounced discrimination against the Mozabites.

“He and his comrade Aouf Hadj Brahim had gone on a hunger strike that has lasted for 56 days. Despite his deteriorating state of health and the many protests demanding their release, the authorities allowed the situation to worsen. Even yesterday, his lawyer, Salah Debbouze, once again warned the authorities, saying that Dr. Fekhar’s life was in danger. He died several hours after having been transferred to the hospital.

“The authorities are entirely responsible for this tragedy. “An independent inquiry must be opened immediately, under the supervision of the population, to determine the conditions in which Dr. Kameleddine Fekhar lost his life! “Another tragedy would be intolerable: Aouf Hadj Brahim and his comrades must be released immediately! “At the initiative of workers, young people, students, academics, journalists, artists and organisations committed to democratic, political and trade union freedoms, a meeting has been called for Thursday, 30 May in Algiers with the aim of setting up the Collective Against Repression and for the Immediate Release of Those Imprisoned for their Opinions.

“The creation of this collective will help act for the immediate release of Hadj Ghermoul and Hadj Brahim Aouf and his comrades, as well as for the release of Louisa Hanoune, and for lifting of all the repressive measures taken by academic authorities and at the public television stations, for putting an end to the harassment of the Aokas who are fighting for the preservation of the city’s forests.”

The POID, which for weeks has taken a position against the repression in Algeria, expresses its solidarity with the family, friends and comrades of Kameleddine Fekhar. The POID supports the demands of the Algerian activists who have contacted us, and calls for all forms of campaigns targeting the Algerian authorities to be undertaken in France and internationally.

• For the truth to be known concerning the conditions of the death and detention of Kameleddine Fekhar! • For the immediate release of Hadj Brahim Aouf, who is on hunger strike and whose life is in danger!

• For the immediate release of Hadj Ghermoul!

• For the immediate release of Louisa Hanoune!

• For an end to the repression and to all the measures of intimidation and harassment!

Montreuil, 28 May 2019, 6 pm