There is no place for falsification in the labour movement

In our two previous newsletters, we published the list of 480 labour movement activists of every background from 39 countries who declared they supported the letter of clarification published by Daniel Gluckstein, editor of La Tribune des Travailleurs, against the slanderous campaign targeting the POID launched by Benoît Lahouze who claims to be acting on behalf of a “European Correspondence Committee” *

In his letter of clarification, Daniel Gluckstein explained that, “Every one’s views on politics are open to free discussion, which is a necessity in the working-class movement. But, slander, lies, conscious fostering of confusion have no place and should be rejected.

The international labour movement can live and achieve its tasks only if it recognises the legitimacy of free discussion, workers’ democracy, and the right of all activists, currents and organisations within its framework to freely defend their point of view.”

Messages of support from France and from all over the world have kept pouring in.

* Initiated by Alexis Corbière, Unbowed France, Member of the French Parliament, trade unionist Patrick Hébert and Jérôme Legavre, editorial board member of Informations ouvrières newspaper.

Here are the endorsements we received last week (all in a personal capacity)