For workers’ democracy and free discussion in the labour movement, against falsifications (2)

In our last letter, we published a clarification by Daniel Gluckstein concerning the falsification of his positions, as well as a list of British activists who have associated themselves with this clarification

This week we are reporting on the signatures that have poured in internationally.

In our next letter, we will report on the campaign that has already been made public in France, in the press, along with the development of this campaign.The endorsers whose names are followed by an asterisk have signed in their personal capacity (their organizations and responsibilities are given for identification only ). Due to lack of space, we will publish the list of French endorsers next week. If you wish to endorse this appeal, please send you name, first name, position and contact details to owcmumbai2016@gmail.com


Nasir Loyand, Left Radical of Afghanistan 

Azania/ South Africa 

Busisiwe Seabe, Fees must fall Keitumetse Fatimata Moutloatse, Fees must Fall, Black Woman’s Caucus Kamvelihle Goba Fees Must Fall, EFF Student Command
Ashraf Jooma*, Editor Black Republic, Member SRWP
Mandla ka Phangwa*, National Coordinator ASFI, Member SRWP
Neo Mokatsanyane*, Fees must Fall movement, Member SRWP/ASFI Azikiwe Plato Cingani*, Fees must fall, member SRWP/ASFI 


Zouioueche Waheb*, trade unionist UNPEF, Algiers
Rezoug Youcef*, trade unionist CNAPEST, Blida 

Ali Laib*, trade unionist CLA, Algiers, Samir Bouteldja*, trade unionist UGTA, Boumerdes 


Luis Gutkind, retiree 


Mozibar Rahman, 4th International Baddruduja Chaudhury, 4th International Zakir Hossain, 4th International
Subal Sarker, 4th International 

Shamim Ara, 4th International 


Youri Glouchakov, labour activist 


Toni Bernardi, labour activist
José Hardy, shop steward, forest worker Jacques Aghion, Professor emeritus, Liège University
Olivier Horman, agent of the Public Service, CGSP affiliated
David Leduc, Health and Safety delegate, FGTB trade union substitute delegate Philippe Massenaux, Belgian section of OCRFI 


Innocent ASSOGBA M., Liaison Committee of the Trotskyists of Benin (CLTB)
Soulé SALAKO, trade unionist Rodrigue DJIDOHOKPIN, trade unionist 


Angelo Vanhoni, General Secretary of the PT executive State of Paraná Antônio Battisti, PT Chair São José/ Santa Catarina PT 

Pedro Jacobs, trade unionist, CPERs base (Rio Grande do Sul)
André Machado, PT Chair Curitiba (Paraná) ; 

Anísio Garcez Homem, PT Executive Committee State of Paraná
Ney Jansen, Teachers unionist, North Curitiba Nord 


Hatungimana Richard, PTD (Workers and Democratic Party) member Nduwayezu Melchiedec, PTD member Sinzinkayo Jérôme, PTD member Ndayatuke Désire, PTD member Havyarimana Aline, PTD member Kayuku Liliane, PTD member Ntakarutimana Martin, PTD member Niyonsaba Jean Marie, PTD member Ndayishemze Gilbert, PTD member Irambona Alice, PTD member Niyungeko Leonidas, PTD member Niyungeko Brigitte, PTD member Sabiraguha Méthode, PTD member Ndacayisaba Fiacre, PTD member Nininahazwe Alice, PTD member 


B. Ross Ashley, retired SEIU trade unionist, Local 204, New Democratic Party/ Socialist Caucus
Paul Nkunzimana, Academic, activist Sony Destrat, artist 


Eduardo Neira, mechanic, ASMAR shipyards
Sergio Ceballo, copper mine welder Maritza Bastias, Department of Healthcare, University of San Sebastián 

Antonio Aliaga, labourer, MPD (Movimiento por la Dignidad) member
Lorena Saavedra, working-class leader in Isla de Maipo, MPD member 

Rafael Cordero, law student
Priscilla Plaza, analyst, MPD member Nelson Camus, building worker
Sixto Iturra, Boletín Tribuna manager, MPD member 


Apo Leong, Hong Kong 

Côte d’Ivoire 

Mamadou Ouattara, university professor, trade unionist 

France (This list will be published next week) 


Klaus Schüller*, AfA National Executive member (SPD Workers Commission), trade unionist EVG (railway workers) 

Peter Saalmüller*, SPD, trade unionist Ver.di
Norbert Müller*, SPD/AfA, trade unionist Ver.di

Peter Kreutler*, vice-president Dûsseldorf SPD AfA trade unionist Ver.di Anna Schuster*, Ver.di trade union delegate 

H.-W. Schuster*, president AfA Düsseldorf, trade unionist Ver.di 

P. Wietland*, trade unionist
Sidonie Kellerer*, Mitglied GEW Barbara Ludwig*, SPD/GEW/DGB Claudius Naumann*, Free University of Berlin, Vice-president of the group of staff delegates, University Ver.di branch executive. 

Great Britain 

Jane Doolan* Unison Nec, Secretary Islington Unison;
Mike Calvert* Deputy Secretary Islington Unison, 

Charles Charalambous* former President Torbay and District TUC;
Terry Luke* retired member Islington Unison Branch; 

Stefan Cholewka* secretary Greater Manchester Association of Trade Union Councils (GMATUC), Labour Party member ; 

Doreen McNally* Former Secretary Women of the waterfront, Liverpool Unite the Union;
Raymond Mennie* Communist party, Dundee Unite the union, member Dundee TUC ; 

Nick Phillips* Unite the Union London ; Paul Filby* member Merseyside TUC, Labour Party ;
Alan Wylie* Islington Unison; 

Diana James* Assistant Branch Secretary, Islington UNISON ;
Philip Lewis* Camden UNISON Branch Health & Safety officer, 

John Burgess* Branch Secretary Barnet Unison,
Margaret K. Taylor, Rochdale TUC, Unite the union, Rochdale Labour Party trade union delegate ; 

Henry Mott* Unite the Union Southwark ;
Mark Hollinrake* PCS, Green Party Rochdale ; 

Fiona Monkman*, Chair Islington Unison,
John Owen* Unite The Union Liverpool Ann Green*, Unison Leicester, Labour Party member ; 

Tony Richardson*, Unite the Union, former Labour Councillor Wakefield ; Pat Edlin*, Islington South CLP;
Bobby Haddock*,Unite, Islington Joint Works Convenor; 

Nat Queen*, University of Birmingham, University and College Union;
John Sweeney*, Labour Leave ;
Cllr Mouna Hamitouche*, Labour Councillor Islington Labour Councillor ; Ian Hodson* National President Bakers’, Food & Allied Workers Union ( BFAWU) ; 


Andréas Guhl, editor of Ergatika Nea Sotiria Lioni 


Berthony Dupont, editor, Haiti Liberté Hungary 

Profesor G.M. Tamas, Central European University, Budapest
Ivan Albert, worker in the social sector Somi Judit, “The supporters of the 4th International in Hungary” 


Franklyn D’souza, 4th International Denzil John, 4th International 

Shaikh Mohammed, 4th International Jimmy Francis, 4th International Rashmi Divekar, 4th International Suchas Jorge Naik, 4th International 


Ciaran Campbell*, Mandate trade union 


Luigi Brandellero, Tribuna Libera editorial board
Valeria Busicchia, teacher, UIL Alessandra Cigna, teacher, member of Turin CGIL-Education executive committee 

Ugo Croce, Tribuna Libera editorial board
Felice Fazzolari, teacher
Angela Fenocchio, teacher, candidate on the list “Abrogation!” for the 2016 Turin municipal elections 

Kristian Goglio, teacher, member of Turin CGIL-Education executive committee
Dario Granaglia, worker, FIOM-CGIL delegate, Fiat Group 

Daniele Grego, teacher, Turin CGILEducation delegate
Monica Grilli, member of Turin CGILEducation executive committee 

Gianni Guglieri, worker, UIL-Chemistry delegate
Andrea Monasterolo, worker, member of the Cuneo CGIL-Plastics executive committee 

Alberto Pian, teacher, member of Turin CGIL-Education executive committee Elisabetta Raineri, teacher, member of Turin CGIL-Education executive committee 

Lorenzo Varaldo, school director, UIL trade unionist
Giulia Venia, teacher, CGIL delegate, Brescia 

Vanna Ventre, teacher, editorial board 

Tribuna Libera 


Sikhwa Jung, Kyung-Ki regional branch of KCTU executive
Sangsoo Ha, Workers Solidarity National Committee, former trade unionist at Kia Motors 

Sooyung Kim, former member of Korea Labor’s Party Central Committee 


Ismael Ruiz Ramos, teacher
Diana Gabriela Arangure*
Alfonso Cortez, Tecate e Pie de Lucha Luis Carlos Haro, OCRFI Committee, Mexico
Alejandra Rivera Arvizu, Organisation 

of the People and the Workers (OPT), Tijuana
Juan Carlos Vargas, OPT, Mexicali
Jesús Casillas, OPT, Mexicali 

Liliana Plumeda, OPT, Mexicali
David Martínez, historian
Hervey Arce Ravelo, historian
Javier Wong, “Baja California Resist” collective 

Irma Moran Ojeda, “Baja California Resist” collective
Marco Antonio Morales, “Baja California Resist” collective 

Catalina Miranda Navarro, teacher, SETE,
Christian Santana, Students in Defence of Public Education, EDUPUABC Fredy Rodríguez, New Workers Central Sergio Eduardo Pineda López, New Workers Central 

Misael Palma López, former head of section 7 of CNTESNTE, Chiapas Gloria Miroslava Callejas Sánchez, journalist 

Grecia Chavira Salazar, logistics engineer
Eleazar López Reyes, independent worker 

Eduardo Félix, historian and journalist Gael Contreras, student 


Mohamed El Ajbari*, SNCP (National Union of Shopkeepers and Professionals) Al Hoceima
Mohamed Dahhak*, General Secretary FNE (National Education Federation) Eastern Region 

Mohamed Melloul*, FNE – UMT (National Education Federation UMT, Bni Gmil) Al Hoceima
Sakina Jarmim*, FNOFCL – UMT (National Federation of Local Authority Workers and Civil Servants UMT, Tetouan) 


Rubina Jamil, General secretary, Workers Union Nisar Art Press, President, All Pakistan Workers Confederation, Anwer Gujjar, president railway workers union (workshops) 

Mushtaq Bhatti, President, President park and horticulture union Lahore Malik Humanyun, General Secretary, All Pakistan Local Bodies Workers Federation, 

Muhammad Ilyas, Joint sec APWC Junaid Awan, President, Railway Workers Union (Openlines), Sind Chapter Sana Mehwish, Secretary, Progressive Youth Association,
Amna Allah Ditta, Joint-Secretary, Garment Workers Union,
Khalida Ashraf, Secretary Women Wing, APTUF/APWC
Ashfaq Bacha, Railway Workers Union, Peshawar
M. Sarwer, Joint President, Courts, Karachi,
Muhammad Ashraf, Secretary, Long Man Workers Union
Bilal Ahmed, President, Punjab Sportsboard Workers Union 


César Huamán Escudero ; César Salinas Mejía ; Henry Torres Gallardy ; Emilio Barreto Vizcarra ; Luis Olivencia Baldassari 


Adriano Zilhao, economist
José Julio Santana Henriques, retired book-publishing worker, trade unionist Jorge Torres, SINDEL trade unionist Bruna Pontes, translator
Rui Rodrigues, university professor, member of the teachers union 


Constantin Cretan, president of the National Labour Federation, formerly imprisoned for trade union activity
Ion Somanescu, president of the Rovinari branch of the National Labour Federation 

Lulu-Iulian Pauna, president of the trade union « Lignite Olténie » 


Mark Vassilev, historian
Denis Berezutsky, labour activist Vassili Vostrikov, labour activist Andreï Kalinkine, labour activist 


Gnokhobaye Diouf, “Paysan noir” (“Black Peasant”) 

Spanish State 

Patxi Fernandez, retired, UGT member Tomas Vinatea, labour activist
Felipe Zorita, UGT member 


Michel Zimmermann*, local councillor (Socialst Party) for the town of Versoix, member of the Executive Committee of the Genevan Socialist Party 

Ali Korkmaz*, Unia industry trade union 

Doğan Fennibay 


Lawson Messan*, PADET/Emancipation national secretary 


Ali Hached, labour activist 


Avci Yasar, Trade Unionist, retired worker
Okta Kenan, Miner, member and representative of the miners union of the town of Eskisehir, affiliated to the Türkİs confederation. 

Bilgin Cemal, PPO officer (the People’s Own Party), member of Sosyal-Is trade union (Social Labour) affiliated to DISK (trade union confederation) 

Kaya Birsen, nurse Hospital of the University of Istanbul, PPO Nationazl Executive
Erol Pinar, teacher in the private sector Ozansü Mehmet, member of the teachers union Egitim-Sen affiliated to DİSK 

United States 

Alan Benjamin, Editorial Board, The Organizer newspaper
Lita Blanc, Past President, United Educators of San Francisco 

Don Bechler, Chair, Single Payer Now, San Francisco
Gene Bruskin, Member, NWU/UAW Local 1980 

Colia L. Clark, National Coordinator, Judicial Violence Symposium
Donna Dewitt, President Emeritus, South Carolina AFL-CIO 

Theresa El-Amin, Regional Director, Southern Anti-Racism Network
Allan Fisher, Member and SF Labor Council delegate for AFT local 2121 Robert Irminger, Chairperson, San Francisco region, Inlandboatmen’s Union of the Pacific/ILWU 

Kim Ives, Editorial Board, Haiti-Liberté newspaper
John Kirkland, Carpenters Local Union 167 

Jim Lafferty, Executive Director Emeritus, National Lawyers Guild, Los Angeles Nnamdi Lumumba, State Organizer, Ujima People’s Progress Party (MD) Mícheál Madden, SF Labor Council delegate for IATSE Local 16 

Millie Phillips, Editorial Board, The Organizer Newspaper
Al Rojas, Vice president, Sacramento chapter, Labor Council for Latin American Advancement 

Eduardo Rosario, President, New York chapter, Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA)
Dr. Suzanne Ross, International Spokesperson, International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal 

Ralph Schoenman, Co-producer, Taking Aim
Rodger Scott, Delegate from AFT Local 2121 to the San Francisco Labor Council 

Mya Shone, Co-producer, Taking Aim Timothy Stinson, Socialist Organizer Hal Sutton, First vice-president, SW Florida UAW Retires Workers Council Clarence Thomas, Co-convener, Million Worker March; past president ILWU Local 10 

David Walters, Retired member, IBEW Local 1245
Nancy Wohlforth, Secretary-Treasurer Emerita, Office and Professional Employees International Union 


Mafa Kwanisai Mafa OCRFI Zimbabwe Section Chairperson
Kudakwashe Shambare OCRFI Zimbabwe Section Commissar 

Samson Chuma, Zimbabwe Congress of Students Union, Vice President
Rodney Maseko, Zimbabwe Congress of Students Union 

Ronald Mutizwa, Zimbabwe Congress of Students Union
Simbarashe Gwenzi, OCRFI Zimbabwe Section, Youth representative 

Takesure Pambuka, Zimbabwe Movement of Pan African Socialists
Caleb Kuranga, OCRFI Zimbabwe Section 

Memory Mpandawana, OCRFI Zimbabwe Section
Chenai Mpandawana, OCRFI Zimbabwe Section 

Tafirenyika Shoko, Zimbabwe Movement of Pan African Socialists Tapiwanashe Chikwinho, Zimbabwe Movement of Pan African Socialists Tungamirai Mukondo, Zimbabwe Congress of Students Union 

Anca Zulu, Zimbabwe Congress of Students Union