INDIA & PAKISTAN The labour movement against the escalation of the war


“We say NO to WAR”

42 persons of India’s paramilitary force, Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), were killed in a suicide terror attack at Pulwama, Kashmir, on February 14, 2019. 100 companies of CRPF were moving in vehicles on a highway when a car laden with heavy explosives hit one of the buses killing 42 and injuring many.

Trade Union Solidarity Committee condemned this terrorist attack and joined all organisations and individuals in countries across the globe. Our sympathies are with the grief stricken families of those who lost lives and faced untold sufferings. Terror and unjust violence cannot find solutions to any issues.

In the two weeks since February 14 the region of India-Pakistan found heightened atmosphere of retaliatory actions and the escalation led to air strikes on February 26 within the international boundaries of the two nuclear weapon states. Calls for war were in the air.

Having experienced ill effects of war in the past saner voices wanted peace to prevail and resolution of conflicts without war. People around the world, in all countries and continents, expressed their zero tolerance to terrorism and wanted de-escalation of conflict between India and Pakistan.

Trade Union Solidarity Committee stands for peace and holds the view that a war would cause incalculable harm and damage to the working people, the poor and the marginalized in India and Pakistan and it would fetch huge dividends to a handful of corporate houses in weapon business and their cronies in other fields as well.

We say NO to WAR. Terrorism must be fought by other means, diplomatic, economic and political.

N. Vasudevan Convenor, Trade Union Solidarity Committee (Mumbai)


“We already pay a huge price of war”

On behalf of All Pakistan Trade Union Federation we asked our rulers to immediately stop US impe- rialism led policies of war.

We the working class and peace activists whole heartedly support the struggle of our Kashmiris and Palestinian brothers/sisters and youth want independent state.

Being an activists /trade unionist we resist against war. War is not a solution, its increase the poverty, death toll.

We already pay a huge price of war against terrorism in which 70,000 people lost their lives.

I request all trade unions, peasants, peace activists from Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh to raise their voice against war.

LET US STRUGGLE unitedly by the comrades from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh and all over world to stop war.

We request international friends to send messages to both countries government to immediately start dialogue for peace.

Struggle for peace

No to war

Rubina Jamil, General secretary APTUF