HAITI   « This popular uprising » which the « servile press » does not want to see (Haïti Liberté)

While “a continuous rain of demonstrations” has been falling on Haiti, aimed at getting rid of the illegitimate president, Jovenel Moïse, who only has been able to remain in power thanks to the occupation of U.N. troops, the capitalist Western press continues to ignore this popular uprising.

“The popular events that are taking place in our country have once again revealed the true colours of some of the foreign press … . Need this come as a surprise, need we be shocked? Not necessarily. There is nothing surprising or abnormal about it, since this despicably reactionary press has indeed learnt its lesson from history; it defends only the interests of the multinationals and the imperialist powers, in order to smash any movement of national emancipation and progress.
« This highly specialised press is not completely free and independent, it does not have the freedom to tell all, especially when it is the working class that is revolting and resisting heroically, calling upon the people’s movements of national liberation against the hegemonic domination of one certain imperialistic power. Indeed, this opaque and orchestrated silence, which has hushed the Haitian people’s struggle in the traditional media, in the service of Western countries, has been placed in the service of annihilating the working class’s attack on the imperialist bastion … The servile press needs to know that it cannot stifle the voice of the resistance of a people that is fighting for its freedom!”

Extracts from the editorial by Berthony Dupont in the 23 October 2019 issue of Haïti Liberté