AFGHANISTAN Communiqué of the Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA) By lowest participation, people reject US-Nato sponsored elections in Afghanistan

On September 28, 2019 there were presidential elections in Afghanistan. The elections were sponsored and fully influenced by US and its partners in Afghanistan to give so-called legitimacy to a puppet regime in Afghanistan. There were in total 18 candidates including the current president Ashraf Ghani, Executive Direct Abdullah Abdullah and “Butcher of Kabul” Gulbaden Hekmatyar. 

But, elections in an occupied country never could be fair, transparent and independent. The previous experience of the presidential and parliamentary elections demonstrated that, all the elections were full of corruption, fraud and intervention of the US and Nato. The people simply say, “it is not our election, it is American election”. This is not Afghan voters to elect the coming president, but it is US government and its allies who determine the fate for Afghanistan. 

The US government never like to build a strong government in Afghanistan, they rather need to keep a weak and in-need government which absolutely obey the order of Washington and being played by their hands. In 2014 presidential elections, when both of the front-runners of presidential election in Afghanistan claimed getting the majority of the votes, caused emerge of serious political and security crisis that gave a good excuse for the US secretary of state John Kerry who then appeared as an angel of salvation and made a deal between Ghani and Abdullah in the body of a National United Government. On its first day, the Ghani-Abdullah government signed Bilateral Security Agreement with USA to ensure its parasitic life and US interests in Afghanistan. The two leaders of the NUG were walking on opposite directions and making conspiracy against each other during the last five year that resulted in heavy raise of corruption, laws breaking and failure in security, political, economic and social fields. 

Considering the criminal policies of the USNATo in Afghanistan and caricature of democracy/election in Afghanistan, the people of Afghanistan totally said No to US-Nato sponsored election and from 21 million eligible voters only 9.6 million people registered to use their vote but on the day of election less than 2 million people participated in the election. Still the figures, which are presented by Independent Electoral Commission of Afghanistan, do not reflect the real lowest number of participation of people. 

It is likely 2019 presidential elections will be led to the consequence of 2014 elections. Both of top candidates declared their winning while knowing nobody obtained the majority of the votes that is why they are attempting to win the heart of Trump administration for announcing the final winner of the presidential election. Therefore, none of the two candidates touch the US barbaric blind military operations, bombing, civilians killing their direct intervention in election process. They have been competing to prove themselves the best slaver of the US and loyal to its interests in Afghanistan and in the region. 

The government and its foreign masters justify the lowest participation of the people in election due to the security threats from Taliban, however the reality is that the people of Afghanistan do not trust anymore on USNato sponsored initiatives including elections. The US-Nato backed governments in Kabul instead of improvement security, poverty and unemployment situation, the government and its high ranked officials deeply involved in corruption, bribery, crimes, smuggling and instability. 

The presence of war criminals such as Gulbaden Hekmatyar as a candidate in presidential election, reveal a truth that if a group or person challenges the US interests, is declared terrorist, but if it give hands with US imperialism, it enjoy the immunity and even is allowed to stand for presidential position under the umbrella of US imperialism. (Hekmatyar is the lovely hero of US and western imperialists who received around 60% of US, West and Arab governments military and financial aid during 1979-1992. Hekmatyar is well known as an Islamic fascist leader and he is responsible for execution of hundreds of progressive Left and democrat activists as well as killing of 70 thousand of civilians during civil war in 1992-1996 in Kabul city. The domestic and international media have given Hekmatyar the name of butcher of Kabul because of his war crimes). 

19 million eligible voters who rejected the US-sponsored elections, believe that as long as the country is occupied by US and its allies, the land and air controlled by imperialists, there will be no peace, freedom, democracy and real election in Afghanistan. 

The people of Afghanistan cannot optimistic to the outcome of the elections which is contaminated by fraud, corruption and dictate of US imperialism. The people will continue to resist against occupation and fight against the puppet regime in Kabul.  

Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA) – October 2019