EUROPE Issue n°1 of the Information Bulletin published by the “European Liaison Committee Against Privatisation, Deregulation and Precarious Work” has just been released

Internationalist meeting in Strasbourg, May 11, 2019

Düsseldorf 11 June 2019 

Dear comrades, 

A month ago, on 11 May, we met in Strasbourg for an internationalist rally. 

Today, we present the first issue of the Information Bulletin of the European Liaison Committee Against Privatisations, Deregulation and Precarious Labour. 

We are thus implementing the decision taken during the Strasbourg rally. Here is a reminder of commitments that were made in Strasbourg: 

1. To draft, in each country, an indictment against privatisations; 

2. To circulate a bulletin under the responsibility of the German comrades – featuring information on workers and youth resistance in each country; 

3. On this basis, to create the conditions that will enable us to hold – a few months on – a new European Workers Conference of workingclass and youth activists. 

We have attached the resolution that was adopted by the rally to this information bulletin, and herewith begin the sequence of these bulletins with an overview, post-26 May, of the elections to the EU “Parliament” (see below)

As a contribution to the indictment against privatisations, you will also find an important report on the discussion taking place in Manchester and Liverpool, on the re-nationalisation of regional railways. 

And we have added the first elements of the international discussion on Amazon. 

Would you please email any papers to be published in the coming information bulletins of the “European Liaison Committee Against Privatisations, Deregulation and Precarious Labour” to the following address: europliaisonkomitee@gmail.com 

1. Presentation p.1
2. Strasbourg, 11 May 2019
• Resolution adopted by the internationalist Rally
• The results of the 26 May 2019 elections: the rejection of the European Union of privatisation, deregulation and precarious work pp. 2-3
3. Act of indictment against privatisation:
Re-nationalise Northern Rail! P.4
4. European exchange about Amazon:
• Message to Amazon workers All over Europe
• Amazon & Deliveroo pair up to Super-exploit workers
• County Durham TUC: “We endorse your letter 300%” pp. 5-6