PHILIPPINES Partido Manggagawa Labor group condemns killing of union organizer in Cavite

Press Release June 2, 2019

The labor group Partido Manggagawa (PM) condemned the killing of the vice chairperson of its Cavite chapter. The group called on the authorities to investigate and solve the killing.

Dennis Sequena was shot and killed in Brgy. Bunga, Tanza, Cavite earlier today while meeting a group of workers. He was shot by a gunman who arrived riding in tandem on a motorcycle. The gunman and his accomplice escaped using the same motorcycle. Sequena was brought by his PM colleagues to the General Trias Maternity and Pediatric Hospital but doctors failed to revive him.

“We call on the police to act with dis- patch and catch the perpetrators of the crime. Dennis is a community leader and has no personal enemies. We believe this is an extra-judicial killing for Dennis’ work as a labor organizer,” stated Rene Magtubo, PM national chair.

Sequena was a union organizer and partylist nominee of the group in the just concluded elections. He was active in assisting Cavite workers facing labor problems and advising workers who are unionizing as a means to improve wages and working conditions.

Magtubo also called on Congress to launch a congressional investigation on the extra-judicial killing of labor organizers and union activists.