working women

“Our Proposal is to hold an International Conference of Working Women”


All around the world, women are mobilising more and more in the fight for true equal rights between women and men. Subjected to double oppression and double exploitation in every domain, as working women but also as mothers and as women, women are standing up against all forms of oppression, discrimination and violence, and against patriarchal domination. We, engaged as we are in those struggles and mobilisations in our respective coun­tries, know that the particular demands of women are part of the more general struggle of the working class for its emancipation. However, and this is not contradictory, women have specific demands: equal pay, professional equality, legal equality, the setting up of structures for childcare, the right of women to self-determination, the right to choose regarding reproductive rights, and an end to the harassment and acts of violence they are subjected to as women. This is why we propose that an international meeting be held before the workers’ [...]