PERU Solidarity with the workers at BSH Electrodomesticos S.A.C.

Labour activists in Peru have informed us of the facts reported below concerning the household appliance factory BSH Electro­domesticos S.A.C., a subsidiary of a major German group, located in Callao, Peru.

In May 2017, some of its workers decided to create a trade union to defend their interests facing management that had multi­plied instances of harassment and imposed appalling working condi­tions and decisions that were contrary to labour legislation.

In 2018, on the pretext of so-called economic difficulties due to the removal of a chain of refrige­rator production, the management informed the Labour Ministry of its decision to collectively suspend employment contracts – entailing a termination of wage payment and possibly a final breach of work contract – for 158 workers, 111 of whom were members of the trade union.

On 3 July 2018, the authorities of the Labour Ministry in Callao took a position in favour of the workers and against the decision made by the management.

On 10 August 2018, the compa­ny appealed that ruling.

On 27 September 2018, the Labour Ministry decided in favour of the workers. Its decision N° 184-2018-MTPE/2/4 stipulates that BSH Electrodomesticos S.A.C. must pay the unpaid wages due for the period of temporary suspension of employment and reinstate the workers in their jobs.

Today the factory workers, along with their trade union, are still demanding immediate pay­ment of back-wages for the workers who, despite the decisions taken by the concerned authority, have received no wages since 19 May 2018, as well as the immediate reinstatement of ALL the workers to their positions.

In accordance with the labour movement tradition of international solidarity, we join in these demands and we call on all activists and all the organisations of the labour movement to express their support for the demand by the workers of the BSH Electrodomesticos S.A.C. factory and their trade union, in the forms they deem fit.