1 Mayıs 2020 — İŞÇİ ENTERNASYONALİ İÇİN ÜÇ SAAT [Türkçe altyazı]


Registration form World conference against war and exploitation,for a Workers’ International,Paris (France), 5 and 6 November, 2020 I support the conference. In a personal capacity. On behalf of my organisation. I wish to participate in the conference. Name Forname(obligatoire) Adress City – Country(obligatoire) Phone no E-mail(obligatoire) Position Organization Registration fee (to cover simultaneous translation system and other organising costs): 100 euros-110 US$Accommodation costs : Please contact the organising committee. Financial support: IBAN : FR76 3006 6106 7700 0202 5300 111. Message Envoyer Δ You can also print the formTélécharger You find here the appeal issued by 408 activists from 52 countries, who propose that an International Conference Against War and Exploitation, For a Workers’ International be [...]