World Conference Against War and Exploitation, for a Workers’ International Paris (France), 5 and 6 November, 20

The crisis facing humankind is the worst crisis for many decades. 

The greedy pursuit of profit on the basis of the functioning of the capitalist system has created a global situation where the covid-19 pandemic is still raging out of control, six months after it emerged. Millions of patients and deaths: this is the price being paid by the peoples. Hunger is spreading throughout the world. 

Making use of this tragedy, bosses and governments are launching a new wave of attacks on the working class. Millions of workers have been laid off since the start of the pandemic. The struggle between the working class and the capitalist class is becoming more intense from day to day. The survival of humankind is at stake. 

As a following of the World conference held in Mumbai (2016), 407 activists from 52 countries launched an appeal in november 2019 for a Second World conference.
The appeal said: 

Every day that goes by, humankind is being dragged further towards barbarism. This has become clear to workers and activists all around the world. […]

However, there is nothing inevitable about barbarism prevailing: the resources for achieving a positive outcome for humankind exist on the side of the labour movement. […] 

It falls to the labour movement to open up a perspective for peace, progress and a future. 

By taking action against war, so that workers are in the factory and not involved in murderous conflicts, the labour movement is a factor of peace. 

By fighting for its right to exist, to ensure that the workers can freely organise in trade unions and political parties, and can set up the fighting bodies that are needed for a united and effective struggle in forms which they themselves will choose, the labour movement is defending democracy. 

By fighting against the grip of the multinationals and against the external debt that is strangling the peoples, the labour movement is taking the lead in the struggle for the right to national sovereignty. 

By fighting in defence of the working class’s collective rights, and in defence of the social welfare systems, the labour movement is defending the right to work, which produces all wealth. 

By fighting to put an end to the capitalist system and for socialism, the labour movement gives hope and a future to humankind. 

There is no shortage of struggles around the world… 

Of course, the workers are well aware of the difficulties they are facing. 

Governments around the world – whether of the right or the left – are attacking the trade union organisations by either repressing them or by trying to co-opt them. They are putting into question the right to strike and the right to demonstrate. 

The difficulties facing the labour movement are also due to the fact that instead of carrying out their mandate in a united struggle against the capitalists, officials of the labour organisations are embracing the process of integration into the State, and also due to the fact that some of those officials consider the market economy to be an “unsurpassable horizon”. 

They are fighting back for their rights against exploitation and racism in all its manifestations. The growing list of labour mobilisations is long. They are even happening at the heart of us imperialism. For millions of workers, it is clear that it is the capitalist system – private ownership of the means of production – that is responsible for the current situation. 

There is no doubt that the working class and the oppressed peoples are going through difficult times around the world, and that things might get worse in the coming months. The capitalist class will do everything it can to make the workers pay for the crisis. 

More recently, some currents have even been calling for the abandoning of all forms of organising the working class (trade unions and political parties) and to dissolve those forms into informal movements. 

But we all know that in order to participate in the struggles in our countries, the workers and activists are taking action in the very course of their class struggle to defend the organisations which they have built and to build new ones, in order to be able to organise themselves in forms which they decide upon freely.

The crisis has more than confirmed all this. 

Covid-19 has exposed the pathetically inadequate public health system and mandatory physical distancing impossible for the multitude in many countries for want of proper housing. The governments would like to impose a Sacred union between the rightist parties and those presenting themselves as left parties. The workers reject this. 

But the capitalist system is doomed. Its survival threatens the whole of humankind. 

The working class must rally together all of its forces. More than ever, there can be no question of confining ourselves within national situations. The time has come for a workers’ international. 

In line with our commitment made during the international rally on may day 2020 held at the initiative of the IWC, we hereby formally announce that the Second International Conference against War and Exploitation, for a Workers’ International, will be held on 5-6 November 2020 in Paris (France). 

Daniel Gluckstein 

Nambiath Vasudevan 

Contact address International Workers Committee Against War and Exploitation, for a Workers’ International: contact@coi-iwc.org

They call for a World Conference against War and Exploitation,
for a Workers’ International
(Paris, 5 and 6 November 2020):

Afghanistan : LOYAND Nasir, Responsible for Foreign Relations, Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA) ; OSMAN Ahmad, Member of Left Radical of Afghanistan (Norway section), (on behalf of my organisation) ; PAIWAND W., Afghanistan Socialist Association ; SEDDIQ Ghulam, General Secretary of the Afghanistan Workers Social Association ; ZAFAR Hasina, LRA (women section), (on behalf of my organisation);

Algeria : Abelkader B., Amar L.,  Tarek S (UGTA member),  Hacène F (Anti-casualisation committee), Farid T. (teacher  CLA), Hafid H. (UGTA member), Hamza A. (Anti-evictions committee), Ryad R. (teacher  CNAPEST), Kamel A. (academic), Larbi B. (student), Samia D. (student), Fodil H.   

Australia : Mónica Aguilera Ortiz. Chilean born Engineer, former Chair  Pacific Steel Union 1 I ATE;

Argentina: MARTINEZ Ricardo Sonny, journalist writer ;

Azania (South Africa) : CINGANI Azikiwe, Youth Sec / unionist ; JOOMA Ashraf, General Secretary ASFI (Azanian section of the Fourth International), (on behalf of my organisation) ; MBOZOMANI Lubone, Youth/Labour Activist; MOKATSANYANE Neo, Youth/Labour Activist ; MONETHE Peter, Banking Insurance Workers Union (BIFAWU).

MTHEMBU Scelo, Labour Sec/unionist ; PHANGWA Mandla, National Coodinator ASFI (Azanian section of the Fourth International), (on behalf of my organisation) ; RADEBE Lucky, Student; 

Bangladesh : AKTAR Salma, General secretary Dhaka district Democratic Workers Party ; CHOWDURY Badrudduja, Democratic Workers Party (DWP); DEVANJEE Amlan, Member Bangladesh section; ISLAM Robiul, President Bangladesh Jatio Soromik Federation (BJSF) ; ISLAM Shipul, General Secretary Bangladesh section Dhaka district ; ISLAM Siddiqul, President Bangladesh National Transport Workers ; KABIR Ahamed, Working president, Bangladesh Jatio Soromik Federation (BJSF) ; TAPAN Saha, General Secretary Textile Garment Workers Federation; 

Belarus : GLUSHAKOV Youry, Social Movement  « Razam »; 

Belgium : ALAMI Mohamed, trade unionist , education  ;COUCKE Laeticia, student , delegate at the  Mumbai conference ;DE ANGELIS LauraDE CONINCK Jean-Marc, teacher ;DI MARTINELLI Muriel, CGSP-ALP Federal Secretetary Brussels (local authorities) ;DRUART Geneviève ; HARDY José ;KUBASZEWSKI Philippe  ;MASSENEAUX Philippe, OSI (Corqi) member,  FGTB  member ;MONSIEUR Serge, Chair  CGSP-ACOD Vivaqua ;MORAGA MORAL Laura, VANESSE Anne, Honorary local councillor  socialist party ;VERBIEST Michel;

Benin : ASSOGBA M. Innocent, (CLTB) Liaison Committee of Trotskyists in Benin ; CODJO G. Simon, SYNAPENET (National Union of  technical schools non-teaching staff) (on behalf of the Union) ; DOSSOU-YOVO Serge, SYNAPES (National Union  of Teachers) ; SALAKO, Soulé, National Union of Human Health services  ;  

Bolivia : YARA Judith, labour activist  ;

Brazil : DE GODOY Marina, pro-CUT opposition at Curitiba teachers’ union Sismmac ; HOMEM Anisio Workers Party  Parti des travailleurs (PT) member –Parana State  ; JACOBS Pedro, Trade Unionist  CEPERS ; JANSEN Ney, secrétaire de section  Curitiba Norte –APP  trade union ; OLIVEIRA Luís, (Gringo) PT activist Curitiba ; POCAI FILHO Roberto Luiz, professor, Pato Branco chapter of APP union, Parana ; RIBEIRO Cláudio, retired lawyer  PT founding member ; WONGHON Tomaz, ex- president  National Confederation of Education (CNTE). ZULMIRES NETO Elias, President of Curtiba-Norte chapter of APP union; CUT executive , Parana;

Burkina Faso : KOFANDO Stell, Burkina Manifesto;OUEDRAOGO Aristide, Burkina Manifesto ;PAREAmos, Burkina Manifesto;SIDI-MAHAMOUDE Ouedraogo, Association for the development and management of natural ressources  (ADGRN) ;ZAMBA Davide, Burkina Manifesto;ZONGO SIBRI Abpasse, Burkina Manifesto;

Burundi : BARYUNGURE Alexandre, teacher , CONAPES association member (*) ; HABONIMANA Jean-Claude, teacher ;HATUNGIMANA Richard , Party of workers and democracy  (PTD)  KARAGIRA Fabrice, PSG (Gardening, Park keeping) ; NDAYATUKE Désiré, (*) ; NIYONSABA Jean-Marie, Party of Workers and Democracy (PTD) Twungurunani, (*) ; NZAMBIMANA Deny COJELUS; SINZINKAYO Jérôme, PTD Twungurunani, labour activist; 

Cambodia : SYTHIENG Tug, General Secretary CFSWF; 

Cameroon : ABADA ZEBE Ghislain ; 

Canada : ASHLEY Ross, Health Sector Retiree , Toronto. ; JAN Sumiullah, Human Rights Activist , Ottawa. ; NKUNZIMANA Jean-Paul, Private Sector employee , Ottawa. ; NKUNZIMANA Paul, Retired University Professor , Ottawa ;

Chile : ALIAGA LEIVA Antonio, services employee, Students and Workers  Alliance (ATE), Santiago ; ALIAGA SAAVEDRA Víctor, worker , student , University of  Chile ATE, Santiago ; ANABALON CONTRERAS Aracely, worker  San Sebastián University  ; BASTIAS PARRA Maritza, worker  San Sebastián University  ATE ; CEBALLO Sergio, welder . ATE, San Pedro de la Paz ; CORDERO TORRES Rafael, student in law , Christian left activist , (*) ; FICA CARRASCO Jaime, Health Worker  ; FIGUEROA HERMOSILLA Dina Inés, Worker San Sebastián University  ; FREDES Brígida Lara, Chair « Mujeres auxiliadoras  » grouping Chair Gabriela Mistral Workers Union (On behalf of both organisations); GONZÁLEZ MELLADO Maryory, worker San Sebastian University  ; GUIÑEZ VENEGAS Claudia, worker  : San Sebastian University  ; HERNÁNDEZ BRIONES Claudia Isabel, worker  San Sebastian University  ; ITURRA Sixto, ATE ; NEIRA, worker  ASMAR Shipyards, THNO ATE ; PINCHEIRA FERNÁNDEZ Carla, worker  San Sebastian University ; POLANCO RAMÍREZ Hanyeli, worker , San Sebastian University  ; ROCHA CORREA Héctor, worker San Sebastian University ; RODRÍGUEZ REYES Marcela, worker  San Sebastian University  ; ROMERO ALEGRÍA, Paola, worker  San Sebastian University ; SAAVEDRA, Lorena, services worker ATE, Santiago ; ULLOA RIVERA, Juan, worker  San Sebastian University; 

China : Guangdong : Li Bin ; Hong-Kong : CHOI Yuk Yuk, Worker Empowerment; KA WAI, Chan ; LAM CHO Ming, (*) ; LEUNG Apo ; MUFAKHIR Abu, Asia Monitor Resource Center (AMRC), (*). 

Congo (Democratic Republic) : CANADIEN KIZENGA Gustave ; HERMAN KIZENGA Janvier, Liberal  Profession , Bukavu ; LUKOKI Erik, Journalist, Kinshasha ; 

Côte d’Ivoire : EDIAO  Edia, teachers and researchers national coordination of Côte d’Ivoire (CNEC)* ;NGUESSAN Kouamé Sharll, teachers and researchers national coordination of Côte d’Ivoire (CNEC) ;OUATTARA Mamadou, National Union of Higher education and research (CNEC).

France : ALLAIN Sandrine, trade unionist  ; AUFFRET Patrick, trade unionist City of Paris services   ;BONNET Marc, trade unionist  ;BURY Angélique, trade unionist  postal services  ;CHAMPION Ulysse, trade unionist Paris Metro Network –  RATP ;COTREL Fabrice, trade unionist FO Alstom Aytré ;DORIANE Olivier ;FAIVRE Jean-Claude ;FERRÉ Dominique ;GLUCKSTEIN Daniel, POID national secretary  ;GROS Dominique, retired academic ;HERNANDES Antoine, trade unionist postal services ;JARRY Eric, trade unionist ;KEISER Christel, POID national secretary  ;MILLOT Bernard, trade unionist ;MILLOT Reynald, trade unionist ;MULLER Alexia, trade unionist ;NEVEU Marc, trade unionist  SNESup, PAPET Sébastien, trade unionist  ;PICHON Marie-Louise ;PORTEILLA Raphaël, trade unionist education , University of Bourgogne ;SAAS Bernard, POID national secretary  ;SCHMITT Arsène, President Moselle region cross-border commuters defense committee ;SIMON Christelle, trade unionist City of Paris services CGT  ;STROMENGER Sylvie, trade unionist retired ;TRICHARD Norbert, trade unionist education  ;VERCRUYSSE Guillaume, trade unionist education ;VINSOT Bernard, trade unionist .

Germany  : CZENTARRA H. Jürgen, trade unionist  IG Metall (metal industry) ; CZENTARRA Brigitte, trade unionist  IG Metall (metal industry) ; EHRHARDT Roland, trade unionist   IG BCE (Mines, energy sector) ; GANGL Andreas, trade unionist  ver.di, (services) Amazon strike committee member ; HINTERMEIER Peter, trade unionist  IG Metall (metal industry) ; HINTERMEIER Gudrun, trade unionist IG Metall (metal industry) ; KÄSTEL Gerd, DGB ; KELLERER Sidonie, trade unionist  GEW (education) ; KLUTH Ralf, trade unionist  IG Metall (metal industry) ; KREUTLER Peter, Vice-chair  Düsseldorf SPD Workers Commission ,  ver.di trade union rep (services) ; MÜLLER Norbert, SPD/ Workers Commission , trade unionist  ver.di (Services) ; NAUMANN Claudius, trade unionist  ver.di (services) ; PFEIFFER Holger, trade unionist ver.di (services) ; PRACHT Martina, trade unionist  IG Metall (metal industry) ; SAALMÜLLER Peter, SPD, trade unionist  ver.di (services) ; SCHÜLLER Heidi, trade unionist  IG BAU (building industry) ; SCHÜLLER Klaus, SPD’s Workers Commission’s national leadership, trade unionist  EVG (railworkers) ; SCHUSTER Karsten, trade unionist  ver.di (services) ; SCHUSTER H.-W., chair  Düsseldorf SPD’s Workers Commission , ver.di-  Trade Union rep ; SCHUSTER Anna, trade unionist  ver.di (services) ;

Great Britain : ARNOTT Mike, Secretary Dundee Trades Council (*) ; AYACHE Julia, PhD Fellow, Nottingham Trent University   (*) ; CALVERT Mike, Deputy Branch Secretary, Islington UNISON (*) ; CHARALAMBOUS Charles, former President, Torbay and South Devon Trades Union Council, editor Labour Internationalist  (*) ; CHOLEWKA Stefan, Secretary, Greater Manchester Association of Trade Union Councils (GMATUC)  (*) ; COLEMAN Sheila, Liverpool, Unite Regional Community Coordinator (*) ; DOOLAN Jane, Branch Secretary, Islington UNISON,  NEC member  (*) ; DUNCAN, Simon, County Durham TUC secretary on behalf of CDTUC and GMB Northern Region Convenor for TIEs; DUNN Keith, Tottenham Labour Party – London, (*) ; FILBY Paul, Wavertree CLP (Liverpool), Unite member, Blacklist Support Group , (*) ; FISCHMAN Rajmil, Keele University,UCU, (*) ; GREEN Ann, British Pensioner Magazine, (*) ; LUKE Terry, retired member, Islington UNISON, (*) ; Mc NALLY Doreen Unite community Branch – Liverpool, (*) ; MENNIE Raymond, Dundee Unite, CPB (*) ; MOTT Henry, Unite member , Southwark (*) ;  PHILLIPS Nick, Unite member London, (*) ; QUEEN Nat, UCU member, University of Birmingham, (*) ; RIMMER Tony, Merseyside Pensioners Association, UNITE Branch 567, (*) ; SWEENEY John, Labour Party member, Leave activist, (*) ; TAYLOR, Margaret K., Vice Chair, Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Trades Council (*) ; TESTARD James, Researcher, University of East Anglia , (*) ; TYRREL John, President, Socialist Labour Party, (*) ;

Greece : GUHL Andreas, participant in the May 11 Strasburg European Internationalist Rally ; KOKKINOPOLOUS Pantelis ; LIONI Sotiria ; VASILIOU Dimitris, participant in the May 11 Strasburg European Internationalist Rally; 

Haïti : ; DUPONT Berthony ; GAROUTE Robert ; NUMA Marie Laurette ; PAPILLON Isabelle L; RATEAU Jackson ; REJOUIS Voltaire ; TELEUS Joseph ; VILNEUF Roger ;

Hungary : ALBERT Ivan, labour activist  ; ARTNER Annamaria, Dr. habil., C.Sc. Senior research fellow, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, HAS, Institute of World Economics College professor Milton Friedman University ; SOMI Judit, labour activist  ; TAMAS G.M., philosopher ; 

India : DENZIL Cheruvathoor, Hindustan Lever Employees Union ;D’SOUZA Trade Union Solidarity Committee  (on behalf of my organization) ; DENZIL John Fourth International India ; FRANCIS Jimmy, Hindustan Lever Employees Union ;

LADHA Alok (Chennai) ; PARMAR Nilesh (Gujarat) ; PATIL M.A. Sarva Shramik Sang (Mumbai) ; PETER John (Chennai) ; PHILIP Richard (Chennai) ; RANADE Milind KACHRA VAHATUK Sang (Mumbai) ; SUBHAS NAIK George (Goa) ; SUR Mona (Kanpur) ; SUR Meena (Kanpur) ; THANKAPPAN D. (Delhi) ; VASUDEVAN Nambiath (Mumbai) ; 

Ireland : CAMPBELL Ciaran, Member Mandate trade union NEC  (on behalf of my organisation) ; FORBES Brian, Mandate trade union ; 

Italy :  BRANDELLERO Luigi, worker , « Tribuna Libera » editorial board  ; BUSICCHIA Valeria, teacher , UIL-education rep ; CELEGHIN Marco, teacher ; CIGNA Alessandra, teacher , FLC-CGIL Turin  Branch executive ; CROCE Ugo, « Tribuna Libera » editorial board  ; DELUCA Loretta, teacher , FLC-CGIL trade union rep ; FAZZOLARI Felice, teacher ; GRANAGLIA Dario, worker , Turin FIOM-CGIL executive member ; GRILLI Monica, teacher , Turin FLC-CGIL executive member ; GUGLIERI Giovani, worker ,UIL-Chemical industry ; MONASTEROLO Andrea, worker , Cuneo  FILTCEM-CGIL union executive; PALMA Valentina, teacher; PANTELLA Agata, teacher; PIAN Alberto, teacher, Piedmont FLC-CGIL union executive member ; PRESTIPINO Fabrizio, teacher; RAINERI Betty, teacher, CISL-Education union rep ; SILVESTRI Teresa, teacher; VARALDO Lorenzo, headmaster , « Tribuna Libera » editor ; VENIA Giulia, teacher, Brescia  FLC-CGIL union executive member; VENTRE Vanna, teacher, « Tribuna Libera » editorial board  .

Japan : HARUHI Tono, Yokohama Action researcher (*). 

Korea : HA Sangsoo, coordinator of National workers solidarity, working at Kia motors ; JUNG Sikhwa, chair of local branch KCTU, working at Hyundai motors group ; KIM Dongchul, Representative of KMWU, working at Kia motors ; KIM Hansoo, Deputy General Secretary of local branch of KCTU ; KIM Namsoo, Activist at Ulsan City ; MIKYUNG CHA Seraphina, MyeogJi University, Independent Researcher Archiving in solidarity ; PARK Sooja, chair of Kwangmyung hospitals trade union ; PARK Sunghyun, Chair of E-land department trade union ; PARK Jongha, Activist at Changwon heavy industry complex area ; 

Luxembourg : MANENTI Philippe, France – Luxembourg cross-borders workers committee (CDIFL)* ;

Mexico : AQUINO LOPEZ Olga Lilia, General Secretary Chiapas  Musicians and artists union ; CERDA MEDINA Roger, Chair  Real del Bosque-AEOS Reps council  ; CORTEZ Alfonso, primary teacher , OPT member,  Tecate ;  HARO Luis Carlos, steering committee of the Binational Conference against  T-MEC and the wal of shame; LIRA Gladys, Rockwell labour movement , Tecate ; LUGO FELIX Eduardo, Independent journalist , San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora ; PALACIOS BUENO Ismael Julian, teacher . General Coordinator of the State social organisations assembly  ; PEREZ TOLEDO Abelardo, President of the Chiapas State committee of family heads ; RIOS Fermin, Secretary of  CECyTECH trade union  ; SERRANO MONROY Fernando, General Secretary High Scoll graduates  independent and democratic trade union in Chiapas; VARGAS Juan Carlos, OCRFI  Mexico ; 

Morocco : AG My, trade unionist  education  (FNE – UMT), (*) ; EL IDRISSI, Hassan, General Secretary  – SNCP (National trade union of retail industry employees) – Al Hoceima), (*) ; EL AJBARI Mohamed, trade unionist  (SNCP)- Al Hoceima, (*) ; EL AJBARI Mohamed, Workers Tribune /Tribune des travailleurs; EL GHOULBZOURI Mohamed, student – Oujda; EL HAIK Zakaria, trade unionist  Kolinord – UMT – Tétouan, (*) ; JARMIN Sakina, trade unionist, local authorities  (FNOFCL – UMT), (*) ; JBARI Smail, Morrocan Labour Youth  (JOM – UMT) – Tétouan l., (*) ; JBARI Aziz, worker  – (Workers Tribune /Tribune des travailleurs) ; LAMKADMI Kaoutar, Youth activist  – Tétouan; MELLOUL Mohamed, trade unionist  education  (FNE – UMT) – Tanger, (*) ;  

Pakistan : AKBAR Khan, Sec General, National Bank Employees Federation ; ARIF M., General Secretary, United Foam Industry Workers and Employees Union ; ASHRAF Khalida, Secretary APTUF Women Wing ; ASHRAF Sana, Secretary, Unity of Youth ; BIBI Nasim, Para Legal Staff Union ; DITTA BHATTI Allah, President Gulzar Welfare Association ; GUJJAR Anwer, President Railway Workers Union (Open Line), President APTUF ; ILYAS M., joint secretary, Workers Union, Nisar Art Press ; JAMIL Rubina, General secretary APTUF ; JAVED Iqbal Khan, President All Pakistan Goods Transport Workers Welfare Union ; KHAN, Rehmatullah, Joint Secretary, Unity of Youth ; KHURSHID Ahmed, Sec. General All Pakistan WAPDA Hydro Electric Workers Union ; MALIK Nasser, uddin Humanyun ; PIRZADA IMTIAZ Syed, All Pakistan Federation of united Trade Unions (APFUTU) ;RAKHA Allah, President Punjab Teachers Association ; SALAHUDDIN Ayubi, General Sec, All Pakistan Workers Department Federation ; ZAFAR BAIG Mirza, President Workers Union, Nisar Art Press ; 

Palestine : EDWAN Bisan, Palestine OSDS ;EL KHATIB Naji, Palestine OSDS ;JABER Hayan, Palestine OSDS ;KHALED palestinian activist ;

Peru : ASENJO LÓPEZ Luz Jennny, Secrétaire Générale du syndicat des travailleurs de la costruction civile de Ancash ; FUENTES MACEDO Henry Isaac, Convenor regional federation of Arequipa workers, Archive Secretary  of the Defense of  Majes  Front ; HUINCHO RETUERTO Julio César, General Secretary Private Sector Workers Federation of  Peru ; OLIVENCIA BALDASSARI Luis ; PALACIOS GUILLEN Carlos Renato, former General Secretary  Arequipa Public building industry trade union, former  National President  ; TORRES GALLARDAY Henry ; VALLEJO Luis Garcia, SUTEECEA General Secretary , Power Industry sector  ; 

Philippines : DARWIN G. Mariano, Workers Assistance Center, researcher ; MIRANDA Randy, National Organizing DepartmentMember, National Executive Committee on behalf ofPartido Manggagawa (Labor Party); 

Portugal : SANTANA HENRIQUES José Julio, CGTP trade unionist , retired ;CARLOZZI Daniel, system analist  ;RUI Rodrigues, math teacher  ;TORRES Jorge, CGTP union rep. , paper industry  ;ZILHAO Adriano, economist ;

Romania : BÂGIU Virgil, chair  Romanian Workers League’s  Vaslui Branch ; BALTARIU Gică, chair  Romanian Workers League’s  Hunedoara Branch; BOROAGA Liliana, chair  Romanian Workers League’s  Mehedinți Branch; CODARCEA Sabin, chair National Union of Labour,  Jiu  Vale; COJMAN Valter, chair  Romanian Workers League’s  Jiu Vale Branch; CRETAN Constantin, chair National Federation of Labour; DORIN Crețan Constantin, chair  Romanian Workers League’s  Rovinari Branch; DUMITRU Ion, chair Our Future Trade Union Oltenia ; GRIGORIU Tiberiu,  Executive Chair Romanian Workers League  ; LULU-JULIAN Păuna, chair  LIGNITE Trade Union Oltenia ; MOTA Olimpiada, chair  MEDSERVMIN Trade Union ; OLTEANU Antonica, chair  Romanian Workers League’s  Motru Branch ; RUS Virgil, chair  Romanian Workers League’s  Timiș Branch ; SCARLAT Ion, chair  Romanian Workers League’s  Constanța Branch; SOMICU Ion, chair  Romanian Workers League’s  Dolj Branch; VASILE Mariana, National Secretary National Union of Oltenia ; 

Russia : KALINKIN Andrey, labour movement activist  ; OKUNEVA Olga, labour movement activist  ; SERDECHKIN Sergey, labour movement activist   ; VASSILIEV Mark, historian ;VOSTRIKOV Vassili, labour movement activist  ; 

Rwanda KARONGO NIYONZIMA Alponse, District Executive Secretary  ; NSENGIYUMVA Evariste, notary, registry ; RUTINDAKA Pierre, Cell Executive Secretary; UMUTANGANA Olivier, Social Affairs Manager  ; 

Senegal : DIOUF Gnokhobaye, Senegalese social forum ; PAPIS Thiabou, Social Forum  secretariat  member , OJP member .

Serbia : MILUNOVIC Jacim ;NASTANOVIC Marija, labour activist ;PODESTA  Rastko, labour activist ; 

Spanish State PATXI Fernández, retiree , Basque Country  (*) ;  VINATEA José Luis  labour activist  (*) ; ZORITA Felipe retiree , Basque Country  (*) ; 

Sri Lanka : MUDUNKOTUWAGE Saman, JVP ; 

Switzerland : BRUCHEZ Thomas, JSS member , (*) ; DOĞAN Fennibay, tradee unionist  Unia, Socialist Party member ; FAURE Jein Philippe, linguist -researcher , free thinker  HENAUER Xavier, trade union officer industry  (*) ; KOKOT Guilhem, JSS and  PS-GE member , (*) ; KORKMAZ Ali, trade unionist industry  (*) ; ZIMMERMANN Michel, Town councilor Socialist Party , (*) ; 

Taiwan : LEMON YING Dah Wong, Director Service Center and Shelter for Migrant Workers – Serve the People Association (SPA);

Togo : KOUGBADA Laré, PADET/ ’Emancipation ; LAWSON Messan, PADET/ Emancipation ; MAMA Ali Kodis., PADET/ Emancipation ; 

Turkey : AVCI Yaşar, Retiree’s trade union officer, DISK ; BILGIN Cemal, PPO’s national executive member Social Work Trade Union member , DISK affiliate  ; KURU Hüseyin, PPO’s local officer , precarious worker  ; OKTA Kenan, Mineworkers Union member , Türk-İş affiliate ; OZANSÜ Şadi,  PPO’s national opfficer , Teachers Union member , DISK ; TECIK Hüseyin, PPO’s local officer , worker ; YEŞILKANAT Birsen, nurse , PPO’s leadership member;

United States : AFRICA Pam, Coordinator, International Concerned Friends and Family of Mumia Abu-Jamal, Philadelphia, PA (on behalf of organization) ; AKUNO Kali, Organizer, Cooperation Jackson, Jackson, MS, (*) ; BECHLER Don, Chair, Single Payer Now, San Francisco, CA (*) ; BENJAMIN Alan, Editorial Board member, The Organizer Newspaper, Delegate to SF Labor Council, San Francisco, CA, (union title for id. only) ; BLACK Katherine, Treasurer, Philadelphia chapter, Coalition of Labor Union Women, Philadelphia, PA (*) ; BRUSKIN Gene, National Writers Union (UAW), Silver Spring, MD (*) ; CARANO Mike, Teamsters Local 348, retired, Tallmadge, OH (*) ; CLARK Colia Lafayette, National Coordinator, Judicial Violence Symposium, Harlem, NY, (on behalf of organization) ; DEWITT Donna, Past President, South Carolina AFL-CIO, Charleston, SC (*) ; EATON Sandy, Former Chair, Legislative Council, National Nurses United, Quincy, MA (*) ; FISHER Allan, Executive Board member (and past president), AFT Local 2121, San Francisco, CA (*) ; IRMINGER Robert, Unit Chair, SF Region, Inland Boatmen’s Union/ILWU, San Francisco, CA (*) ; KRAMER Karl, President Pro Tem, Alliance for Social and Economic Justice, San Francisco, CA (*) ; LAFFERTY James, Executive Director Emeritus, National Lawyers Guild, Los Angeles chapter, Los Angeles, CA (on behalf of organization) ; LUMUMBA Nnamdi, Convener, Ujima People’s Progress Party (MD), Baltimore, MD (*) ; PHILLIPS Millie, Steering Committee member, Labor Fightback Network, Oakland, CA (*) ; ROJAS Desiree, President,  Sacramento Chapter, Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA, AFL-CIO), Sacramento, CA (on behalf of organization) ; ROJAS Al, Executive Board, Sacramento Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (AFL-CIO), Sacramento, CA (on behalf of organization) ; ROSARIO Eduardo, President, NY chapter, Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, AFL-CIO, New York, NY (*) ; ROSS Suzanne, International spokesperson, International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal (on behalf of organization) ; SCHOENMAN Ralph, Author, labor journalist ; Member, UAW Local 1981, Vallejo, CA (*) ; SCOTT Rodger, Past President, AFT Local 2121, Delegate to SF Labor Council, San Francisco, CA (*) ; SHONE Mya, Member, Socialist Organizer National Organizing Committee, Vallejo, CA (on behalf of organization) ; SILVERA Chris, Secretary-Treasurer, Teamsters Local 808, Long Island City, NY (*) ; SUTTON Hal, 1st Vice President, SW Florida UAW, Retired, Workers Council, North Port, FL (*) ; THOMAS Clarence, Co-Convener, Million Worker March, Past President, ILWU Local 10, Oakland, CA (*) ;  VELASQUEZ Baldemar, President, Farm Labor Organizing Committee, FLOC, AFL-CIO (*) ; WOHLFORTH Nancy, Secretary-Treasurer Emerita, OPEIU, Washington, DC (*).

Zimbabwe : CHIKWINHO Tapiwanashe, ZANU PF ;KALUBI ZIMBABWE Farai, Federation of Trade Union ;KURANGA Caleb, OCRFI Zimbabwe Section ;KWANISAI MAFA Mafa, OCRFI Zimbabwe Section chairman ;LORRATTA DUBE Tipei, Zimbabwe Movement of Pan African Socialists ;MUKONDO Tungamirai, Zimbabwe Movement of Pan African Socialists ;  : MUTIZWA Ronal, ZANU PF ;PHIRI Arasiah, OCRFI Zimbabwe SectionSecretary for Gender ;SHAMBARE Kudakwashe, Zimbabwe Movement of Pan African Socialists ;  : SHOKO Tafirenyika, Zimbabwe Movement of Pan African Socialists;

(*) personal capacity – for id only 

Contact address : owcmumbai2016@gmail.com